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									                         The American Legion 2009
                     Department Law Enforcement Officer
                             of the Year Award

WHAT, WHY and HOW -                                                   g:   Reside and be assigned or attached for duty in the
                                                                           Department from which they are selected.
1.   SCOPE:        Americans in recent years have been                h:   Federal agents serving in overseas Departments
     experiencing an unprecedented crime wave which has                    may be nominated by the overseas Department.
     permeated all States and neighborhoods in our country,           i:   Nominees selected for this award shall be available
     and crime is rapidly becoming America’s foremost                      to receive this award at The American Legion
     domestic problem. The Preamble of the Constitution of                 Department Convention.
     The American Legion includes as one of its                       j:   Military police officers or investigators are not
     objectives.......“to maintain Law and Order”. As con-                 eligible for participation in this award.
     cerned citizens and veterans,         Legionnaires have          k:   Department nominees who have been previously
     always fostered a strong sense of law and order and have              submitted for this national award may be resubmit-
     upheld the protection of American citizens and the                    ted if they have been re-selected by the Department.
     American way of life. They have always held law
     enforcement agencies in the highest regard and many         4.   DEPARTMENT APPLICATION PACKETS: Depart-
     Posts and Departments already recognize outstanding              ment application packets for their nominee should not
     law enforcement officers of various jurisdictions who            exceed 10 typewritten, legible pages, on 8 1/2” x 11”
     daily serve our communities and frequently lay their             bond paper and should consist of the following
     lives on the line.                                               documentation:

2.   PURPOSE: The purpose of this instruction is to specify           a:   Application form--Complete the attached applica-
     the guidelines, eligibility criteria and application                  tion form and use it as the first page or cover page
     requirements for selection and presentation of a National             of the application.
     Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award. The                   b:   The goal of the National Law and Order Committee
     major purpose of this award, is to encourage the further              is to select a well-rounded law enforcement officer
     development of Department and Post Law and Order                      who has exceeded, above and beyond, the duty
     Committees in all Divisions in recognition of law                     requirements of his/her position and who
     enforcement officers by Posts, Divisions and the Depart-              exemplifies the virtues of professionalism and
     ment Headquarters of The American Legion.                             dedication and has demonstrated a distinct pattern
                                                                           of community service to his/her community, State
3.   ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA:         To be eligible for                      or Nation; and also has proven his/her personal
     consideration, Department nominees must meet the
     following criteria:

     a:   Be a citizen of the United States, male or female.
     b:   Be a living, active, full-time and paid, sworn law
          enforcement officer entrusted with the authority and                                                      2008
          powers of arrest.
     c:   Consideration for a posthumous award will be                                                            Department
          acceptable only if the nominees death has occurred                                                         Law
          after the Department’s selection and within the
          dates for which the award is being presented.                                                           Enforcement
     d:   Be assigned to a Municipal (City), County, District                                                       Officer
          or State Police or Highway Patrol, Sheriff’s office,
          or as a sworn Federal law enforcement officer                                                              of the
          (e.g., FBI or Secret    Service Agent, United States                                                       Year
          Federal Marshal, National Park Police, etc.
     e:   Be selected as the Department Law Enforcement
          Officer of the Year.                                                                                   Sponsored by:
     f:   Department nominees need not be a veteran nor a                      Officer                             Rockton
                                                                                                                  Post #332
          member of The American Legion.                                   Penney A. Cure

               “… to maintain Law and Order.”
        dedication to societal security and protection. The                  officials as further evidence of heroic and/or
        law enforcement officer must be recommended by                       meritorious performance of duty by the officer.
        his/her Commanding Officer or Supervisor for this             e:     Include a copy of your nominee’s State or Federal
        award. The Commanding Officer or Supervisor                          certification as a law enforcement officer as well as
        should also state that the law enforcement officer,                  copies of pertinent training and education certificates
        if selected for this award, will be available for its                as appropriate.
        presentation at Department Convention. Specific               f:     Include a full-length color or black and white photo
        acts of heroism and meritorious citations presented                  of the nominee.
        by his/her law enforcement agency should be                   g:     The Department which submits the winning nominee
        included and documented. The application packet                      will be notified by certified mail as expeditiously as
        should be subdivided into the following categories:                  possible.
                                                                      h:     Remember to let your nominee know what The
        Section     I          Professional Career                           American Legion Department Law Enforcement
        Section     II         Community Service                             Officer of the Year Award is, and receive assurance
        Section     III        Heroism                                       from the officer’s chain of command that if your
        Section     IV         Letters of Recognition                        nominee is selected as the winner that he/she will be
        Section     V          News Clippings                                available for the award presentation at the
                                                                             Department Convention. The winning officer is
c:      Community Service: Outstanding service to the                        requested to appear in full uniform at The
        Community, State or Nation by the officer, in both                   Department Convention at the time of presentation.
        on-duty and off-duty activities, should be explained
        for the past year and may include previous years.        All efforts have been expended, and will continue to be
        Cite, for example, awards and/or supporting letters      expended, to assure fairness and impartiality to all Department
        from City or County Commissioners, letters from          nominees. We strongly believe that the presentation of the
        State officials and letters from The American            Department Law Enforcement Officer of the Year award will
        Legion Department or Posts, or from citizens attest-     reflect great credit on law enforcement officers and agencies,
        ing to and commending the officer for his/her com-       communities and states, our Nation and The American Legion.
        munity service contributions.                            It is our underlying hope that this award program will also
d:      Citations for heroism or meritorious performance of      further encourage such recognition of “America’s Finest” at the
        duty should be explained for the past year and may       Post and Department levels.
        include previous years. Include citations and any
        supporting letters from the officer’s chain of                                         Bernard Stegmueller, Chairman
        command as well as other documentation from City,                                      Dept. Safety, Law & Order Cmte
        County, State authorities and American Legion

                                APPLICATION FORMS MUST BE RETURNED TO
                                          DIVISION CHAIRMEN
                                       NO LATER THAN MAY 30, 2009

                      Safety, Law & Order Division Chairmen
                            Bernard Stegmueller,
     1st Div., 4th Dist.                                  116 N. Charlton St.      Willow Springs, IL 60480      (708) 839-1309
                            Gary Keegan,
     2nd Div., 12th Dist.                                 1650 Oakland Dr.         Sycamore, IL 60178            (815) 762-0396
                            Vice Chairman

     3rd Div., 20th Dist.   Ronald A. Payne               54 E. Lake Estates       Mt. Sterling, IL 62353        (217) 773-2080

     4th Div., 21st Dist.   Delmar R. Buske               904 N. Van Buren St.     Litchfield, IL 62056          (217) 324-5927

     5th Div., 23rd Dist.   Dudley Madden                 9953 President Ct.       Breese, IL 62230              (618) 526-4170
            The American Legion
Department Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
             Application Form


Name____________________________________________                   Sex______________________

Home Address_____________________________________________________________________


Age_________Marital Status_________Spouse's Name____________________________________

Length of Service as Law Enforcement Officer___________________________________________

Agency Name_____________________________________________________________________

Agency Director__________________________________ Title_____________________________

Nominee's Supervisor______________________________ Title_____________________________

Agency Address___________________________________________________________________


Sponsoring Post Name___________________No.________District__________Division_________


Post Commander's Name____________________________________________________________


Local radio/TV station serving area

Local newspaper serving area

_______________________________________        _______________________________________
Signature of Division Chairman        Date    Signature of Post Commander           Date

Application Deadline: May 30, 2009 (Return to Division Chairmen)

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