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					 Integrity - Service - Excellence

AF Global Logistics Support
    Center (AFGLSC)
          Hugh Foskey/
          Denise Rogers
            406 SCMS

                          10 July 2008

• What is the AFGLSC?
• WR-ALC Organizational Structure and
  AFGLSC Impact
• AFGLSC Organizational Structure
• AFGLSC Mission, Vision, and Motto
• AFGLSC Objectives
• Summary
         Integrity - Service - Excellence
              What is the AFGLSC?

• A new AFMC center
    – Single accountable organization for AF Supply
      Chain Management
    – Provides Supply Chain planning, execution,
      operations, strategy, integration and analysis
      under “One” Commander

• Part of overall AF Sustainment
            Integrity - Service - Excellence
               WR-ALC Organization Structure
                                         WR-ALC                     WR-ALC STAFF OFFICES
                                     COMMAND SECTION                 582 Authorizations

 330TH AIRCRAFT         402D MAINTENANCE            542D COMBAT             78TH AIR BASE WG
SUSTAINMENT WG                 WG                 SUSTAINMENT WG                (78 ABW)
    (330 ASW)               (402 MXW)                 (542 CSW)

1043 Authorizations     6457 Authorizations       2181 Authorizations       2405 Authorizations

                                                         AFGLSC HQ Standup - 28 Mar 08

                                                         AFGLSC Robins Group - 29 Apr 08

              Robins’ employees remain physically located at Robins!
                      Integrity - Service - Excellence
                AFGLSC Organization Structure

SCM = Supply Chain Mgmt
P&E = Planning & Execution

                                                       Scott AFB

                                                                        Center Staff
                               375 AW Support                            Scott AFB

                                                                                  635 SCM Wing          591 SCM Group
                       448 SCM Wing                                                                       (Strategy &
                   (Planning & Execution)                                          (Operations)           Integration)
                        Tinker AFB                                                  Scott AFB               WPAFB

                638 SCM                                                                                      Operating
 448 SCM                                    848 SCM        948 SCM          635 SCM        735 SCM           Locations
                 Group       748 SCM                                         Group          Group
  Group                       Group          Group          Group                                             Robins
(Contracting)   (Robins      (Hill P&E)     (Tinker P&E)    (Tinker         (Mobility)     (Combat)             Hill
                  P&E)                                      Materiel)       Scott AFB     Langley AFB         Tinker

                          Integrity - Service - Excellence
                      638th Supply Chain Management

                                                             638 SCM Group
                                                      Patricia R. Martin/Donnie Bagley

                Patricia R. Martin                                                                       Donnie Bagley
                    Director              Director of Engineering           Mgmt Operations Ofc            Deputy
                                                Bob Zwitch                         Carla Holt

  406 SCM Sqd             407 SCM Sqd              408 SCM Sqd              409 SCM Sqd            410 SCM Sqd              411 SCM Sqd
   (Materiel)          (Common Avionics)               (EW)                   (Aircraft)           (Support Eq)                 (SOF)
 Hugh Foskey – Dir      Karen Brigance– Dir      Robert Colson – Dir         Vacant– Dir          Maj Kossick – Dir      Mickie Cranford – Dir
Denise Rogers - Dep     LtCol Woods - Dep         Allen Mullis - Dep      LtCol Kirimca - Dep     Edith Manns - Dep       Cindy Ross - Dep

                                Integrity - Service - Excellence
             AFGLSC Mission / Vision
Execute the Air Force Supply Chain by integrating Enterprise-
wide planning and strategy with Global command and control
         as the Single Focal Point to the Warfighter

   Recognized and respected as a premier Supply Chain
Management organization through trusted support, continuous
            innovation and outstanding people

             Motto: Global Logistics – Warfighter Focus
             Integrity - Service - Excellence
   448th Supply Chain Management Wing

 Plan and Execute the AF Supply Chain to Enable
 Weapon System Employment When and Vice Director
 Needed                       Mr. Scott Reynolds Col Sid Banks

 Respected as the Leader in Supply Chain
 Planning and Execution

             Motto: Global Logistics – Warfighter Focus

             Integrity - Service - Excellence
                       AFGLSC: Why?

  • Optimize AF supply chain processes through an
    enterprise approach
     – Merge wholesale and retail
     – Benchmark best practices for standardization
     – Drive additional efficiencies in the supply chain
     – Provide a single face to the customer and supplier

  • Continue to increase weapon system availability and
    reduce cost
     – To meet expeditionary supply requirements across
       the enterprise

AFGLSC designed to manage Air Force supply as an integrated enterprise

               Integrity - Service - Excellence
             AFGLSC Objectives

• Objective 1: Optimize spares support to the
  Warfighter to meet Air Force-established targets

• Objective 2: Optimize AF Supply Chain

• Objective 3: Develop a professional, credentialed
  workforce resourced to execute a premier Supply
  Chain enterprise

• Objective 4: Create and embrace the AFGLSC
  Culture and the Wingman mindset to ensure we
  enjoy our work and keep life in balance

          Integrity - Service - Excellence

• All employees will still be AFMC employees and
  remain physically located at Robins
• AFGLSC serves as the single accountable
  organization for AF Supply Chain Management
   – AFGLSC Robins Group serves as supply chain
     manager for WR-ALC assigned commodities
• WR-ALC continues to serve as the accountable
  organization for Life Cycle Management and
  Maintenance of assigned weapon systems
• AFGLSC and WR-ALC will maintain a strong,
  integrated relationship – one team supporting the
            Integrity - Service - Excellence

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