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									Repair Reporter
CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS                                                                                           WINTER 2001

California’s Energy Challenge
          alifornia is facing a major energy              can avoid shortages, lower our energy
          challenge, and we can all help                  bills, and have a major impact on the
          reduce consumption and improve                  availability of electrical power.
energy efficiency.                                        We’re asking you to flex your power.
While California continues to experience                  Each of us has an important role to play
electrical shortages and rolling blackouts,               right now.
Governor Davis and leaders of the                         • Reduce usage during peak demand
California Legislature are working with                        hours (5 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to
utilities, energy generators, and consumer                     7 p.m.)
groups to forge a long-term solution to
this problem. In the short run,                           • Turn off all non-essential lights and
California’s consumers and businesses                          equipment. When you’re not using it,
                                                               turn it off. Unplug equipment not in      •   Buy Energy Star® appliances,
can work to reduce electricity usage and                                                                     products, and lights, which are more
use energy more efficiently.                                   regular use, such as VCRs and phone
                                                                                                             energy efficient than older models.
                                                               chargers. Putting computers in
In all State of California agencies, we’ve                     “sleep” mode can save up to 40            • Seal off unused or storage areas from
implemented a plan to reduce consump-                          percent in energy consumption.                heating.
tion by a minimum of 8 percent. During
critical power shortages, State agencies                  • Turn thermostats to 68° or lower             Kids also can save energy through their
will conserve 20 percent. The Governor                         during the day. At home, turn the         schools by turning off lights, computers,
also has asked all Californians to reduce                      temperature down to 55° before            and other electrical equipment during
their electricity use by at least 8 percent.                   going to sleep or when gone for the       recess and after school. Tell your kids:
                                                               day. For every one degree you lower       “Save a little, save a watt.”
California has the power of nearly 35                          your thermostat, you’ll save up to 5
million people and the sixth largest                                                                     Together, each of these small steps add
                                                               percent on your heating bill.             up. Whether at work or at home, we can
economy in the world. By implementing
a few simple energy-saving measures, we                   • At night, close shades and blinds to         make a dramatic difference in the energy
                                                               reduce heat lost through windows.         crunch. y

  Inside . . .                                             ON THE ROAD WITH THE
  Air Conditioning Regulations
    Approved ........................................ 2
                                                           ROADSIDE INSPECTION PROGRAM
  Bureau of Automotive
                                                           By Ted Lenzie, BAR Technical Services—Roadside
    Repair Order of Adoption .............. 2

                                                                      uring the early 1970s, the         in Riverside to gather data for the
  Bakersfield Auto Repair Shop                                        California Highway Patrol          Inspection/ Maintenance program.
    Disciplined for Selling
                                                                      (CHP) performed roadside           These data were used by ARB to set
    Unnecessary Parts and Service ..... 3
                                                            emission testing in conjunction with         emission standards for the contractor-run,
  Open Exam for BAR Program                                 registration and safety equipment            change-of-ownership inspection network
    Representative I Classification ...... 4                checks. They performed idle-speed-           operated in the South Coast Air Basin.
  BAR Complaints Go Online ............... 4                only emission tests for hydrocarbons         The contractor performed several million
  Automatic Transmission                                    (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO). The           loaded-mode tests.
    Regulations to be Brought                               data were used by the Air Resources          Soon after the Smog Check program
    into the New Millennium ................ 4              Board (ARB) to set emission limits for       started in 1984, BAR and ARB partnered
  Interested Parties                                        vehicles certified by Motor Vehicle          to perform roadside emission and
     Mailing List Update ....................... 5          Pollution Control (MVPC) stations,           tampering inspections for the purpose of
                                                            and to set pass/fail emission limits later   comparing the results to those reported
  Disciplinary Actions ........................... 6
                                                            enforced by CHP.                             by Smog Check stations. BAR conducted
  Everything you wanted to know                                                                          about 2,000 inspections per year.
                                                            From 1975-78, BAR conducted about
    about Dynamometers
    but were afraid to ask ..................... 8          150,000 voluntary loaded-mode tests
                                                                                                               On the Road, continued page 7
PAGE 2                                                                                                           REPAIR REPORTER

