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					                                                       REQUIRED APPLICATION MATERIALS
    Leadership Qualifications
                                                 1.   Completed school district application

                                                 2.   Letter explaining your qualifications and
♦   Is a person of integrity that has high            strengths that you would bring to the Westfall
    standards for honesty, ethics and per-            Local School District
    sonal conduct.
                                                 3.   Current resume
♦   Can demonstrate the skills to assure
    that all children can achieve to higher
    levels.                                      4.   Copies of current Ohio Education Certificates/
♦   Possess excellent speaking and listening
    skills, with openness to ideas expressed     5.   Official college transcripts
    by the Board, staff, parents, students
    and community.
                                                 6.   Five references with address and telephone
♦   Is a person that articulates, straightfor-
    ward communicator with strong inter-
    personal skills and the demonstrated
    ability to work tactfully, creatively and    All completed applications should be returned to
    visibly with board members, adminis-         the Board of Education Office:
    trators, staff, students parents and com-
                                                 19463 Pherson Pike, Williamsport, OH 43164                    WESTFALL LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT
♦   Accepts concerns and issues directed by
    the Board and implements a strategic         or e-mailed to:                        SUPERINTENDENT SEARCH
    plan that helps students and staff to
    succeed in a positive productive envi-
    ronment. This process must create and
    maintain a strong, positive Board/
    Superintendent relation.
                                                        Questions may be directed to Interim
                                                         Superintendent Mr. Jake Grooms.                                                     19463 Pherson Pike
♦   Shall be visible and accessible to stu-                                                                                            Williamsport, OH 43164
    dents and staff such as attending sport-                                                                                                     740-986-3671
    ing events and extra-curricular activi-

♦   Understands the importance of and has
    sincere desire to work cooperatively                         Selection Timetable
    with the district Treasurer.

♦   Understands the importance of keeping        June 16, 2009        Deadline for accepting
    the Board informed of matters relating
    to the school district                                            applications.
                                                 June 22, 2009        First round interviews
♦   Knows how to market the successes of
    the school district.
                                                 June 29, 2009        Second round interviews
                                                                                                       In partnership with students, parents, teachers, staff
                                                 July 6, 2009         Selection announcement            and community, the Westfall Local School District
                                                                                                           will provide quality educational services that
                                                                                                         nurture academic, social and civic skills, enabling
                                                                                                        students to become productive, life-long learners.
        Westfall Local Schools                                 ABOUT THE DISTRICT                              Employment/Compensation

                                                                                                      The Board intends to offer the successful
The Westfall Local School District has an average                                                     candidate a multiyear contract. Salary will
                                                                                                      be negotiated commensurate with candi-
daily enrollment of 1,715 students in three build-
                                                                                                      dates previous experience and qualifica-
                                                     Student Enrollment (Oct. 2008)          1,715
ings: an elementary building, grades Pre-K                                                            tions. The successful candidate will demon-
                                                                                                      strate high visibility within the school dis-
through 5; a middle school building, grades 6
                                                                                                      trict. A BCI/FBI background check is re-
through 8; a high school building, grades 9          District Employees:                              quired prior to employment
through 12. Following are facts based upon the           Certified               119                  The new Superintendent will begin employ-
Ohio’s 2007-2008 school year report card:                                                             ment as soon as agreed upon with the can-
                                                         Classified              67                   didate and the Westfall Local Schools Board
                                                                                                      of Education.
                                                         Administrators           9
•   Designated Excellent with 23 of 30 state indi-
    cators met and a performance index of 95.1.
                                                                                                                       Board Members
                                                     Financial Data:
•   Attendance rate of 94.6% and the gradua-                                                                   Mr. Kevin Steward-President
                                                          Operating Millage
    tion rate is 92.6%.                                                                                     Mr. Darrell Caudill-Vice President
                                                              Inside:            3.0
                                                                                                                     Ms. Peg Reiterman
                                                              Voted/Assessed     27.3/20.0
•   3rd Grade reading achievement is 80.8%                                                                            Ms. Jan Shannon
                                                              Bonds Assessed     3.3
    and math achievement is 82.3%.
                                                                                                                   Mr. Thomas Timbrook

•   OGT testing was as follows: Reading-90.0%;                 General Fund      $13,582,000

    Math-90.8%; Writing-95.8%; Science-                        Total-All Funds    $16,452,000
    82.5%; Social Studies-85.0%.                           General Fund Revenue:                     In partnership with students, parents, teachers, staff
                                                                                                      and community, the Westfall Local School District
                                                                Local Taxes        30%                   will provide quality educational services that
•   Approximately 26.6% of the students in                                                             nurture academic, social and civic skills, enabling
                                                                State Funds       60%                 students to become productive, life-long learners.
    grades 3-8 and 10 are accelerated; 13.6% are
                                                                Other             10%
    advanced with a performance index score of                                                              Westfall Local School District
    95.1.                                                                                                         19463 Pherson Pike
                                                     Expenditure/Pupil                    $7,513               Williamsport, OH 43164
•   100% of the teachers are highly qualified
                                                                                                                 Phone: 740-986-3671
    with 57.3% holding a Master’s Degree or
                                                                                                                   Fax: 740-986-8375