Aged Care Online Claiming - Transmitting Aged Care Funding by DerekFine


									       Transmitting ACFI Web Forms
       Quick reference guide

         Step 1                                                            Step 5
         Log on to the Aged Care Online Claiming website using your        By selecting the Register ACFI link you will see the Register
         User ID and Password Logon.                                       event selection page. Select a Service ID, enter the Care
                                                                           Recipient ID and click on the Submit button.
         Step 2
         You must agree to the Terms and conditions if you want
                                                                           Step 6
         to proceed with Aged Care Online Claiming. Click on the           You will see the ACFI Web Form if your search combination is
         I agree button.                                                   successful. Complete the required fields (remembering there
                                                                           are two sections) and click on the Submit button.
         Step 3
         You will see the Aged Care main menu page. You can
                                                                           Step 7
         access the ACFI Web Form through either the Care                  If no error messages appear on the screen, you have
         Recipient Profile link or Register ACFI link on this page         successfully transmitted the ACFI Web Form.
         or the side navigation bar.
                                                                           You will see the Care Recipient Profile page with an
         If you select the Care Recipient Profile link, go to Step 4. If   information message advising that you have successfully
         you select the Register ACFI link, go to Step 5.                  registered the ACFI Web Form for your care recipient with a
                                                                           current status of Being Processed.
         Step 4
         By selecting the Care Recipient Profile link you will see one
                                                                           For more information
         of two search combinations:                                       For more information on registering ACFI Web Forms, please
                                                                           see the Aged Care Online Claiming website user guide for
         •	 search combination one—consisting of Surname, Care
                                                                           providers and services or the Aged Care Online Claiming
            Type and Care Recipient ID
                                                                           overnight processing quick reference guide on the Medicare
         or                                                                Australia website
         •	 search combination two—consisting of Surname, Given
            Name, Date of Birth and Sex.
         Important: for privacy reasons an exact match of search
         details is required for the care recipient to be returned.
         Please go to Step 6.

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