 Air Conditioning Regulations Approved
 By Ken Wardlow, BAR Investigations, South Headquarters

          fter many months of tedious          standardized equipment require-             For the consumer, these regulations
          work by members of the               ments.” Workshops were held and             are intended to provide a minimum,
          automotive repair industry,          draft regulations were developed.           consistent air conditioning service
 trade organizations, equipment                Public hearings were held and               and/or diagnostic process no matter
 suppliers and Bureau of Automotive            comments were received. The                 where they seek these services within
 Repair (BAR) staff, the long-awaited          original regulatory proposal was            the state.
 air conditioning regulations have             ultimately modified and simplified.         The State’s Office of Administrative
 been adopted.                                 The Bureau thanks all who partici-          Law approved the regulatory package
 “We embarked on this regulatory               pated in this challenging endeavor.         on December 20, 2000 and the regu-
 project at the request of members of          These regulations are intended to           lations became effective January 19,
 the automotive air conditioning               provide consistency in the advertis-        2001.
 service and repair industry,” noted           ing, service and diagnosis of auto-         The regulations, as adopted, are listed
 BAR Program Manager Ken                       motive air conditioning systems. In         below:
 Wardlow. “They were concerned that            addition, the minimum equipment
 the “playing field” wasn’t level in           requirements are intended to insure
 that segment of the repair industry           that service and diagnosis can
 and asked for BAR’s regulatory help.          adequately and consistently be
 They wanted a definition for an air           performed by automotive industry
 conditioning service as well as               technicians.


         he Bureau of Automotive Repair hereby adopts the             (c) Refrigerant recovery equipment that meets or exceeds
         following regulations in Division 33 of Title 16 of the      current Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.) standards
         California Code of Regulations:                              J1732 (Rev. Nov. 1998), J1770 (Issued Oct. 1995), J1990
  §3351.6. Equipment Requirements                                     (Rev. Feb. 1999) and J2209 (Rev. Feb. 1999) which are
  for Automotive Air Conditioning Repair Dealers.                     hereby incorporated by reference.
                                                                      (d) Low and high pressure gauges for the purpose of measur-
  All Automotive Repair Dealers engaged in the service or
                                                                      ing pressure in a mobile air conditioning system. As a
  repair of automotive air conditioning systems in vehicles
                                                                      minimum, the low pressure gauge shall be capable of
  covered by the Act shall be subject to the following minimum
                                                                      measuring from zero to thirty inches of vacuum Hg, and zero
  requirements. An automotive repair dealer that is performing
                                                                      to 250 pounds of pressure per square inch (psi). As a mini-
  service or repair to a motor vehicle’s air conditioning system,
                                                                      mum, the high pressure gauge shall be capable of measuring
  which involves evacuation or full or partial recharge of the
                                                                      from zero to 500 pounds of pressure per square inch (psi).
  air conditioning system, shall have all repair, measuring,
  testing and refrigerant recovery equipment and current              (e) An air conditioning system vacuum pump. When con-
  reference manuals necessary to service or repair the system,        nected to a sealed automotive system, the pump shall be
  including but not limited to:                                       capable of reducing system pressure to a minimum of 29.5
                                                                      Hg (inches of vacuum) measured on the low pressure gauge
  (a) Refrigerant identification equipment that meets or
                                                                      at sea level.
  exceeds current Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.)
  standard J1771 (Rev. Nov. 1998) which is hereby incorpo-            (f) A thermometer capable of testing air conditioning system
  rated by reference.                                                 efficiency. As a minimum, the thermometer shall be capable
                                                                      of measuring air temperatures from 20 to 100 degrees
  (b) Refrigerant leak detection equipment that meets or
  exceeds current Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.)
  standard J1627 (Rev. Aug 1995) which is hereby incorpo-             Note: Authority cited: Sections 9882 and 9884.19, Business
  rated by reference.                                                 and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 9884.7(a)(7),
                                                                      9884.8 and 9884.9, Business and Professions Code.
                                                                                                               (continued next page)
WINTER 2001                                                                                                                         PAGE 3

