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									      Decisions in Outsourcing
               Public Relations
Choosing the right type of agency for today’s business climate

                By Airfoil Public Relations
                         Detroit, Michigan
               Decisions in Outsourcing Public Relations
       Choosing the right type of agency for today’s business climate

                                                       By Airfoil Public Relations

As the economic recovery in corporate America                                            Jody Meehan, director of marketing for
gathers steam, many businesses are finding                                               CareTech Solutions, a prominent information-
                                                                                         technology and health-information management
significant advantages in outsourcing part or all
                                                                                         outsourcing provider for hospitals and health
of their public relations efforts to agencies,                                           systems, finds a number of advantages in out-
gaining the benefits of dedicated professional                                           sourcing to a PR firm. She said that, with her
expertise in the full array of PR activities without                                     outside agency, “We get a full spectrum of
the considerably higher costs associated with                                            services, which might not have been the case
                                                                                         by bringing in one professional—plus a whole
expanding their staffs.
                                                                                         team of people we can rely on with multiple skills
         With many corporations playing catch-up in                                      and multiple services. They have the relation-
         their communications efforts, now that improved                                 ships with the media that we’ve never had
         economic conditions are loosening— if not                                       access to before.”
         completely freeing up — PR budgets, they are
                                                                                         Janita Gaulzetti, director of marketing for Fry,
         finding that a single in-house public relations
         person often does not have the time or resources                                Inc., a major Web site developer, e-commerce
         available to fully leverage PR opportunities.                                   integrator and managed-services provider, called
         They are realizing, as well, that in-house staff                                on its technology-oriented PR agency to help
         also rarely have the relationships or daily con-                                build the company’s national media relationships
         tacts with key reporters that an agency does,                                   and exposure to industry analysts. For an
         especially with national media. Agencies are                                    in-house person, she said, “the constraints of a
         being valued for the scope of their skills and                                  40-to-50-hour work week make trying to build
         capabilities. So agencies are being given                                       a national presence overwhelming. The agency
         greater consideration as businesses learn to                                    has better national media relationships.” Now Fry
         operate in smarter, more flexible ways.                                         is getting calls from major national publications,
         Lisa Vallee-Smith, chief executive officer of                                   she said, “that wouldn’t have found us a couple
         Airfoil Public Relations, points out that a one-                                years ago.” She said the outside agency “can
         person in-house PR department rarely has the                                    get a call returned from the New York Times;
         infrastructure of media databases, research                                     I can’t.” Gaulzetti added that an agency “is on
         services and other tools that are maintained                                    the phone all day with technology writers and
         and called upon every day by outside agencies.                                  monitoring editorial calendars on behalf of
         Nor does an individual practitioner have “the                                   multiple clients. It’s more efficient than my trying
         collective intellect and knowledge of an agency                                 to do it all day for one company. There’s an
         or the ability to connect with 21 brains as                                     economy of scale.”
         opposed to one.”                                                                Over the past year, eBay, the global online
         Executives of corporations that have invested in                                marketplace, sought an agency for its eBay
         agency relationships often confirm that viewpoint.                              Motors unit that understood both technology

