Listserv Survey of Events including Support Staff – Summary Responses  On anniversary of employment staff member receives a vase with one rose to mark each year 2 Firm wide breakfas by anl11563


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									Listserv Survey of Events including Support Staff – Summary Responses

      On anniversary of employment staff member receives a vase with one
       rose to mark each year. 2. Firm wide breakfast once a month - the works
       French toast, pancakes, etc. 3. Annual events: Holiday Party at a
       restaurant, picnic at an amusement park, summer boat charter, "gift
       certificate" for 1/2 day off during the holiday season for shopping.

      Paralegals and librarians have a "legal staff" dinner once or twice a
       year with the attorneys [at a restaurant]. Support Staff has a separate
       dinner [also at a restaurant].

      Our firm has a Christmas party & a summer party for all attorneys &
       support staff. A continental breakfast is provided each
       Friday…[and]…usually a pizza lunch…a couple of times a
       year….Secretaries, paralegals, & admin. staff each have a quarterly
       catered lunch meeting with an in-house training session. We have in-
       house brown bag computer/word processing training sessions every
       couple of months…with dessert & drinks furnished. [During] the summer
       we have an ice cream social.

      We often do trainings/seminars at noon and provide lunch. Staff are
       always enthusiastic and appreciative of any training opportunities.

      [Each branch] office has a "summer outing"…a big picnic, bbq type of
       catered affair. This office meets at an attorney's home on a lake. [Another]
       office goes on a boat cruise. And we have a firm wide holiday party…in

      We have a firm wide outing in the summer and two holiday parties in
       December…because [we have multiple] offices….Everyone can attend
       either or both parties.

      We have all sorts of office-wide activities. An annual attorney vs. staff
       softball game; annual holiday party (with a guest); the firm buys tickets for
       a [major league] baseball game (preceded by a barbeque); an outing to a
       (small) bowling alley, which the firm rents out. At holiday time… we have
       a firm-wide party on site for everyone. All sorts of activities this week.
       They send flowers or candy on your birthday and you get your birthday as
       a paid day off. I like my job.

      [Social] events during the year include a "Spring Fling," a firm Xmas party
       and a separate Xmas party for children of attorneys and support staff…we
       also have a firm-wide picnic in the summer at our zoo….[Our firm is] a
       nice place to work.
   Here are some of the things employers have done in my experience:
       o Summer picnic at local zoo-everyone
       o Summer picnic at local historical spot--everyone
       o Boat ride at night on the river with food (no children)
       o Dinner at art museum (adults) or science museum (families)
       o Baseball--minor league or major league
       o 2 Free tickets to local movie theater
       o Gift certificate to winner of drawing taken from all names of people
          with perfect attendance for one month (one winner each month)
       o Lunch or pizza brought in occasionally.

   We are a firm that has 35 lawyers and 40 support staff:

       o At Christmas, they throw a lavish party with fine dining,
         entertainment and dancing in a prime location. They buy lots of
         really great door prizes that are given out during the course of the
         evening. Before Christmas, they also put on a daytime party for
         families and their children during which Santa comes and delivers
         presents to all the children. We've done this at swimming parties,
         country locations (with skating and sleigh rides), to name a few.

       o In the summer we have a firm-wide family picnic/barbecue at a nice
         outdoorsy venue with a big hall.

       o In February, the firm contributes toward a "support staff" dinner and
         evening out at a local steak house. The firm pays $15 toward
         everyone's meal and we make up the difference.

       o During the course of the year we have several "socials" in the office
         in, either to welcome new people to the firm or to recognize people
         or ... just because. These are always fun and well-attended.

       o Every Monday and Friday morning, doughnuts and muffins are
         available to everyone who would like one. I was starting to gain
         weight, so I'm trying to ignore the doughnuts as much as possible!

    That's just an idea of some of the things the firm does for the people who
    work here. I think they're pretty good to us.

   We have bagels & donuts the first Friday of the month, birthday cake the
    third Wednesday of the month, various food events for different holidays,
    wine & cheese reception when new associates arrive, an in-house picnic
    (complete with hot dog cart) & ice cream social during the summer [and a]
    big holiday party at a country club in Dec.

   A summer picnic, an out of the office Xmas party, an in the office Xmas
    party including Amex gift cheques to all staff, and various pizza lunches
    and ice cream socials throughout the year.

   I can tell you what one mid-size (40 - 45 attorneys) does. They have
    weekly treats for the staff. Most months there is a luncheon. Staff are
    treated by their supervising attorney for a birthday lunch (on the firm). The
    annual Holiday party includes all staff and a guest. Christmas Eve Day,
    there is a luncheon and all staff are encouraged to bring their
    kids/grandkids for a visit with goodies from Santa. There is also a summer
    event where family is included. That event is frequently a picnic… Most
    years there is also an outing to [a professional sporting event] with each
    staffer getting two tickets. Every five years, they have an anniversary
    dinner with all staff and a guest invited.

   In April we have lunch out with all staff/attorneys. It used to rotate
    between 2 country clubs but now we eat at a restaurant along the river. In
    the summer we have a picnic for attorneys, staff, and families. We rotate:
    1 year at [a theme park], the other a nice picnic at a local, small resort
    along a fishing stream. At Christmas, we have a party in-house with the
    staff providing the covered dish lunch; the firm treats with a reception at a
    country club. On Boss's day the staff provides food starting at breakfast
    with baked egg dishes, bagels, fruit, etc. Lunch follows and there usually
    is plenty of food left for a late afternoon snack.