 Bakersfield Auto Repair Shop Disciplined
 for Selling Unnecessary Parts and Service
 By Patti Roberts, DCA Communications and Education Division

        he California Department of             Local residents found out about the            placing the repair dealer on three years’
        Consumer Affairs, Bureau of             suspension when the Bakersfield Califor-       probation and requiring the owner to
        Automotive Repair (BAR),                nian (the region’s daily newspaper), all       reimburse BAR $2,500 for the cost of the
 suspended the repair license of a              three local television stations, and the       investigation.
 Bakersfield automotive repair dealer. In       local radio stations ran stories about the     The charges against the auto repair dealer
 an undercover enforcement operation,           disciplinary action.                           included pressuring customers to make
 the shop sold unnecessary parts and            “In 2000, the BAR conducted 542                repairs that weren’t needed, unnecessarily
 services to BAR investigators, accord-         undercover enforcement operations to           replacing working parts, and charging for
 ing to BAR officials. The station’s            gather evidence of fraud and dishonesty,”      services that were never performed.
 license suspension also was the focus of       said BAR Chief Doug Laue. “Most auto
 media coverage in the Bakersfield area.                                                       The Bureau of Automotive Repair
                                                repair shops are honest and hard working.      monitors automotive repair and Smog
 The repair license for Econo Lube N            But for those who prey on consumers, we        Check facilities for illegal and unscrupu-
 Tune, located at 6901 White Lane, was          take action to suspend their licenses and      lous business practices. Any consumer
 suspended for seven days, beginning            to keep them under surveillance during         who has a problem with an auto repair
 Jan. 4, 2001. Owner Kent Pillars agreed        their probation.”                              facility can file a complaint with the
 not to contest BAR charges of fraud,           During the seven-day suspension, Econo         Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau
 making false and misleading statements,        Lube N Tune had to post a prominent            of Automotive Repair, by calling 1-800-
 and “overselling” unneeded parts and           sign disclosing the reason for the disci-      952-5210. Consumers can also file
 repairs.                                       plinary action. The penalty also included      complaints online at BAR’s Web site at

  §3366. Automotive Air Conditioning.                                    (h) The drive belt system has been checked for damaged or
  Any automotive repair dealer that advertises or performs,              missing pulleys or tensioners and for proper belt routing,
  directly or through a sublet contractor, automotive air                tension, alignment, excessive wear or cracking;
  conditioning work and uses the words service, inspection,              (i) The fan clutch has been examined for leakage, bearing
  diagnosis, top off, performance check or any expression or             wear and proper operation;
  term of like meaning in any form of advertising or on a                (j) The cooling fan has been checked for bent or missing
  written estimate or invoice shall only do so when all of the           blades;
  following work is done:
                                                                         (k) Accessible electrical connections have been examined for
  (a) Exposed hoses, tubing and connections are examined for             loose, burnt, broken or corroded parts;
  damage or leaks;
                                                                         (l) The refrigerant in use has been identified and checked for
  (b) The compressor and clutch, when accessible, are exam-              contamination;
  ined for damage, missing bolts, missing hardware, broken
  housing and leaks;                                                     (m) The system has been checked for leakage at a minimum
                                                                         of 50-PSI system pressure;
  (c) The compressor is rotated to determine if it is seized or
  locked up;                                                             (n) The compressor clutch, blower motor and air control
                                                                         doors have been checked for proper operation;
  (d) Service ports are examined for missing caps, damaged
  threads and conformance with labeling;                                 (o) High and low side system operating pressures have been
                                                                         recorded on the final invoice; and,
  (e) The condenser coil is examined for damage, restrictions or
  leaks;                                                                 (p) The center air distribution outlet temperature has been
                                                                         recorded on the final invoice.
  (f) The expansion device, if accessible, is examined for
  physical damage or leaks;                                              Note: Authority cited: Sections 9882 and 9884.19, Business
                                                                         and Professions Code. Reference: Sections 9884.7(a)(7),
  (g) The accumulator receiver dryer and in-line filter have             9884.8 and 9884.9, Business and Professions Code.
  been checked for damage, missing or loose hardware or leaks;
PAGE 4                                                                                                                REPAIR REPORTER

       OPEN EXAM                                Automatic Transmission Regulations
    FOR BAR PROGRAM                             to be Brought into the New Millennium
    REPRESENTATIVE I                            By: Jim Allen, BAR Legislation and Regulations Coordinator

