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					     City of Tucson
Director of Finance/Chief
    Financial Officer
                                                           Nicknamed the Old Pueblo, Tucson is Arizona’s second
                                                           largest and oldest city blending Indian, Spanish, Mexican
                                                           and Anglo heritages. The metropolitan Tucson area
                                                           population has over one million residents. It retains the
                                                           charm of its frontier roots and is highlighted by beautiful
                                                           and colorful sunsets that profile the rich cultural commu-
                                                           nity heritage and a progressive growing future. The muse-
                                                           ums and galleries, theater and dance companies, classical
                                                           and contemporary musical events and community events
                                                           and festivals are plentiful within this natural lush desert
                   Opportunity                             environment. Tourism contributes almost $2.5 billion
The City of Tucson invites you to join an award-winning annually to the local economy and continues to be a ma-
organization focused on providing excellent service to     jor contributor to the region’s economic base.
our citizens in a safe and sustainable community. For 25
consecutive years, the City has received the Government
Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Certificate of
Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting in
addition to the Distinguished Budget Presentation
Award. The Director of Finance/Chief Financial Officer
(CFO) is a key executive of the City and serves as the top
financial advisor to the City Manager and Deputy City
Manager. This leadership position is also responsible for
managing a staff of 115 employees and a department
budget of approximately $8 million dedicated to the de-
livery of quality government service.

