IET PTG Meeting – Agenda by cjhawthorne


									                            Institute of Engineering Technology

                            Manchester Power Technical Group

Minutes of a meeting of the Manchester Power Technical Group held at 18:00 on 5
March 2009 at Chancellor’s Hotel and Conference Centre, Manchester

        In attendance

        Ben Bowler, PTG Chair (United Utilities)                               BB
        Matt Herbert, Institute Liaison (United Utilities)                     MH
        Victoria Turnham, Academic Liaison (United Utilties)                   VT

1       Welcome and Apologies
        Apologies were received from Nicola Ruscoe (NR), Mike Barnes
        (MB), Mark Davies (MD), Steven Bailey (SB), Malcolm Sarstedt (MS)
        and Steve Stapleton (SS).

2       Minutes and matters arising from previous meeting
2.1     BB reviewed decisions and actions from the previous meeting:

2.1.1   Volunteer needed for role of „communication officer‟. All to suggest   All,
        possible volunteers                                                    outstanding

2.1.2   BB to contact Jeff Robertson (ECAS) re: PTG involvement in the         Complete
        Manchester Science Festival (Nov event)

2.1.3   BB / VT to discuss CPD event                                           Complete

2.1.4   BB to hand liaison role over to Matt Herbert                           Complete

2.1.5   MH to share draft calendar with local networks to identify common      MH,
        interests                                                              Outstanding

2.1.6   Deborah McKenzie needs picture for the Electricity/Water event on      Complete
        the 22 Apr. BB to find out who is responsible for event and organise
        picture as requested

3       08/09 Programme
3.1     „Mixing It‟ – Paul Wilson, PB Power (22 April)
        Room, publicity, meet / greet role to be confirmed                     NR, 22/4/09

3.2     Lessons Learnt from 08/09 programme
        Meeting attendees were not involved in organising the 08/09
        programme. It was therefore not possible to identify lessons for
        09/10 events. The agenda item will be repeated at the next PTG

4       09/10 Programme
4.1     Power Systems Equipment TPN Evening (28/10/09)
        Speaker, synopsis to be provided in time for calendar deadline (end    MS 31/03/09

4.2     The Challenges of the Growth of Wind in the North West (1/12/09)
        Mike Kay has arranged a speaker for the above event with the

      following synopsis:

      “The Government's push to 15% of renewable energy by 2020
      implies that about 30% of our electricity needs to come from
      renewable sources. This session reviews the implications for this in
      the NW, examines some of the technical challenges that high
      penetration of wind around the world have thrown up, and then
      considers these in the context of the NW”

      Paul Gardner (Garrad Hassan) has agreed to deliver a presentation
      on the general issues of windfarm grid integration . Mike Kay (MK)
      has suggested that one or two additional speakers look at a specific
      North West context.

      BB / MH to meet with Peter Crossley (Joule Centre / IEEE) to look at      BB/MH/MK
      additional speakers. Synopsis, format and location to be finalised by     31/3/09

4.3   Blackpool Tramways: Contemporary Lessons from a Historic System
      Mark Mercer has arranged the following presentation to be delivered
      by Howard Reading:

      “This paper summarises interesting information about the historic
      Blackpool Tramway system, obtained during investigations in 1991 by
      Norweb Contracting, in the course of preparing a possible tender
      (ultimately abortive) to refurbish both the tramway system and also
      Blackpool illuminations. Scant information about the system was to
      hand and the author had to conduct almost an industrial archaeology
      style of investigation to determine how the system could be modified
      and improved. With the possible resurgence of new tramway systems
      some of the information gained may be of use to distribution system
      engineers and others, relearning lessons from the past applicable to
      contemporary systems. In particular many engineers will have little
      experience of the quirks of rectifiers, and the special problems posed
      by correctly specifying cabling suitable for DC traction systems.”

      It is understood that there are no outstanding issues.