                                                        oday’s automotive technology          supposed to be used as a consumer
                                                        has begun to outpace some of

         he Department of Consumer                                                            protection device, it has not proven itself
         Affairs/Bureau of Automotive                   the regulations promulgated by        to be as effective as Section 3353.
         Repair (DCA/BAR) is now                the Department of Consumer Affairs/           Instead, it has created a way for unscru-
 accepting applications to establish a civil    Bureau of Automotive Repair (DCA/             pulous transmission repair facilities to
 service list for its Program Representative    BAR). In particular, Section 3361.1,          charge for additional hard parts that the
 I classification. These positions perform      which deals with automatic transmis-          customer may not actually receive.
 the bulk of                                    sions, needs to be amended since these
                                                                                              Furthermore, the additional estimate and
 BAR’s Field Operations and Enforcement         systems have become more sophisticated
                                                                                              disclosure requirements in Section
 functions, including complaint mediation,      with the introduction of front wheel drive
                                                                                              3361.1(d) are unnecessary and burden-
                                                (trans axles) and advanced computer and
 licensed station inspections, and formal                                                     some and, for the most part, duplicates
                                                electronic controls. BAR is proposing
 investigations. The application process                                                      the requirements of Section 3353. When
                                                regulations that would clarify Section
 includes a written exam and an oral                                                          Section 3361.1 was first adopted, there
                                                3361.1 and bring it up to date with
 interview. Minimum qualifications to take                                                    was a need to address the estimate and
                                                current technologies.
 the exam for a person not currently in state                                                 disclosure requirements. Over time,
 service include four years of automotive       Section 3361.1 sets standards for the         Section 3353 has been amended and
 mechanical or collision repair. The final      repair/replacement of automatic transmis-     clarified and now addresses the concerns
 filing date for applications has been          sions. The current regulation requires        that subsection (d) of Section 3361.1
                                                automatic transmission repair facilities to   was originally intended to address.
 extended to Friday, March 30, 2001.
                                                disclose the cost of a rebuilt exchange
 Applications must be postmarked no later                                                     The Bureau is proposing regulation
                                                transmission, excluding hard parts, as
 than this date. A detailed bulletin and an                                                   amendments that would eliminate the
                                                provided in subsection (d)(2). Section
                                                                                              unnecessary duplication and burden-
 application are available at State Person-     3361.1(d)(6), the “Important Notice,”
                                                                                              some “Important Notice” requirements.
 nel Board offices, local offices of the        was originally designed as a protection
                                                                                              These proposed amendments would also
 Employment Development Department,             for consumers to enable them to weigh
                                                                                              apply the provisions of Section 3353 to
 or any BAR field office. For more details,     the costs of having their transmission
                                                                                              automatic transmission work, including
 interested candidates can also visit the       repaired against having it replaced.
                                                                                              those provisions relating to revised
 State Personnel Board’s Web site at            Although the “Important Notice” was
                                                                                              estimates and additional authorization.                                                                              The goals of these proposed regulations
                                                                                              are to eliminate confusion and require
           BAR COMPLAINTS GO ONLINE                                                           automatic transmission repair facilities
                                                                                              to disclose complete information

       n an effort to improve the consumer’s    confirming e-mail message as to where         regarding the total price to rebuild or
      access to the Department of Con-          their complaint will be handled, and          replace an automatic transmission.
      sumer Affairs and the Bureau of           who will handle it. The current conven-       Customers would no longer face the
  Automotive Repair (DCA/BAR), a                tional method sends this confirming           possibility of being surprised by hidden
  system has recently been implemented          message by mail. As a result of the           charges.
  that accepts consumer complaints over         online/e-mail method, another two days        The proposed changes are currently
  the Internet.                                 are saved.                                    undergoing internal review at the Bureau
  In the past, consumers were required to       This online complaint process is the first    and the Department of Consumer
  download a blank form, or have one            in a series of efforts to automate the        Affairs. Further information and details
  mailed to them by calling the toll-free       services provided by the DCA/BAR.             should be available within the next 60 to
  line. The consumer would then complete                                                      90 days. Make sure you are on the
                                                Staff are also working on methods of
  the form and mail it back to BAR. This                                                      Bureau’s Interested Parties mailing list
                                                accepting license applications online.
                                                                                              by filling out and returning the form on
  manual process can take up to two weeks       These efforts are part of a statewide
                                                                                              page 5 so that you can receive notices
  to complete. By allowing consumers to         program to provide easier access to state     about any proposed changes in this area.
  submit complaints over the Internet, 24       government services.                          You can also check the Bureau Web site,
  hours a day, seven days a week, the two                                           , for information
                                                You can reach the online form at BAR’s
  weeks spent mailing complaint forms                                                         on any regulatory changes of interest to
                                                Web page,, by
  back and forth have been eliminated.                                                        you and your business.
                                                clicking on “How to File a Complaint
  Within 48 hours of submitting a com-          Against a Repair Shop or Smog Check
  plaint online, consumers receive a            Station.”
WINTER 2001                                                                                                         PAGE 5

