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									Kansas WORKReady! Certificate
     Presentation to KCCE & KEDA

         September 13-14, 2007
          Goals for Today

Where we have been
Where we are
Some successes – some challenges
Where we are going – how you can help
Chamber leadership w/ Workforce

• Formed a Workforce Center Business
  Advisory Board
• Membership: businesses and employers only
• Guidance moving to “Business Services” from
  “Social Services”
• Finding “candidates for openings” rather than
  “jobs for people”
           Top Critical Needs

Chamber-led focus groups by industry revealed
 the most critical need -
         Basic skills to do the job
WorkKeys® by ACT, Inc. provides best
 answer to assist with basic skills needed in
 all work places
   Seeking a common language…

Employers say, “New hires need better math”
Educators say, “How much more math?”
Businesses say, “We need better reading skills in
 our employees”
Workforce system says, “How much better?”

An endless discussion…..
Developed by ACT, Inc.
Measures transferable, work-place skills
Skills can be communicated to business using
a Career Readiness Certificate
42 other states are developing similar
certificates using WorkKeys
  WORKReady Certificate

Regional task force
Piloted with area schools
Key partners
Developed certificate design and brochure
Some successes and some challenges
                    States Affiliated with National
                     Career Readiness Certificate
•   Alabama
•   Indiana
•   Kansas
•   Louisiana
•   Missouri
•   New Mexico
•   North Carolina
•   Oklahoma
•   South Carolina
•   Tennessee      In Process
•   Virginia       • Colorado
•   West Virginia • Michigan
                   • Ohio
                   • Florida
                   • Georgia
    Advantages to Companies

New employee – Improved Skills
Companies set the standards
Reduced company training/recruitment space
Reduced company training time
Reduced company training personnel cost
Kansas WORKReady! Certificate

Certificate documents skills in:
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Locating Information
    • Reading for Information
Employers get meaningful evidence of work skills in
common language that business understands
  What are the levels needed for jobs profiled by
  WorkKeys in key skill areas?
                             Percentage of Jobs
  Work Skill                 30% 70%        90%
Applied Mathematics           3      4       5
  (Range 3 – 7)
Reading for Information       3       4        5
  (Range 3 – 7)
Locating Information          3       4        5
  (Range 3 – 6)
Level 3: Locating Information
Level 6: Locating Information
Job Profiling                               5
                                        4           4
What skills and skill levels are                3
needed in today’s jobs/occupations?
Skill Assessments                           4
                                        3       3   3
What work skills and skill levels
does an individual currently have?
Need Determination                      4 4         4

How can any skill gaps be addressed     3       3   3

in education & training programs?
Certificate wraps it together

Job Skills Assessment System

    Job Analysis
WorkKeys - Skills Development
Web-based skills review
– WIN (www.W-WIN.com)
– Key Train (www.keytrain.com)

Assists job candidates and employees
  • enhance their skill levels
  • prepare for promotion
  • continue a career path
          Kansas WORKReady!
Kansas WORKReady! helps employers:
   Staff key positions with qualified employees
   Reduce expenses related to:
      –   Recruiting
      –   Selection
      –   Hiring
      –   Promotion
      –   Training
      –   Turnover
         Kansas WORKReady!
Kansas WORKReady! can:
    – Provide tangible proof of workplace skills
    – Be used as an additional tool for hiring
    – Determine a training program which may result in
      increased skills and earnings
    – Be used as a portable credential
    – Standardized skill level requirements-you know
      what you are getting!
       Kansas WORKReady!
Over 70 companies in the Junction City-Manhattan
Area have endorsed Kansas WORKReady!
 – Footlocker
 – Wal-Mart
 – Radio Shack
 – American Building Systems
 – Grocery Supply Company
 Many Kansas City area companies using WorkKeys
Kansas WORKReady! Partners
Public workforce system
Community Colleges and Technical Schools
High schools and Adult Education – statewide
Kansas Department of Corrections
High School diploma completion programs
Social Rehabilitative Services
Kansas Chambers and Economic Development
                 Next Steps…
As a Business owner or employer, please join us …
1. Endorse the WORKReady! Certificate
2. Ask job candidates for a WORKReady! Certificate
3. Include WORKReady! Certificate on your
   application, in your job ads
4. Inform other business leaders of the value of
   Kansas WORKReady! Certificate
     For more information…

Contact your Regional Director or workforce center


Kathy Hund
Kansas Department of Commerce
(785) 539-4668; khund@kansascommerce.com
Lyle Butler (785) 776-8829   lyle@manhattan.org

Gerry Winters (316) 677-1950 gwinters@watc.edu

Marv Duncan (316) 771-6650   mduncan@sedgwick.gov

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