August 2003 Vestry Agenda by cjhawthorne


									                                                            Monthly Vestry Meeting
                                                         February 3, 2009 (Jan. Minutes)
                                                             Start Time: 7:32 p.m.
                                                              End Time: 8:45 p.m.

   Attendees: Scott Caulkins (Senior Warden)                 Valerie Carney
              Andy Higham (Junior Warden)                    Robert Hastings
              Barbara Leigh (Registrar)                      Ann Schneider (Treasurer)
              Fr. Harper                                     Diane Spittle
              Desmond Campbell                               Jeff Underwood

   Absent:     Kevin Seiger-Cottoms


   Location: OEC – Undercroft

Minutes - Agenda/Order of Business
The meeting began with prayer led by Fr. Harper.

1) Adoption of the Agenda
   Robert moved to accept the modified agenda. Jeff seconded the motion. The agenda was
   approved and adopted.

2) Guests: Questions/Issues/Requests

3) Approval of the November 25, 2008 and December 16, 2008 Minutes
   Andy moved to approve both the November and December minutes. Robert seconded the
   motion. The minutes were accepted and approved.

4) Treasurer’s Report filed for audit
   It was noted that income is $13, 000 under budget; a $9600 dollar loss.
   Barbara moved to file the Treasurer’s report for audit. Robert seconded the motion.

5) Finance Committee (FC) Report/Recommendations
   Thanks were extended to Ann and other members of the Finance Committee for their report
   on the state of the budget to the congregation. It was suggested that a copy of the report with
   an attached pledge card be made available at the 10:30 service.
   It was recommended that the status of the building project and the shortfall of income be
   reported at the end of the quarter.

6) Commissioners’ Reports
   Outreach and Missions – An Iowa Relief Meeting, led by Dan Wilmoth, was held on
   Saturday, January 31st with representation from seven to eight churches.
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   Evangelism – Jeff created a letter describing Olivet Church and its mission with regard to

   Worship – Valerie has been in contact with the music director at St. Matthews regarding the
   start of a hand bell choir at Olivet. Discussion ensued.

   Stewardship – Desmond voiced concern regarding our operating at a loss. He spoke of a
   plan for raising funds and was encouraged to put it in writing. It will be forthcoming.

   Fellowship – Diane reported that the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper is to be held on the
   same night as the next scheduled Vestry Meeting. After some discussion, it was agreed upon
   that the Vestry would meet instead on March 3rd .

   The Strawberry Festival is scheduled for May 30, 2009.

   Christian Education – For two weeks in Adult Ed, Scott Caulkins and Ed Schneider
   provided information from the Diocesan Council. Scott will be teaching in February and Jeff
   Underwood will take over the class for the Sundays in Lent.

   There is concern from Therese Chaplin that the third floor Sunday School Room is being
   used and not returned to the cleaned order that it was found. Also, Olivet’s labeled snacks
   that are kept in the refrigerator are being used by others and not replaced. A letter to all who
   use the facilities, a lock or some other solution is needed.

7) Sr. Warden’s Report
   Scott reiterated an appreciation for Ann’s contribution on the finance portion of the report to
   the congregation.
   Completion of the pictorial directory is delayed by a need to get names to the photographer.

8) Jr. Warden’s Report
   Andy indicated that he and Desmond shoveled the walkways.

9) Rector’s Report
   The congregation formerly known as Laurel Grove has become a new congregation titled
   New Beginnings Missionary Baptist Church and will continue to use our facilities.

   Fr. Harper will be taking the remainder of his vacation for the year and will be away for three
   Sundays in March spanning the dates from the 14th to the 31st.The Reverends Ruth Correll
   and Rod Caulkins will be the visiting celebrants for one and two of the Sundays respectively.

   Fr. Harper will be submitting a plan for his upcoming sabbatical leave.

10) Continuing business – Action Item
    There is an on-going need to revisit the Olivet Strategic Plan. Copies will be made for new
    Vestry members.

11) New Business
    a) Policy Statement regarding Short-Term Mission Trips: There are IRS regulations that
       pertain to a church’s signing off on a mission trip and be in compliance. Scott moved to

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      accept the policy with additions regarding the management of funds by the Treasurer.
      Robert seconded the motion and the Vestry approved.
   b) A request has been made by Rev. Marllan A. Valerio, who conducts an Hispanic
      Ministry, for use of the Olivet facilities. Jeff moved that members of the Vestry who also
      serve on the Worship Committee meet with Rev. Valerio following the February 11th
      Worship Committee meeting. Desmond seconded the motion and the Vestry approved.
   c) Daughters of the King submitted a request that Olivet sponsor their new brochure. This
      would entail the use of the copier with paper at a cost of $262.00. Desmond moved to
      support the request and Diane seconded the motion. The Vestry approved. In reach
      monies will be used in support of the project.
   d) Desmond submitted a request on behalf of the World Evangelism Ministries to use the
      Olivet facilities for a conference on March 27th through the 28th from 7 to 10 p.m. On
      those dates and times there would not be a building available that could house the number
      of participants expected. It was recommended that Desmond refer the organization to the
      Waterford in Springfield.

12) Adjournment
    Valerie moved to adjourn and Robert seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned at 8:45

  The next regular Vestry meeting will be held on March 3rd at 7:30 p.m. in the Simpson

                                            Respectfully submitted and approved,

                                            Barbara S. Leigh,

The current information page on the Olivet website can be found at the following link:

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