4.4   Engineering Success: Skills for a Modern Workforce (25/02/2010)
      BB/VT are finalising the details of an event aimed at young
      professionals in the power industry. The event will consist of a
      keynote speech from United Utilities‟ Engineering Director (Mark
      Wilson) and / or the Head of Engineering Knowledge (Daressa
      Frodsham), followed by a facilitated debate / discussion (details to be

      The synopsis is as follows:

      “Engineers have traditionally relied on their technical skills to be
      successful. However, in the modern engineering environment we
      must be increasingly financially and commercially aware. Ecological
      and social issues are also becoming significant factors in engineering
      decisions as we enter an era of climate change and resource
      shortages.This lecture will describe the skills needed by the modern
      engineer in order to be successful. Mark Wilson, Strategic
      Engineering Director at United Utilities / Daressa Frodsham, Head of
      Engineering Knowledge (TBD) will give an insight into what industry
      needs from a developing engineer, and how best they can equip
      themselves with the knowledge they need as their career


      BB / VT to meet Mark Wilson and finalise details by end-March                 BB/VT
4.5   Involvement in Manchester Science Festival
      It was not possible to reach a satisfactory state of definition for this
      event before the end-Feb submission deadline. The event has
      therefore been removed from the calendar.

      It is hoped that the PTG will be able to contribute to the 2010 festival
      when more time is available for organisation.
4.6   Online Registration - Plus4Events System
      The IET is keen to use online registration for all (non-paying) events if     BB, ongoing
      possible. It makes managing events and providing feedback to head
      office more simple.

      BB has contacted Deborah McKenzie for more details. He will pass
      instructions on to event organisers once further information has been
      received from Deborah

4.7   Communication
      PTG members are reminded that the deadline for publishing the
      events calendar is end March.

      The Younger Members currently have a microsite on the IET                     MH, 22/4/09
      Manchester website for publishing up-to-date information about
      events. Initial investigation suggests it is fairly easy to set up. MH
      accepted responsibility for arranging a PTG microsite. MH to report
      on progress at next PTG meeting.

5     Liaison Updates
5.1   Industrial Liaison
      Mike Kay has said that he is happy to continue acting as Industrial
      Liaison. He is currently investigating new members with contacts at
      various power-related companies in the Manchester area.
5.2   Academic Liaison
      Victoria Turnham took over the role of Academic Liaison on 5/3. The
      following objectives were agreed:

             Establish point of contact at Manchester area universities
          o     PhDs
          o     Courses
          o     University engineering societies
             Establish point of contact with graduate schemes in Manchester
          o     Power focused companies
             Initially simply publicise events: get points of contact to pass on
              event info to interested parties
             In the future contacts may be able to:
          o     Contribute to events
          o     Drive own power-focused events at academic / graduate level
          o     Play a role in committees

      VT to provide update at next PTG meeting
                                                                                    VT 22/4/09
5.3   Institute Liaison
      Matt Herbert took over the role of Institute Liaison on 26/2. The
      following objectives were agreed:

             Establish point of contact at Manchester Branches of
          o     IMechE – David Ball
          o     IoP – Prof Ian Morrison
          o     BNES – Ian Currie
          o     ICE – Matthew Stott
          o     IEEE – Peter Crossley
             Establish point of contact with neighbouring IET PTG networks /
              other disciplines
             Merseyside and Western Cheshire PTG – Malcolm Sarstedt
             Get calendars from the above
             Find out if there are any events that we could contribute to /
              publicise / co-organise
             Submit our calendar to contacts for same purpose
             Forward publicity emails to contacts to raise attendance at IET
             Forward information about relevant events to Deborah McKenzie
              ( for dissemination to Manchester Network
                                                                                MH 22/4/09
      MH to provide update at next PTG meeting

8     PTG Governance
8.1   Communications Officer
      This role still to be filled. PTG members to look for volunteers          All, 22/4/09

8.2   New Members
      BB to discuss possible invitation for new members via membership          BB, 22/4/09
      lists / Deborah McKenzie

9     AOB
9.1   Steve Stapleton has decided to cease his involvement in the PTG.
      He is looking for new volunteers from Siemens.

9.2   The 09/10 calendar is nearing completion. Meetings will therefore be
      held approximately once every two months.

9.3   SB is currently enquiring about IET business cards for committee
10    Date of Next Meeting
      The next meeting will be held before the „Mixing It‟ presentation on

      Subsequent meetings will be held once every two months.


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