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					SPX Purchased Product Classification and Documentation Requirements

                                                Where to Find
Document #       Document Name                  Requirements

                 Disclosure of Regional                         Disclosure of any restircitio
             1   Distribution Limitations       SPX             globally due to contractual
             2   Design Records                 AIAG-PPAP       Records of design docume
                 Material, Performance Test
             3   Results                        AIAG-PPAP       Material certifications or m
                 Qualified Laboratory
             4   Documentation                  AIAG-PPAP       Third party testing or evalu
                 Appearance Approval
             5   Report                         AIAG-PPAP       Documented analysis of ap
             6   Sample Product                 AIAG-PPAP       A sample product for evalu
             7   Checking Aids                  AIAG-PPAP       Functional guaging, paint c
             8   Records of Compliance          AIAG-PPAP       Evidence of compliance wi
             9   Certificate of Origin          SPX             Certification of country of o
                 Design Detail required for                     Information required to app
          10     Harmonization Coding           SPX             material, intended use, des
                 Evidence of Required                           Documentation indicating c
          11     Regulatory Compliance          SPX             e.g. CE, UL, PALD, RoHS
          12     Design FMEA                    AIAG-PPAP       Design Failure Modes and
          13     Process Flow Diagrams          AIAG-PPAP       Process flow diagram outli
          14     Process FMEA                   AIAG-PPAP       Process Failure Modes an
                 Measurement System                             Analysis of measurement c
          15     Analysis (MSA)                 AIAG-PPAP       reproducability analysis
                 Initial Process Studies (Cp,                   Process capability studies
          16     Cpk, etc.)                     AIAG-PPAP       by Supplier and/or SPX
                 Cost, delivery, etc. per SPX
                 RFQ process and
          17     documentation                  SPX             Standard quote of cost, lea
                 Engineering Change
          18     Documents, if any              AIAG-PPAP       Records of design revision
                 Customer Engineering
          19     Approval, if required          AIAG-PPAP       Evidence of SPX Engineer
            20 Master Sample                 AIAG-PPAP        A sample part agreed by a

                 Packaging Characteristics                    Outside dimensions of the
            21   (Weights and Dimensions)    SPX              and gross weight as packa
            22   Control Plan                AIAG-PPAP        Manufacturing process con
                 Dimensional Inspection                       Results of measurements
            23   Results (EOC)               AIAG-PPAP        documentation
                 Part Submission Warrant                      Part submission warrant pe
            24   (PSW)                       AIAG-PPAP        and AIAG standards
            25   First Article               SPX              An example part produced

               Material Certifications                        When explicitely required b
               (When required by                              Material Certifications for r
            26 engineering documentation) SPX                 compliance.

Definitions for items marked "AIAG-PPAP" are for reference only. See the latest edition o


sure of any restircitions to SPX's ability to distribute the product
y due to contractual obligations between supplier and any other
ds of design documentation such as drawings, specifications, or

 al certifications or material analysis reports

 arty testing or evaluation documentation of the product

mented analysis of appearance and other qualitative attributes
 ple product for evaluation purposes. May be a prototype or
onal guaging, paint chips, or other items used to check the part
 ce of compliance with SPX drawings, specifications, or other
  ation of country of origin
 ation required to apply Harmonization Code to product, e.g.
 al, intended use, description, etc.
mentation indicating compliance with any regulatory requirements,
   Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  s flow diagram outline manufacturing process of product
  s Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
 is of measurement capability including repeatability and
 ucability analysis
  s capability studies of critical dimensions or features as defined
  plier and/or SPX

ard quote of cost, lead time, etc. per SPX RFQ process

ds of design revisions

 ce of SPX Engineering approval
ple part agreed by all parties to be the standard for quality against

e dimensions of the packaged product (length, width, and height)
oss weight as packaged.
acturing process control plan per AIAG documentation
s of measurements of features and dimensions defined by design
ubmission warrant per SPX FA requirements (see SPX WI-0086)
AG standards
 mple part produced on production equipment to released design

explicitely required by SPX design documentation, provide
al Certifications for required agency approval or standards

e the latest edition of the AIAG Production Part Approval Process
                                      Purchased Product Classification and Document

         When                   Matrix
Category Needed                  Line Document #   Document Name           Level 1
                                                   Disclosure of
                                  1        25
   1                                               Limitations               S
   1                              2        1       Design Records            R
                                  3        10      Performance Test
   1                                               Results                    *
                                  4        12      Laboratory
   1                                               Documentation              *
                                  5        13
   1                                               Approval Report           S
   1                              6        14      Sample Product            S
                                                   Checking Aids, if
                                  7        16
   1                                               any are used               *
           Engineering Sample

                                                   Records of
                                  8        17
   1                                               Compliance                 *

                                  9        22
   1                                               Certificate of Origin     S
                                                   Design Detail
                                                   required for
                                 10        23
   1                                               Coding                    S
                                                   Evidence of
                                 11        24
   1                                               Compliance                S
   1                             12        4       Design FMEA               *
                                                   Process Flow
                                 13        5
   1                                               Diagrams                   *
1               14   6    Process FMEA           *
                15   8    System Analysis
1                         (MSA)                  *
                          Initial Process
                16   11   Studies (Cp, Cpk,
1                         etc.)                  *
                          Cost, delivery, etc.
                          per SPX RFQ
    RFQ         17   11
                          process and
2                         documentation          S
                18   2    Change
3                         Documents, if any      S

                19   3
                          Approval, if
3                         required               R
3               20   15   Master Sample          *
                21   21
                          (Weights and
3                         Dimensions)            S
4               22   7    Control Plan           *
                23   9    Inspection Results
4                         (EOC)                  *
                          Part Submission
                24   18
4                         Warrant (PSW)          *

4               25   20   First Article          R
                26        (When required by
4                         documentation)         S
S = Shall Submit to SPX and retain copy at appropriate locations
R = Supplier retains at appropriate locations and make readily available to SPX upon requ
* = Not Required for this Level

All documents marked "S" should be submitted as early as possible. The documents have
n and Document Requirements
                                                (N/R if not
        Level 2   Level 3   Level 4   Level 5    required)

          S         S         S         S
          R         R         S         S

          R         R         S         S

           *         *        R         S

          S         S         S         S
          S         S         S         S

           *        R         R         S

          R         R         R         S

          S         S         S         S

          S         S         S         S

          S         S         S         S
          *         R         S         S

           *        R         S         S
*   R   S   S

*   R   S   S

*   R   R   S

S   S   S   S

S   S   S   S

S   S   S   S
*   *   R   S

S   S   S   S
*   R   S   S

R   R   S   S

R   S   S   S
R   S   S   S

S   S   S   S
le to SPX upon request

The documents have been grouped into steps of the part set up process (noted in "When"
noted in "When"

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