Natalie by rasborn


         Ahhh !
                                                     The fish are dying.
                           Written by: Natalie lee
According to the           Well, scientists have     caught or die. Now,
latest reports,            been studying about       only 70 percent of
statistics from            the decreasing            the sharks are alive.
interviewing people        numbers of fish and       Junk is taking over
about over fishing         especially sharks.        right now and it is
reveal that no one         Humans tend to eat        becoming another
seems to care. People      only the fin of the       major problem as
say that as long as        shark and throw the       well as over fishing.
they have fish to eat      rest of the shark back    Soon, the junk in our
and to feed their pets,    into the sea. And that    beautiful ocean will
its fine. If people        is our major problem      take over, so, why do
continue to think that     and people say we         people still think that
this is ok, the sea will   are threatening the       it is ok to fish so
run out of fish and        sharks. Sharks            much and even catch
we would not be able       mature at a very old      the baby fish?
to eat fish or feed our    age and they breed
pets. This is very         very slowly, they
bad. Why is over           often attack alone
fishing a problem?         and usually get

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