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February 2010

                                 Pulaski Technical College
                                 Employee Benefits

                                      1)      Health Insurance Plan
                                      2)      Prescription Drug Plan
                                      3)      Delta Dental & Vision
                                      4)      Life Insurance
                                      5)      Long Term Disability
                                      6)      Cafeteria Plan
                                      7)      Retirement Plans
                                      8)      Workers’ Compensation
                                      9)      Leave
                                     10)      Holidays
                                     11)      Tuition Waivers
                                     12)      Other Benefits
Please note: If there are any discrepancies between this overview and state policy or the Board Policy Manual, state policy
and the Board Policy Manual will take precedence. Insurance rates may be subject to change.
Filing of Credentials
   It is the responsibility of each full-time
    faculty to have current credentials on
    file in the Office of Human Resources.
   We must have an official transcript for
    your highest degree obtained. They
    may be sent to:
    Office of Human Resources
    Pulaski Technical College
    3000 West Scenic Drive
    North Little Rock, Arkansas 72118            3
Open Enrollment
   Open Enrollment
   Each year during the month of November, Pulaski Technical College
    conducts an Open Enrollment period for all benefits. During this time,
    employees may elect to make changes to their existing benefits
    coverage. For example, if someone has “employee only” coverage and
    wishes to change to “family coverage”, they may make this change
    during the month of November.
   During the course of the year, employees may make changes to their
    benefits due to "qualifying events". Qualifying events may occur due
    to change in marital status, the birth or adoption of a child, a change in
    the spouse’s job, etc. If you feel you have a qualifying event and
    would like to make a change, please contact the Human Resources
   To make Changes in Benefits Coverage:
   Contact Human Resources by calling 501-812-2212 or e-
    mailing Essie Cleveland at:

                                                            (Board Policy 2.70)

              Health Insurance Plan
              Offerings for this Plan Year:


   PPO Preferred Provider Organizations
    (for an up-to-date directory go to:
                         *AMCO Select
     New employees are eligible to enroll the first day of the month following
    their date of employment, or during annual open enrollment in November.
    Upon retirement, health insurance and some other benefits are eligible for
2008 Employee Contributions
         PPO Participants Employee


               80/20 coverage

           PPO Participant Family

              80/20 coverage



   Deductible: $400.00 Individual
                $400.00 Family X 2 family members

   Maximum Out-of-Pocket

               Per Calendar Year
PPO Plan                      $2,400 per covered person
PPO Plan Out-of-Network       $4,400 per covered person

             Prescription Drug Plan
                       Provided by Express Scripts

   30-day supply of prescriptions can be purchased at most local pharmacies

   Per covered person, per calendar year

                 $10 Co-Pay: Generic
                 $25 Co-Pay: Preferred
                 $50 Co-Pay: Non-Preferred

       Prescription Drug Plan
           Optional Mail Service Benefit
              Provided by Express Scripts

 90-day supply of long-term prescriptions can
  be purchased through optional mail order
 Per covered person, per calendar year

  Generic                 2 x $10 Co-pay = $20
  Preferred               2 x $25 Co-pay = $50
  Non-Preferred           2 x $50 Co-pay = $100

                          Delta Dental
     Bi-Weekly Rates   (effective January 1, 2007)

               Employee Only                        $16.30
               Employee + One                       $38.41
               Family                               $55.69
$50 Deductible Per Person
Maximum Benefit Per Year $1500
No Deductible on Diagnostic & Preventive
No Waiting Period for New Employees
Benefits become effective the month following
original hire date for New Employees
                        VSP SIGNATURE PLAN

    Bi-Weekly Rates (effective January 1, 2010)
   Employee       Only…………………$4.71
   Employee       + One………………$7.54
   Employee       + Children………..$7.70
   Employee       +Family……………$12.41

   Exam………………………….                   $10.00
   Prescription Glasses…………..        $25.00
   Contacts……………………….                No Co pay Applies

   EXAM COVERED IN FULL…………….every calendar year
   LENSES COVERED IN FULL……every calendar year
   Single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses.
   Polycarbonate lenses for dependent children.
   FRAME………………………………every other calendar year
   Frame of your choice covered up to $130.00.
   Plus, 20% off any out-of-pocket costs.

