Business Brochure, Final Draft by DerekFine


									                                                                                                                          N IT Y
      bac kg ro u n d                                                                                             CO MMU RCE
                                                                                                       CAR MA N &          E
                                                                                                                   F C OMM
                                                                                                       CHA MBE R O
The Carman & Community Chamber of                  tual cooperation between the Manitoba
Commerce is a non-profit organization,             Chamber of Commerce and ourselves.
incorporated on July 10th, 1969.               •   To promote the agricultural, civic, com-
                                                   mercial, industrial and other general in-
The Chamber is governed by a Board of              terests of the Carman region.
Directors; 12 board members and repre-         •   To develop and present informed views
sentatives from economic, education,               and opinions, on behalf of chamber
agricultural, recreation and health sec-           members to any and all appropriate               Membership
tors. Board meetings are held monthly.             situations.
Anyone is welcomed to attend.                  •   To maintain and extend a vigorous and              And its
                                                   integrated chamber of commerce move-
Our membership comprises of 121 busi-              ment.                                               benefits
nesses and organizations in Carman
and the surrounding area. Membership           The Carman & Community Chamber of Com-
fees are utilized towards operational          merce is a member of the Manitoba Cham-
costs to fulfill our mission and objectives.   ber of Commerce. You are welcomed to visit
                                               their website at
TO PROMOTE and improve trade and               In an evolving society, we strive to service
commerce and the economic, civic and           our membership. We encourage your partici-
social welfare of the district through ac-     pation and comments!
tive and effective leadership.
                                               Please feel free to contact us!
•   To promote through its members,
    the progress and development of
                                                      Carman and Community Chamber of Commerce
    Carman and surrounding area, in                        ‘With Business and Community in Mind’
    order to make them better places in
    which we live, work, and play.                                 P.O. Box 249
•   To unite the local chamber members                           Carman, Manitoba
    in order to pursue matters of com-                               R0G 0J0
    mon interest.                                             Phone: (204) 750-3050
•   To increase the efficiency of cham-                        Fax: (204) 828-3211                 With Business & Community
    ber members and to promote mu-                         E-mail:                      in Mind
                                              Benefits Of membership

As a Chamber member, you are enti-              Provincial Directory                                      Benefits Offered by the
tled to the following benefits:                 As a Carman Chamber member, you will re-              Manitoba Chamber of Commerce
                                                ceive a free listing in the provincial Chamber
                                                of Commerce Directory. Be sure to keep us           AAA Alarm Systems
Chamber of Commerce
                                                posted of your contact information to keep          MTS offers affordable, state-of-the-art
Group Insurance Plan
                                                your listing current.                               home and business security. As a
For members only, a complete group                                                                  member you are entitled to rebates
benefit plan. No business is too small. You     Chamber Cash Bucks                                  and/or discounts.
must be a member in good standing to
                                                Cash Bucks are just like gift certificates in any
participate in the plan. To receive more                                                            Ceridian Powerpay
                                                denomination of your choice. Members can
information, you can call Rosemarie, Ex-
                                                purchase them for employee rewards or for           Ceridian Canada, a payroll service
ecutive Director at 750-3050 or Marlin
                                                promotional tools. The general public can           provider offers a discount off of regu-
Metcalf, Local Chamber of Commerce
                                                also purchase them. Cash Bucks are an incen-        lar services fees.
Group Insurance Plan Benefit Expert at
                                                tive to promote local shopping in support of
745-3155. You can also check out the
                                                Carman businesses.                                  Esso Business Card Program
Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance
Plan website at                                                                    Members can take advantage of a
                                                Community Events                                    fuel discount when purchasing fuel
Informational Sessions/Seminars                 Each and every year the Chamber organizes           at any Esso Gas Station. There are
                                                four community events; Potato Blossom Festi-        other Card Program benefits too.
One of our primary objectives is to assist
                                                val, assist with the Carman Fair Parade,
our members in keeping current with in-
                                                Moonlight Madness, and Winter Palooza. The          TD Merchants Services and First Data
dustry-related issues, both locally and
                                                purpose of these events is to promote our           Preferred Pricing Program
provincially. To do so, the Chamber plans
                                                community and its businesses. We invite our         TD Bank offers a preferred VISA and
and organizes business informational ses-
                                                members to be involved.                             MASTERCARD merchant rates.
sions/seminars. We also keep abreast and
inform our members of provincial Cham-
ber-related events.                             Chamber of Commerce Website
                                                The Carman & Community Chamber of Com-              Check out the Manitoba Chamber of
‘Chamber News’ Newsletter                       merce is developing a Website, linked from          Commerce            website         at
                                                the Town of Carman’s website. This advertis- for full in-
Members can advertise in the Chamber’s
                                                ing tool will house information about us and        formation on these and other bene-
monthly newsletter, which is distributed
                                                its members.                                        fits from Christies Office Plus, Enter-
in Carman and surrounding communities.
                                                                                                    prise Rent-a-Car, and MTS Long Dis-
What better way to expose and promote
your business.                                  For further information on any of these bene-       tance.
                                                fits, please call Rosemarie Grusska at
                                                750-3050.                                           Membership does have it’s benefits!

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