             Q2 2004 Quick Survey Results, August 6, 2004, Council of Public Relations Firms

and the automotive press and marketplace, a           Solutions initially used a firm that did not
combination of experience and contacts across         specialize in technology and said, “It was
industries that could be difficult to place in-       apparent the technology learning curve for them
house. eBay Senior Manager of Corporate               was steep, and we had a hard time getting them
Communications Shannon Stubo valued the               to understand our business and communicate
experience of a firm with a center of activity in     effectively.” The agency she ultimately hired was
Detroit because the agency’s professional staff       a technology-focused firm that “understood our
“had a really strong competency in knowing the        industry, caught on quickly to our business and
Detroit media, and they are critical to us because    was able to communicate effectively right away.”
of our automotive business. They understood
                                                      Likewise, in searching for a firm to handle its
our need to build credibility with that industry.”
                                                      e-commerce-related public relations, Fry, Inc.
Airfoil President Janet Tyler acknowledged that       considered firms that specialized in retailing.
experience in specialized industry sectors and        Gaulzetti reported, however, “It was apparent
contacts cultivated with reporters in those           these guys did not speak e-commerce, did not
sectors on behalf of multiple clients can provide     know how to speak about Web sites. The learn-
an agency a significant advantage over in-house       ing curve would have been enormous.”
staffing or competitor firms. “Who you know,
                                                      And eBay’s Stubo noted the firm with a Detroit
however, is secondary to what you know,” she
                                                      presence that she hired “knew the language we
stated. “A sophisticated understanding of the
                                                      should use with automotives—we are in
news business, of how PR can sway a market-
                                                      California and never could have put together a
place and of the roles that PR can play in a
                                                      plan like they did.”
client’s operations are essential. With strong
skills in these areas, an agency that has had         Vallee-Smith also suggested that, when working
little past exposure to a particular business arena   with an outside PR firm, clients ensure that
can relatively quickly build contacts and a strong    their information systems are compatible and
presence for its clients in trade and daily media.    can “speak” to each other efficiently. To this end,
Existing relationships provide an important           many agencies have developed client portals to
edge, but the innate creativity and advanced          manage communication and projects effectively
skills of the best PR professionals are even          with clients in real time. Additionally, Vallee-Smith
more vital factors.”                                  suggests that client companies should be
                                                      aware of how their agency uses technology to
Language and Learning Curves                          communicate with journalists and other audi-
                                                      ences. “The agency often has determined
When searching for an outside agency, compa-
                                                      how individual reporters prefer to receive
nies today are trending toward specialty firms
                                                      information — how they like an e-mail prepared
or generalist firms with specialized units
                                                      so the subject is clear, their protocol for attach-
because they are finding it important to hire a
                                                      ments and other technical issues that are
PR firm that speaks their language —and that
                                                      constantly changing. Moreover, an agency will
of specialized news reporters — to avoid a long
                                                      invest in certain technology tools to support
learning curve and because of the economies
                                                      communications — media database services,
gained from the agency’s resources, including
                                                      LexisNexis, media monitoring services — and
subscriptions to research services and media
                                                      get better rates than a client company could.
services, and internal investments in research
                                                      Sometimes the client is not charged at all for
and production.
                                                      the account team’s access to these services.”
The potential language barrier is most apparent
in the technology arena but applies to any
specialty where terms and lingo can be a puzzle
to the uninitiated. Meehan from CareTech

Boutique or Broad-Based?                              4. Look at the agencies’ fees and rates to
                                                      determine their affordability. Will the budget
In addition to the choice of outsourcing versus
                                                      you have available give you access to the
holding PR in-house, corporations must deter-
                                                      most knowledgeable and appropriate
mine if they hire a generalist firm or a specialist
                                                      people and services in the agency? Are the
(boutique) agency. They are making those
                                                      rates for specialists within the firm and the
decisions by judging each agency’s success
                                                      fees for specialized services in line with
with news media, examining their depth of
                                                      rates for other resources in the agency and
understanding and the amount of knowledge-
                                                      in line with your available budget?
able backup support they offer, and other
qualifications.                                       5. How much backup support will your
Airfoil Public Relations CEO and Co-founder           program need, and how deep are the
Lisa Vallee-Smith suggests you consider these         account teams offered by the agencies? If
factors to help you make the decision:                your program is going to be labor intensive,
                                                      with a number of large events, for example,
  1. Will you be outsourcing your entire PR           or many simultaneous activities carried out
  effort or only specialized portions of it? You      on short timelines, you want to be sure the
  may elect to continue to manage the basic           agency has the human resources available
  public relations program in-house but               to meet your needs.
  outsource specialized functions, such as a
  speakers bureau or training, or portions            6. How many members of your agency
  which a PR firm is better equipped to handle,       account team will understand the special-
  such as national media relations or event           ized nature and needs of your business, and
  planning. This choice impacts your budget,          how many will simply carry out generalized
  the human resources required, and the               PR functions? If your primary account
  amount of time you will spend managing the          person goes on vacation or must tend to
  program from the client side.                       another account for an extended period,
                                                      are other team members available who
  2. Look at the range of products and services       thoroughly understand your PR program,
  that you, the client, offer to determine which      your company, your objectives and your
  and how many are targeted to specialized            activities?
  consumers, specialized media and special-
  ized suppliers. Then evaluate the experience        7. What infrastructure (such as subscriptions
  and contacts of the PR agencies you are             to industry services, special computer
  considering in reaching these audiences.            applications, or special computer hardware)
  Ask for results these firms have produced in        do the agencies you're considering have in
  the specialized arenas in which you operate.        place to meet your specialized needs? The
                                                      nature of your public relations program will
  3. Specifically, evaluate the success each          determine the special resources you require
  agency has had with the specialized media           of your agency, ranging anywhere from
  covering your industry or company. Since            database programs or access to industry
  the trade media, along with the beat reporters      analyst reports to graphic design and
  and editors who are assigned to your industry       customer relationship management tools.
  in the daily press, determine much of what          Ask the agency how it passes the costs of
  your customers read and hear about your             these resources on to its clients. Often a
  company, the agency’s experience and                specialty firm will have several clients
  track record with these key media can be a          requiring the same resources and will
  good indicator of their chances for success         apportion the cost among them or may not
  with your media relations program.                  charge at all if the tool is a basic resource