   [An] offsite firm holiday party in December and spouses are invited. In
    addition to dinner, dancing & open bar, there are some really nice give-
    aways, like a weekend trip to New York for an employee and a
    guest (including paid vacation days). They also do a semi-pot luck
    Thanksgiving feast in November, with the firm providing turkey & dressing,
    and employees providing the rest. There are also a few ice cream sundae
    parties in the summer (Marble Slab brings in all the fixing’s, plus someone
    to scoop the ice cream), and the occasional "just because" pizza party.
    Here there is a city-wide semi-official kick-off party for the rodeo, and the
    firm provides lunch for everyone (and you get to wear jeans to work :) My
    old firm didn't really do anything that drew the entire family, which I always
    thought was regrettable.

   We have a monthly employee lunch (usually in the middle of the
    library) for all staff. It is a great way to bring attorneys and staff
    together in an informal way. It may have a theme, St. Patrick's
    Day, Breast Cancer Awareness, etc.

   I am new at my firm, but we just got word this morning that the 2003 firm
    picnic would take place in two weeks...and all are invited….this firm seems
    very family-oriented. :)

   We have Holiday Party in Dec. for staff only – prof. & support [and] a
    support staff party in the fall (significant others are included.)

   Our firm does a family picnic every summer for all employees…. It is held
    at a nice retreat with a pool, sport facilities (tennis, softball, basketball) and
    plenty of shaded tables….They also provide EXCELLENT food and
    entertainment. Last year our picnic was a luau theme. They also host a
    firm Holiday luncheon for all employees in December. The luncheon is a
    catered event at a nice hall near the office. And finally they allow outside
    training when appropriate for support staff including meetings and
    seminars that are paid by the firm.

   We have a crab fest in August or September which includes families (we
    rent a bus and go to the Eastern Shore, eat, then return to the bus and
    head home), and we have a holiday party which includes
    spouses/significant others.

   Lunch and learn sessions for support staff where firm provides lunch;
    office wide catered luncheon at the holidays.

   Lunch and learn for support staff; firm provides lunch. Office wide events
    include indoor barbecue around Independence Day, a “totally catered”
    Thanksgiving luncheon, a winter holiday luncheon at a restaurant, and a
    summer picnic.

   Firm wide events include a catered holiday luncheon, a summer evening
    party/dance for staff and spouses at a hotel with a DJ, etc., and an annual
    family outing to the Florida Aquarium or Lowry Park Zoo (includes
    spouses, children, grandchildren, etc.).

   Office wide holiday dinner at Maggiano’s or Charlie’s Steak House that
    includes spouses.

   Monthly lunch and learns for support staff with firm providing lunch. Firm
    wide Thanksgiving luncheon at the Tampa Club, plus a firm wide holiday
    party, also at a club (University, Yacht, etc.).

   Incentive based computer training…. For example, the secretaries… take
    in-house computer courses leading to bronze, silver, and gold
    certifications. At each certification level they received $100, $200, & $300
    bonuses….also…an "employee of the quarter" event [where] the
    employee [is] nominated by peers….The office managers [select] from the
    nominations and those employees…get a gift certificate ($50-$100) to a
    nice restaurant or [department store].

   Quarterly drawings for applause cards given to staff for excellent work and
    service. The applause card drawn by personnel is awarded a cash prize
    from $100 to $500. Also, staff are given $25 checks on their anniversary
    dates up until ten years. After ten years, they receive $50 on their
    anniversary dates. Also, after ten years of service, all staff members are
    entitled to a 3 week sabbatical.

   [I’m] thinking about having the firm out to my house one weekend for
    dinner. Occasionally, we order pizza in at the office, just because. We do
    go out for dinner at Christmas. For a couple of Christmas parties we did
    the "Murder for Hire" route. That was fun. Oh, and the last few years I've
    had an Easter Egg hunt and Halloween hunt of sorts in the office. It's fun
    watching grown men and women scrambling around grabbing for eggs
    and spiders (Halloween).

   For firm wide events: we had a Grand Prix party in February, we have a
    holiday party in December. . . Sometimes we buy a block of tickets to the
    Devil Rays and do that.

   We always have a holiday party where everyone is invited. Sometimes it
    is at a restaurant, or Davis Island Garden Club, or someone's home. We
    usually have one other event during the year. The last three years we
    have had a bowling tournament. But other events have been picnics,
    softball games, and laser tag.

   [W]e have a summer picnic catered with games and prizes and gifts for
    the employee and family; we do quarterly birthday parties starting at 4:30
    pm until 6:00 or so to celebrate every birthday in that quarter...we have a
    large cake, all sorts of goodies to eat and cold beverages; we have a
    holiday party in mid-December for all employees and their guest that is
    either hosted at a partner's home or held at a nice hotel or club
    facility...this is a full dinner and drinks event.

   For our anniversary, lunch at Vinoy, $ 200 gift cheque and something with
    our firm name (we now have a wardrobe of D&M clothing...LOL). We
    have monthly birthday parties (employees are assigned a month to
    provide the desserts), at Christmas a potluck lunch where the firm
    provides turkey and ham and we also have a Christmas tree trimming
    party with cookies and egg nog (that way I'm not the only one trimming the
    tree). We have special celebrations for 50th birthdays and 65th birthdays
    and bring on a shareholder and occasional pizza parties for lunch on
    Friday. On Bosses' Day, the employees bring in breakfast for everyone.

   We usually have an office Halloween costume party with family members
    invited and different age group prizes for best costume, piñata for the
    children. For the Christmas holiday we alternate between a staff dinner at

    a very nice restaurant and an office party with family members invited and
    Santa visits the children. Summer we have done bowling parties, Dolphin
    cruises, Pirate ship cruises, lakeside bbq picnic with jet skis. In the spring
    our Orlando office hosts a picnic at Ft. Wilderness at Disney World for all
    our Florida offices.

   We have an annual office holiday party for all employees. Practice groups
    and departments do their own events in the summer.


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