  Basic Life Insurance
   $20,000 Basic Term Life Insurance benefit provided to all                     (Board Policy   2.70)
     state employees at no cost to the employee
                                -Provided by Lincoln Financial
   Supplemental Life Insurance
    Eligible active employees enrolled in basic life insurance
    $5,000 increments to a maximum of 5 times annual salary to a maximum amount of $300,000

       Optional Life                                    Basic Dependent -
    AGE                        PRICE                     Spouse/Child(ren)
 < 34 years              $.08 per $1,000
35 – 39 years            $.11 per $1,000                   $.12 per $1,000
                                                                (i.e. $2.40 for $20,000)
40 – 44 years            $.17 per $1,000
45 – 49 years            $.29 per $1,000
50 – 54 years            $.51 per $1,000                 Retiree Life
55 – 59 years            $.83 per $1,000
60 – 64 years           $1.08 per $1,000                  $.19 per $1,000
                                                               (i.e. $3.80 for $20,000)
65 – 69 years           $1.81 per $1,000
70 – 74 years           $3.30 per $1,000
75 – 99 years           $4.98 per $1,000                                                              12
Lincoln Financial
Long Term Disability

   60% of monthly earnings
   $6,000 monthly benefit max
   120 Day Benefit Waiting Period (at least 80% loss in earnings)
   36 Month Own Occupation Definition of Disability
   100% Employer Paid

                               Benefits Include:
          $25,000     Reasonable Accommodation Expense Benefit
          Partial   Disability always covered
          Lump      Sum, Non-Integrated Survivors Benefit

                 Cafeteria Plan
                 AFLAC Administrative Services
                  (FLEX ONE)

IRS Section 125 -
Allows the use of pre-tax dollars for:
  Flexible Spending Accounts
   child or elder day-care expenses
   Medical FSA plan

        New employees are eligible to enroll in childcare and medical
        reimbursement on the first day of the month following their
        date of employment.

Reimbursement Accounts

 Medical     Expense
  Maximum annual contribution: $3,000

 Dependent         Care
  Maximum Annual Contribution: $5,000

  Plan Carefully. Money not used will be forfeited and
 used towards plan expenses.

AFLAC Supplemental Policies
   Accident
   Cancer
   Disability
   Dreaded Disease
   Hospital
   Intensive Care
   Life
   Personal Recovery
Pre-Paid Legal Services
   Family Legal Service Plans
   Identity Theft Shield

Jan Whitney – (501) 951-2417
                                                       (Board Policy 2.60)

            Retirement Plans
There are five (5) retirement plans available to employees.
     Participation in one of the systems is mandatory.

Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System (APERS)
   New faculty and staff may elect to be in APERS.
   All new employees are contributory. This plan vests in five years.
   The employee contributes 5 percent. The College contributes 11 percent.

Arkansas Teacher Retirement System (ATRS)
   New faculty and staff may elect to be in ATRS.
   All new employees are contributory. This plan vests in five years.
   The employee contributes 6 percent. The College contributes 14 percent.

Alternate Retirement
Plan (ARP)
      Employees electing the ARP must contribute 6 percent of their gross
      salary, with the College contributing 10 percent. The following plans vest
      in one year.
      Alternate Plans
         TIAA-CREF
         AIG
         Met-Life

      Supplemental (Voluntary) Annuity
      All employees may exercise the option of carrying a supplemental annuity. This
      option will be unmatched and may not exceed the federally established limitation.

           401(k) Plan Limits                            2009

Maximum elective deferral                               $16,500

Defined contribution maximum deferral                   $49,000
(employee/employer combined)
Maximum catch-up contribution for those                  $5,500
age 50 and older                                                                          19
Workers’ Compensation
    For work related injury or illness
    Pays about 2/3 of usual pay
    $425 per week maximum
    May be supplemented with sick leave and
     annual leave
    College continues to pay health plan
     premiums while employee is on
     Worker’s Compensation

                                      (Board Policy 2.52)

Sick Leave

   Sick leave accrues at the rate of one (1) day
    (8 hours) for each completed month of
   Sick leave must be earned before it can be

                                                  (Board Policy 2.51)

     Annual Leave
                          Full-Time Staff
Years of Employment           Accrual                   Accrual
                              Monthly                   Annual
 Through 3 years               8 hours                 12 Days

 4 through 5 years             10 hours                15 Days

 6 through 12 years            12 hours                18 Days

 13 through 20 years           14 hours                21 Days

 Over 20 years                 15 hours              22.5 Days

  Faculty members receive all scheduled academic recesses in
                    lieu of vacation leave                              22
Children’s Educational Leave
   All state employees shall be entitled to eight (8) total
    hours of leave, regardless of the number of children,
    during any one (1) calendar year for the purpose of
    attending or assisting with the educational activities of a
    child (enrolled in pre-kindergarten through grade 12).

   The child may be a natural child, adopted child, stepchild,
    foster child, grandchild, ward of the state employee, or
    any other legal capacity where the state employee is
    acting as a parent for the child.