              Interested Parties Mailing List Update
    It’s time once again to update our mailing list of interested parties. This list is used
    primarily to mail regulation workshop invitations and regulation hearing notices (not for
    mailing the Repair Reporter or Smog Check Advisory) and must be updated annually.
    Recent changes in the Administrative Procedures Act now permit you to limit the
    notices you receive by specifying the particular subject matters you are interested in.
    We have provided several areas of interest below from which you may select. You
    may select as many categories as you wish or simply select the “General Interest”
    category to receive all notices.
    If you wish to be added to the mailing list, please complete the bottom portion of this
    page, detach it, and return it to:
                                         Bureau of Automotive Repair
                                         Attn: Regulations Coordinator
                                         10240 Systems Parkway
                                         Sacramento, CA 95827
    If you are already on the Bureau’s interested parties mailing list, you do not need to reply.
    Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

                                                Ê (Detach here)
    Please check one or more categories. If no category is selected, “General Interest” will
    be used. Please complete, detach, and return.
    u   General Interest (all notices)   u   Automotive Repair (General)   u   Smog Check Program (General)

    u   Auto Body Repair                 u   Lamp/Brake Station            u   Lamp/Brake Technician

    u   Smog Station                     u   Smog Technician               u   Educational Institution/Instructor

    u   Equipment Manufacturer           u   Consumer Assistance Program

    u   Other (Please specify.): ________________________________________________________________

    Name: ___________________________________ Title: ________________________________________

    Company/Organization: ___________________________________________________________________

    Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

    City: _____________________________________ State: ___________ ZIP Code: ____________________

    Phone: ___________________________________ Fax: _________________________________________
PAGE 6                                                                                                        REPAIR REPORTER

                                       Disciplinary Actions
 Southern California
 A-1 Adelanto Auto Repair                 Brake Depot, Inc.—El Cajon                   USA Auto Body & Paint—
 Center—Adelanto                          Philip Walby, President                      Los Angeles
 Yvonne Goytia, Owner                     Order: ARD registration                      Nazaret Muradyan, Former owner
 Order: ARD registration and smog check   permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)           Order: ARD registration revoked.
 station license revoked.                 Brake Depot, Inc.—Escondido                  (6/24/00)
 (8/21/00)                                Philip Walby, President                      Vozz Auto Body & Paint—
 Brake Depot, Inc. #1—San Diego           Order: ARD registration                      Los Angeles
 Philip G. Walby, President               permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)           Xavier Nuques, President
 Order: ARD registration                  Brake Depot, Inc.—Lake Forest                Order: ARD registration permanently
 permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)       Philip Walby, President                      revoked. (3/10/99)
 Brake Depot, Inc. #2—San Diego           Order: ARD registration                      Northern California
 Philip Walby, President                  permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)           Classic Autoworks and Towing—
 Order: ARD registration                  Brake Depot, Inc.—National City              Redwood City
 permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)       Philip Walby, President                      Juan Alberto Contreras, Owner
 Brake Depot, Inc. #3—El Cajon            Order: ARD registration permanently          Order: ARD registration is permanently
 Philip Walby, President                  invalidated. (7/19/00)                       invalidated and ordered to
 Order: ARD registration                  Brake Depot, Inc.—San Diego                  pay $32,438.03 to BAR. (6/12/00)
 permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)       Philip Walby, President                      Purrfect Auto Service #75—Fremont
 Brake Depot, Inc. #4—Chula Vista         Order: ARD registration                      Santosh Wadhwa, President
 Philip Walby, President                  permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)           Order: ARD registration revoked, stayed,
 Order: ARD registration                  Cerdas Mobile Auto &                         placed on probation for three years on the
 permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)       Accessories—Bakersfield                      following terms and conditions: ARD
 Brake Depot, Inc. #5—Oceanside           Michael Amador Cerda, Owner                  registration suspended for three days,
 Philip Walby, President                  Order: ARD registration                      post sign indicating dates of and reason
 Order: ARD registration permanently      permanently invalidated. (6/12/00)           for suspension, obey laws and regula-
 invalidated. (7/19/00)                                                                tions, must report to BAR on prescribed
                                          K-1 Transmission—Wilmington                  schedule, and report any financial interest
 Brake Depot, Inc. #8—San Diego           Chil Son Kim, Owner                          in any other automotive repair business.
 Philip Walby, President                  Order: ARD registration is revoked.          (6/12/00)
 Order: ARD registration                  (7/3/00)
 permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)                                                    SK Auto Body & Repair Shop—Fresno
                                          O’s Auto Repair Center—Gardena               Seng Vang, Owner
 Brake Depot, Inc. #9—Encinitas           Se Won Oh, Owner                             Order: ARD registration revoked.
 Philip Walby, President                  Order: ARD registration and smog check       (4/4/99) y
 Order: ARD registration                  station license are revoked.
 permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)       (6/12/00)
 Brake Depot, Inc. #13—Vista              Purrfect Auto Service—Altadena
 Philip Walby, President                  Theresa C. Brown, President
 Order: ARD registration                  Order: ARD registration and smog check
 permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)       station license revoked.
 Brake Depot, Inc. #16—Poway
 Philip Walby, President                  Rubber Duck Automotive
 Order: ARD registration                  Centers—Thousand Oaks
 permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)       Jerry Parsons, President
                                          Order: ARD registration revoked, stayed
 Brake Depot, Inc. #19—San Diego
                                          and placed on three years’ probation on
 Philip Walby, President
                                          the following terms and conditions: ARD
 Order: ARD registration
                                          suspended for 20 days, obey laws and
 permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)
                                          regulations, report to BAR on prescribed
 Brake Depot, Inc.—Costa Mesa             schedule, report financial interest in any
 Philip Walby, President                  other automotive repair facility,
 Order: ARD registration                  reimburse BAR $7,500 for cost of
 permanently invalidated. (7/19/00)       investigation and prosecution.
WINTER 2001                                                                                                                     PAGE 7