            Community Profile
The Sonoran Desert surrounds Tucson with majestic                         City Organization
mountain ranges and lush desert valleys. Tucsonans en-       The City of Tucson has a Council-Manager form of gov-
joy about 350 days of sunshine each year and an average      ernment. The legislative body is comprised of the Mayor
temperature of 83 degrees. Twenty-seven thousand acres       and six Council Members who are elected at-large. The
of park lands support an abundance of outdoor activities.    legislative body establishes the policies for the city. The
There are many places to hike, bike, and camp. South-        City Manager is selected by the Mayor and Council and
eastern Arizona is ranked one of the top five areas in the   functions as the chief executive officer, carrying out these
United States for bird watching. Golfing is available        policies and managing the municipal organization. For
year-round on over forty public and private golf courses.    Fiscal Year 2010 (starting July 1, 2009) the City Manager
The mild winters are enjoyable but if you are missing a      will be directing an organization of approximately 5600
little of that northern winter chill you can experience      staff with a citywide budget of $1.3 billion including $423
snow covered slopes only one hour away.                      million in General Funds and $265 million in Enterprise
Tucson boasts the best of both worlds, the progress and      funds. The Manager is assisted by a Deputy City Man-
innovation of a metropolitan community and the               ager and one Assistant City Manager.
friendly, caring atmosphere of a small town. Tucson is
recognized as one of the Megatrend cities of the 21st cen-                FINANCE DEPARTMENT
tury with its emerging presence as a center for optics,      The Director of Finance/Chief Financial Officer is ap-
astronomy and health services. Major employers include       pointed by the City Manager with concurrence by the
Raytheon Missile Systems, IBM, Intuit, Davis-Monthan         Mayor & Council. The Finance Department provides
Air Force Base, several world class resorts and the Uni-     financial services and controls in support of a complex
versity of Arizona, a leading public research university     governmental organization and maintains the financial
with expertise in optics, biosciences, engineering and ar-   integrity of the city. The department manages the debt
chitecture. Tucson is a regional center for medical re-      issuance program and provides quality service in the areas
search, wellness and health, and telemedicine; 14 hospi-     of investments, revenue administration and projections,
tals serve the community.                                    risk management, and financial reporting.
       Position Overview and                                   • Have custody of all investments and invested funds of
          Responsibilities                                       the city, or in possession of such government in a fidu-
                                                                 ciary capacity, and have the safe keeping of all bonds,
The City of Tucson is seeking a progressive, customer
                                                                 notes, and insurance policies of the city, and the receipt
focused, innovative leader, with a passion for government
                                                                 and delivery of city bonds and notes for transfer, regis-
service. The ideal candidate will have extensive knowl-
                                                                 tration or exchange, and perform all the duties assigned
edge and experience of municipal accounting and taxation
                                                                 to the treasurer in chapter XIII of the Charter; and
and 5 years of experience in managing municipal account-
ing and/or auditing functions. Candidates must possess a • Maintain a continuous inventory of all real property
four year degree in public administration, accounting,     owned, leased or occupied by the city or any of its agen-
public finance administration or a related major. A rele-  cies.
vant Master’s degree is preferred. An equivalent combi-
nation of relevant education, training and experience will
be considered.
        Key Competencies and Characteristics
In addition to the above requirements and preferences,
the City of Tucson is seeking professionals who can dem-
onstrate experience and proficiency in the following:
• Supervise and be responsible for the disbursement of all
  moneys and have control over all expenditures to en-
  sure that budget appropriations are not exceeded.
• Maintain a general accounting system for the city in
  each of its offices, departments and agencies; keep                               Priorities
  books for and exercise financial budgetary control over      The newly appointed Director of Finance/Chief Financial
  each office, department or agency; keep separate ac-         Officer for the City of Tucson will be responsible to ad-
  counts for the items of appropriation contained in the       dress the following key issues:
  city budget, each of which shall show the amount of the
  appropriation, the amounts paid, the unpaid obligations,     • Work with the City’s Management team on the continu-
  the unencumbered balance; and require reports of re-           ing efforts of the City’s Financial Sustainability Plan
  ceipts and disbursements from each receiving and               (
  spending agency of the city government to be made
  daily, or at such intervals as deemed expedient.             • Maintain the City’s strategic reserves of 10%.
• Submit to the mayor and council, through the city man- • Work with departments to improve customer service,
  ager, a monthly statement of all receipts and disburse-
                                                                 efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services
  ments in sufficient detail to show the exact financial
                                                                 and overall financial management of City resources.
  condition of the city;
• Prepare, as of the end of each fiscal year, a complete       • Work with the City Manager and other staff on Down-
  financial statement and report;                                town development financing through the Rio Nuevo
                                                                 Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District. http//
• Collect all taxes, license fees, and other revenues of the
  city, or for whose collection the city is responsible, and
  receive all moneys receivable by the city from any           • Work with the City Manager on developing a financial
  source;                                                        recovery plan for the City to recover from the current
• Have custody of all public funds belonging to or under
  control of the city or any office, department or agency
  of the city, and deposit all funds coming into his hands
  in such depositories as may be designated by the mayor
  and council, subject to the requirements of law as to
  surety and payment of interest on deposits;
                              Compensation & Benefits
Salary is negotiable depending on qualifications and experience up to $151,424. In addition, the
City of Tucson offers employees an excellent fringe benefit package, including a defined pension
plan, deferred compensation, a voluntary 401(a) plan, health, dental and life insurance, and sick and
vacation accruals. The Director of Finance/CFO is also eligible to receive relocation assistance and
a car allowance. The successful candidate shall establish residency in the City limits within six
months of hire and shall maintain residency in the City limits while serving as the Director of
Finance/CFO. Current City of Tucson employees shall establish residency in the City limits within
eighteen (18) months of date of hire and shall maintain residency in the City limits while serving as
the Director of Finance/CFO.

                          Application and Selection Process
This recruitment will be open until June 30, 2009. The first review of resumes will be conducted on
June 15, 2009. Resumes received after June 15, 2009 will be held for a second review if necessary.
To be considered for this career opportunity, submit a letter of interest, a detailed resume that
includes length of time in each position and salary for each position, and four work-related
references to:

                      Tameron Collins, Human Resources Manager
                      City of Tucson, Human Resources Department
                                      P.O. Box 27210
                                Tucson, Arizona 85726-7210
                        Or Email:
                         Please title your email Director of Finance/CFO submission
                                     Ph: 520.791.4241
                                     Fax: 520.791.4236
                        City of Tucson Website:
Resumes will be screened based on the criteria outlined in this brochure. Candidates meeting the
qualifications will be contacted for a preliminary interview by the Human Resources Department
Executive Recruiter.

                        An Equal Opportunity/ADA Employer
           Female & Minority Candidates are Strongly Encouraged to Apply
Resumes of Finalist Candidates May Be Subject to Disclosure in Accordance with Arizona
                               Public Disclosure Laws