   “Educational Activity” means any school-sponsored
    activity.                                              23
Family and Medical
Leave Act (FMLA)

Eligibility Requirements:

   Must have worked for one year and a
    minimum of 1250 hours
   Accrued/unused annual/sick leave is
    used concurrently with FMLA leave
   Requires physician certification
   Son or daughter must be under 18 years
    of age, or any age if incapable of self-
    Family and Medical
    Leave Act (FMLA)

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993
entitles “eligible” employees to a total of
twelve (12) workweeks of unpaid leave during
a 12-month period

   For the serious illness of the employee
   For the serious illness of family member
   For the birth or adoption of a child

Family and Medical
   Leave Act
   As of January 28, 2008, FMLA provides two important new leave rights related
    to military services:

        New Qualifying Reason for Leave – Eligible employees are entitled up to 12 weeks
         of leave because of “any qualifying exigency” arising out of the fact that the spouse,
         son, daughter, or parent of the employee is on active duty, or has been notified of an
         impending call to active duty status, in support of a contingency operation. By the
         terms of the statute, this provision requires the Secretary of Labor to issue regulations
         defining “any qualifying exigency.” In the interim, employers are encouraged to
         provide this type of leave to qualifying employees.
        New Leave Entitlement – An eligible employee who is the spouse, son, daughter,
         parent, or next of kin of a covered service-member who is recovering from a serious
         illness or injury sustained in the line of duty on active duty is entitled to up to 26
         weeks of leave in a single 12-month period to care for the service-member. This
         provision became effective immediately upon enactment. This military caregiver leave
         is available during “a single 12-month period” during which an eligible employee is
         entitled to a combined total of 26 weeks of all types of FMLA leave.

        Additional information on the amendments and a version of Title I of the FMLA with
         the new statutory language incorporated is available on the FMLA Amendments
         Website at

                                 (Board Policy 2.53)

    Maternity Leave

   An employee may elect to take
    maternity leave without pay without
    exhausting accumulated sick and
    annual leave

   Maternity leave runs concurrently
    with FMLA

                               (Board Policy 2.54)

 Military Leave

Full-time employees who are
members of the the National Guard
or any of the reserve branches of the
US Armed Forces are granted paid
leave at the rate of fifteen (15)
working days per calendar year, plus
necessary travel time for annual
training purposes

                                (Board Policy 2.54)

Court and Jury Leave

 An employee who serves as a juror or is
 subpoenaed as a witness to give a
 deposition in a court or hearing is
 entitled to receive normal and full
 compensation in addition to any fees
 paid for such service. Act 1845 of 2005
 prohibits State employees from retaining
 witness or mileage fees when
 subpoenaed as a witness for a matter
 within the scope of their employment.

Leave Without Pay

Employees exhausting paid leave
benefits may be eligible to receive
leave without pay at the College’s
discretion upon approval by the

     Catastrophic Leave
     Bank Program
   Employees may voluntarily donate accrued annual and
    sick leave to the Catastrophic Leave Bank as long as they
    have at least 80 hours of leave remaining after the

   The eligible employee must be a regular, benefits-eligible,
    full-time, employee of the college for at least two years

   Eligible employees who exhaust their annual and sick
    leave due to catastrophic illness of themselves or family
    members may apply for paid catastrophic leave for up to
    6 months

   Employees must have at least 80 hours of accrued,
    unused combined annual and sick leave at the onset of
    the catastrophic illness to be eligible. This requirement
    may be waived based on extraordinary circumstances if
    approved by the President
  8 Paid State Holidays
 January   1 – New Year’s Day
 3rd Monday in January – Dr. Martin Luther King
  Jr.’s and Robert E. Lee’s Birthday
 Last Monday in May – Memorial Day

 July 4 – Independence Day

 1st Monday in September – Labor Day

 4th Thursday in November – Thanksgiving Day

 December 24 – Christmas Eve

 December 25 – Christmas Day

         2010-2011 Campus Closures

   May 31, 2010: Memorial Day
   July 5, 2010: Independence Day
   September 6, 2010: Labor Day
   October 17 – 19, 2010: AR Two-Year Colleges Conference
       Employees who do not attend this conference will be expected to
        report for work both days.
   November 24 – 26, 2010: Thanksgiving
   December 20, 2010 – January 2, 2011: Christmas
   January 17, 2011: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
   May 30, 2011: Memorial Day
                 2010-2011 Holiday Schedule
OPM POLICY 103.2.1 – Eligibility for Holiday Pay: All “regular salaried” and “extra help” employees are
eligible to receive holiday pay only if they are in pay status on their last scheduled work day before the holiday
                     and at least one hour on the first scheduled work day after the holiday.