 On the Road (continued from page 1)
 During the mid-1990s, the State of             adequate to collect program evaluation       the vehicle is inspected, the data are
 California and United States Environ-          data and served as a prototype for today’s   entered into the Emissions Inspection
 mental Protection Agency (USEPA)               roadside equipment. The first generation     System (EIS). The gas cap is tested and
 agreed on a new enhanced Inspection/           was much heavier, consisted of 15 major      the vehicle is secured to the dynamom-
 Maintenance program (Smog Check II).           components, and required a team of four      eter. The ASM test is run much like any
 In addition to participating in large          to operate efficiently. The Test Analyzer    other Smog Check. After the loaded-
 studies in Sacramento and El Monte,            System (TAS) was a combination of the        mode test is completed, the vehicle is
 BAR initiated roadside loaded-mode             BAR-90 and the emerging BAR-97               driven off the dynamometer and a Vehicle
 testing to evaluate the effectiveness of the   technology. Today’s roadside units are       Inspection Report (VIR) is printed. The
 new program.                                   much lighter, having only seven major
 BAR was the first to implement roadside        components, and require only three
 Acceleration Simulation Mode (ASM)             operators. The current equipment is based
 dynamometer testing. Implementing such         on production BAR-97 hardware.
 a program provided many challenges for         Air Quality Representatives (AQR)
 BAR’s Engineering Branch. The testing          perform the roadside testing. These
 methodology had to be established, and         operators have experience in the automo-
 special customized portable ASM testing        tive repair industry and possess a current
 equipment had to be designed and               Advanced Smog Check Technician
 fabricated. Finally, a staff of experienced    license. The AQRs continuously receive
 Smog Check technicians had to be hired         training as automotive and computer
 to ensure the accuracy of the roadside         technology changes. In addition, the
 data collected.                                AQRs have more daily face-to-face            Howard Pittman and Richard Erceg prepare a
 BAR’s analytical team developed the            contact with consumers than any other        medium-duty vehicle (MDV) for testing.
 roadside testing methodology. Inspection       BAR employees. “This is why we insist
 sites were selected, setting specific          AQRs have the special skills and training    AQR informs the consumer of the results
 criteria such as one site per Zip Code, and    to deal professionally with motorists,       and the consumer is on their way.
 a vehicle population of no less than 1,000     says VanMil. “The AQR is one of the          Through its Roadside program, BAR
 per Zip Code. A random number table            most important components of roadside        conducted a baseline study of Smog
 was used to select 130 Zip Codes               testing.”                                    Check II by collecting about 10,000 ASM
 throughout the state.                          The Roadside program maintains offices       tests before ASM testing officially began
 It is imperative that a completely random      in Sacramento, Paramount, Ontario and        at licensed stations in 1996. Almost the
 sample of vehicles is selected. This is        Pacoima.                                     same number of roadside tests were
 accomplished by using an optimal               A roadside test lane looks very similar to   performed after ASM testing com-
 random sampling routine programmed                                                          menced. This gave a comparison of
 into a laptop computer. When a vehicle                                                      emissions from the in-use fleet before
 is directed into the roadside lane for                                                      and after ASM testing was implemented.
 possible testing, it is the random program                                                  Besides their evaluation role, the roadside
 that decides whether the vehicle qualifies.                                                 teams are constantly testing the durability
 According to Roadside Program supervi-                                                      of the emissions testing components. In
 sor, Ed VanMil, stratified random                                                           addition, the teams participate in other
 sampling is an accepted, proven scientific                                                  special projects, such as feasibility
 method, which eliminates any possibility                                                    studies designed to determine possible
 of targeting a specific vehicle group.         Roadside Inspection staff conduct RSD        refinements or expansion to the test
                                                correlation testing.                         process. This expansion may include
 Building the roadside equipment pro-
 vided a whole new set of challenges. The       a road construction area. There are cones    testing of evaporative systems, ASM
 dynamometers and other test equipment          and signs directing traffic into the left    testing of medium-duty vehicles, Remote
 had to be portable, relatively lightweight     lane, with a CHP officer directing           Sensing Devices (RSD) and the second
 and easy to set up daily, while remaining      vehicles into the test lane. An AQR acts     generation of On-Board Diagnostic
 within accuracy specifications. The            as a greeter, informing the consumer         (OBD II) systems.
 equipment was designed and fabricated          why and how they were selected. After        Roadside testing is one of the most
 by a special group of BAR employed Air         asking to test the vehicle, the greeter      efficient and effective ways of determin-
 Quality Engineers (AQE), Air Quality           states the program’s purpose and that the    ing the Smog Check Program’s progress
 Representatives (AQR), and engineering         test will take no longer than ten minutes.   toward cleaner air.
 students. The first generation of roadside     After the driver agrees to an inspection,
 inspection equipment was built in 1996,        the other two AQRs inspect the
 and was a bit more cumbersome than             underhood components as well as
 today’s equipment. This equipment was          perform a quick safety inspection. After
                                                                                                        BULK RATE
                                                                                                       U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                       OAKLAND, CA
State of California
Gray Davis, Governor                                                                                  PERMIT NO. 2101