        for the agency. On the hand, another
  for the agency. On the other other hand, another firm programs. Success in public relations today is
        may mark up the cost of specialized
  firm may mark up the cost of specialized resources measured not only by the results stem-
        to its clients.
  resources to its clients.                             ming from the direct efforts of corporate PR
                                                        executives, but by their prudent use of outside
        8. How important will the size, nature
  8. How important will the size, nature and and agencies to gain leverage and depth that multi-
        reputation of your account the agencies
  reputation of your account be to be to the agencies those results in the form of increased sales
        you are considering? Ask large a client
  you are considering? Ask how how large a client you enhanced brand status.
        will be in your agency's roster and/or within
  you will be in your agency's roster and/or with- the
  in thepractice group to which your account will be
          practice group to which your account
        assigned. This may give you an indication
  will be assigned. This may give you an indica- of
        how important your account will be to the
  tion of how important your account will be to firm
        and how much attention it it will
  the firm and how much attentionwill receive. Ask the
        agency why it wants your business.
  receive. Ask the agency why it wants yourIs it trying
        to break trying to break into a new
  business. Is it into a new industry category in which
        it has little previous experience, previ-
  industry category in which it has little or is it seeking
        to expand or past successes in your industry?
  ous experience, on is it seeking to expand on
  past successes in your industry?
        9. Determine if you use specialized language
        and terms as use specialized of communica-
  9. Determine if youthe primary form language
        tion as your principal audiences and how
  and termswiththe primary form of communica-
        familiar the agency staff members are
  tion with your principal audiences and how with your
        language. While this may not are critical factor,
  familiar the agency staff members be awith
        it is important that your agency account
  your language. While this may not be a criti- team be
        comfortable communicating agency
  cal factor, it is important that your with you and that
        they demonstrate leadership in your meetings
  account team be comfortable communicating
        and day-to-day communications, rather
  with you and that they demonstrate leader- than
        constantly be “catching up” with evolving
  ship in your meetings and day-to-day com-
        terminology that could lead to be
  munications, rather than constantly misinterpretation
        in materials that the agency prepares if language
  “catching up” with evolving terminology that
          lead clearly understood.
  couldis not to      misinterpretation in materials
  that the agency prepares if language is not
        10. With which agency do your executives and
  clearly understood.
        in-house communications personnel have the
        best chemistry? You your will communicate
  10. With which agency do likely executives
        every day in some form with your account
  and in-house communications personnel have team.
        You should feel at likely will communi-
  the best chemistry? Youease with your team and
        should have confidence in your account
  cate every day in some form with yourteam members’
         You should in the ease with your team
  team.abilities and feel at way they represent your
  and should have confidence in your team
  members’ abilities and in the way they repre-
      By thoroughly considering their communications needs and carefully determining
  sent your company.
      the type of agency that provides the best fit with their organizations, companies
By thoroughly considering its communications often gain a return on investment far
      operating in today’s cautious marketplace
      beyond that which they anticipated of
needs and carefully determining the typewhen they outsourced their public relations
agency that provides the best fit with their today is being measured not only by the
      programs. Success in public relations
      results stemming from the direct today’s
organizations, companies operating in efforts of corporate PR executives, but by their
      prudent use of outside agencies to on
cautious marketplace often gain a return gain leverage and depth that multiply those
      results in the form of which they    antici-
investment far beyond thatincreased sales and enhanced brand status.
pated when they outsource their public relations

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About Airfoil

Airfoil is a mid-sized independent public relations firm that specializes in marketing technology
products and services for emerging and established technology companies. Established in 2000
by Lisa Vallee-Smith and Janet Tyler, Airfoil is a Top 50 Tech PR firm, according to PRWeek, and
was awarded the PRWeek 2004 Boutique PR Agency of the Year Honorable Mention.
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