   May 31, 2010 – Memorial Day
   July 5, 2010 – Independence Day
   September 6, 2010 – Labor Day
   November 24, 2010 – In lieu of Veteran’s Day
   November 25 – 26, 2010 – Thanksgiving Holiday
   December 20, 2010 – January 3, 2011 – Christmas
    Holiday Closure (*Employees will use 32 hours of
    annual leave, President’s Day, and Employee
   January 17, 2011 – Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
   May 30, 2011 – Memorial Day                          34
               Tuition Waivers
   Full-time employees, their spouses and dependent children meeting guidelines
    for the Tuition Waiver will be exempt from paying PTC tuition (except specialty
    fees). Employee enrollment in PTC courses will be subject to approval of his or
    her supervisor and will not interfere with College operations. An employee who
    attends class during his or her normal workday will be expected to make up the

   If the student named is a dependent child, the employee certifies that the
    student is claimed as a dependent child on his/her federal income taxes. The
    dependent child must be under the age of 24 or any age if the child is
    permanently and totally disabled and must have met other tests as determined
    by the Internal Revenue Service. A copy of the employee’s income taxes will be
    required if the student is over 24 years of age.

Employee Safety
   Pulaski Technical College provides primary law enforcement
    service and community policing through the Campus
    Police/Public Safety department. Certified law enforcement
    personnel enforce federal, state and local laws, including
    criminal laws and vehicle code violations, as well as investigate
    all criminal and traffic cases that occur on the campus. The
    Campus Police/Public Safety department also provides policing
    for a variety of events held on campuses and off-site locations.
    All employees are asked to observe all parking

   Main Campus Duty Officer - 580-1831
   West Campus Duty Officer - 580-1662
   South Campus Duty Officer - 626-1752
   Main Campus - 812-2711                                          36
Use of College Property
   All college owned equipment issued to
    employees in the performance of job
    duties and responsibilities including
    building keys - must be returned
    immediately upon termination of
    employment with the college. Proper
    clearance for return of all equipment is
    required before final pay check is
Technet (College Intranet)
   All employees will need to register for
    Technet, the College Intranet.

    Log on to the Pulaski Tech Intranet site
      using your e-mail log-in and password:

Technet - Human Resources
   The following forms are available online and
    accessible by employees on our Intranet, Technet:

   Click on Employee Info tab
   Click on PTC Intranet Portlet

Forms in Faculty/Staff drop down menu:
 Leave request forms

 Payroll direct deposit change form

 Insurance reimbursement forms

 Tuition waiver request forms

Emergency Cell Message Alert
   To sign up for emergency alert
     Log on to the Pulaski Tech Intranet site
      using your e-mail log-in and password:
     Click on Emergency Notification Setup

      (located on “Home” tab)
     Follow directions for registration

 Other Benefits

Social Security & Medicare
 Normal    retirement at age 65
 -       By 2027, Age 67
 -        Reduced Benefits at Age 62

 Find   our about your estimated benefits
 -       1-800-772-1213

Computer Use
   All Pulaski Technical College employees are required to read the following

   Bulk Electronic Mail Distribution List Policy

   Internet and E-mail Use Policy

   These policies are available on the Pulaski Technical College website:


                               Click on Faculty and Staff

                               Click on Human Resources

                 The policies are located in the section titled “Other”

Introduction to the Classified Staff
Performance Evaluation Process
   Performance evaluations must be                  PERFORMANCE RATING SCALE
    conducted annually for all classified staff      E= EXCEEDS STANDARD - A rating
    not more than ninety (90) days before             reflecting the performance of the duties
    and not less than (30) days prior to the          and responsibilities of the job and
    employee anniversary date.                        productivity at a level that substantially
   Employees are rated annually using the            exceeds the “Above
    standards based performance scale                  Average” level of performance.
    shown on the right using alpha                    AA=ABOVE AVERAGE - A rating reflecting
    categories (E,AA,S or U).                     
                                                      the performance of the duties and
   The new category of “Above                        responsibilities of the job at a level which
    Average” was created by ACT 22 of                 is above the “Satisfactory” level of
    2003 to be used when rating employees.            performance.
    Please utilize this additional rating level      S=SATISFACTORY - A rating reflecting
    when conducting the performance rating.           the performance of the duties and
   All changes required for this update to           responsibilities which demonstrates
    the current performance evaluation rating         competency in the performance of the
    form will be made by Human Resources              duties and responsibilities of the job.
    to include the new rating category.              U=UNSATISFACTORY -A rating
                                                      reflecting the performance of the duties
                                                      and responsibilities at a level that is
                                                      consistently unacceptable in accuracy,
                                                      quality, or timeliness.

Faculty and Staff Handbook
   The Faculty and Staff Handbook is available
    on Pulaski Technical College’s website:
   Go to
   Click on Faculty and Staff
   Click on Faculty & Staff Handbook (PDF)

Who to ask?

  For questions regarding employee
   benefits information, contact
       Essie Cleveland
       in Human Resources
Administration Building – Office 102

      (501) 812-2212

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