Department of Consumer Affairs
Kathleen Hamilton, Director
Bureau of Automotive Repair
Douglas E. Laue, Chief
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 REPAIR REPORTER                                                                                           WINTER 2001

                                                     Everything you wanted to know about
  Repair Reporter Staff:
                                                     Dynamometers but were afraid to ask ...
  BAR Chief                Doug Laue
  Deputy Chief             Patrick Dorais
                                                     ... is available in the November edition of Motor magazine in
  Deputy Chief             Gary Hunter
  Deputy Chief             Richard Mundy             an article titled, “Dynos: More Than a Smog Check Machine.”
  Editor-at-Large          Lana K. Wilson-Combs      Within the last few years, dynamometers have become com-
  Contributing Writers     Jim Allen                 monplace in Smog Check stations. In addition, they can be a
                           Ted Lenzie                valuable asset for stations who use them to simulate road
                           Patti Roberts             conditions without having a technician take the vehicle out of
                           Ken Wardlow
                                                     the shop. The Motor article focuses on the three major dyno
  If you have news stories or other items to         systems: 1) power absorption, 2) vehicle support and rollers,
  submit to the Repair Reporter, which is
  published quarterly, or to the monthly             and 3) control and measurement. Great tips are offered on how
  Smog Check Advisory, please send them to:          shop owners can use dynos to take advantage of profitable
  Lana Wilson-Combs, Editor                          service opportunities. However, BAR does not recommend
  Communications and Education Division              using “non-high performance” BAR-97 certified dynamometers
  Department of Consumer Affairs                     for high performance vehicle testing. BAR believes that most
  400 R Street, Suite 3060                           dynamometer testing to repair emissions-related problems is
  Sacramento, CA 95814                               well within the capability of “non-high performance” BAR-97
  Submissions must be received by the 1st            certified dynamometers. y
  of each month and must include a current
  telephone number.

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