Process Flow Diagram Key V3.1 by DerekFine


									                                      Process Flow Diagram Key V3.1
 SYMBOL                                                                    MEANING

      Start                            START TERMINATOR: This indicates the starting point of the process flow.

                                       ARROW: The arrow represents a flow between processes, decision boxes, start
                                       terminators, end terminators and pre-defined processes. The flow may be temporal (ie
                                       represents a flow over time), or it may represent the flow of data between processes.
                                       The flow may also be optional, or may be in parallel to another flow. The nuances will
                                       be explained in the text that describes the process within the Process Model.

                                       PROCESS: The large rectangular box is a process. It is numbered and named as per
Px.x.x <Process                        the Process Model document (eg P1.1.1Reception and Initial Contact).
                 Doc xyz

                                        DOCUMENT: The box with a wavy bottom border represents a document (eg one of
                                        the Integrated System Documents (ICS)) that is created or amended by the process.

                                        DECISION BOX: The diamond shaped box represents a simple yes/no 'logic gate' -
 Is This A Decision
        Box?                            depending on what the answer is, either "yes" or "no" - dictates what action is taken


                                End    END TERMINATOR: This indicates where the process ends.

   Go To                               PRE-DEFINED PROCESS: The large rectangular box in blue, with parallel borders at
   "Px.x.x                             each side is still a process. It is defined in another branch of the Process Hierarchy, so
  <Process                             this is essentially a cross-reference to another process already defined elsewhere. It is
 Name>" [#1]                           numbered and named as per the Process Model document (eg P1.1.1 Reception and
                                       Initial Contact).

NOTE #1: This Is A Note
                                        NOTE: A rectangular box with a grey background is a note that refers to a process.
                                        The process it refers to has the note number at the end of the process name, in red,
                                        within square brackets (see the pre-defined process above as an example).

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