while learning to become better lacrosse
                                                 players! Snacks and drinks will be provided
                                                 every day. At the end of the week, each              If you have any questions about the camp,
                                                 camper will receive a t-shirt in addition to daily   please contact Ali Ellickson via phone or e-
                                                 prizes.                                              mail:
                                                                                                      Cell: 720-971-1248
      COACHING STAFF…                             DATES OF CAMPS:
                                                                                                      Address: 7913 S. Trenton Street
        Ali Ellickson is a senior at Cherry       June (8th-11th) - Beginner Camp (anyone                        Centennial, CO 80112
Creek High School where she earned All-           that has little/no experience)
League and All-State honors. She has                                                                  ***Please make checks out to Ali Ellickson
played Varsity lacrosse all four years at         June (15th-18th) - Beginner Camp
Cherry Creek, and will play next year for the
University of California at Berkeley. Cal                                                             Player Information
Berkley is a Division I collegiate team.
                                                  July (13th-16th) - Intermediate (Preferably
                                                 girls that have at least played one year, or
                                                 played in one of the other camps)
                                                                                                      First name____________________
        Allie Welsh, currently a sophomore
                                                                                                      Last Name________________
at Cal Berkeley, will also be helping at the
                                                  *All Camps run from 9:00am -12:00pm                 Birthdate ____/___/___ Grade_____
camp. As a high school player, Allie earned
All-League, All-State, and All-American
                                                  *All camps are $150 dollars
honors. She has played with the California                                                            Parent Information
Bears for a year full year and competed in
the MPSF Championships against Stanford.                     EQUIPMENT…                               First name____________________
                                                                                                      Last name________________
         Additional coaches for the camp          All campers will need the following
include other Division I players, including       equipment: a stick, goggles, and a mouth            Home Address
Catie Tilton. Catie is a junior player for        guard. All of these items can be purchased
Boston University.                                at any local sporting goods store.                  ________________________________
                                                                                                      Zip________ City______________
      CAMP OVERVIEW…                                         LOCATION…                                State______
          The goal of our camp is to teach                                                            Home Phone ____-____-____             Cell
                                                  All camps will be held at a private home
beginners the fundamentals of lacrosse and to
                                                  equipped with a field and nets. The address         Phone ____-____-____
teach intermediate players how to improve
their game. We will go over rules and basics,
so the girls can get a better understanding of                                                        T-Shirt Size (Youth) XS S M L XL
                                                  1075 E. Radcliffe Avenue
lacrosse. Additionally, the campers will be       Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113
involved in activities to help them hone their                                                        Emergency Contact Information
passing and catching skills. Our main
objective is to teach the girls by having fun!                                                        Contact Name____________________
We will have exciting activities and games                                                            Contact Number_____-_____-____
planned daily so the girls have a great time
Allergies or other medical problems that   WAIVER OF LIABILITY…
the coaches should know
                                           In signing this application, I release Ali
                                           Ellickson, Allie Welsh, Bob and Janet
________________________________           Bigelow, the Bigelow estate & other
________________________________           involved parties from any claims or
________________________________           responsibility for injuries suffered
________________________________           during the Summer Girl’s Lacrosse
________________________________           Camp of 2009. I knowingly assume all
                                           risks associated with participation, even
                                           if arising from the negligence of the
                                           participants or others, and assume FULL
                                           responsibility for my participation. I
                                           certify that I am in good physical
                                           condition to participate in the Golden
                                           Bear Lacrosse Camp. Further, I
                                           authorize the site director to request
                                           medical treatment as necessary to insure
                                           my well being.




                                           Heath Insurance

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