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Minato (DOC download)


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    Pollution          Written by: Minato Kobashi
When are we going to          is the best place to dump     The people are getting
stop polluting? The water     garbage. That would hurt      smaller and smaller fishes.
pollution kills the corals.   the worlds’ harbours.         Now we are getting fast
The people that cause         Every day 2 million tons of   growing fishes but before
water pollution are mad.      untreated sewage is           we got bigger fishes. We
The water is very badly       disarranged into the          are getting small sharks
contained and we are          harbour. Before 100           because big sharks get
eating it now. When           spices could be found in      caught before they give
something which is not        the store but now there       birth and sharks grow
naturally found in the        are only 20 spices which      slowly. So corals are dying
water, it means that it is    can be found in the store     because of the water
polluting the water. There    because of the water          pollution so you can't see
are many chemicals in the     pollution which is killing    the beautiful coral reef
sea. The chemicals are        many spices but now           but now we can see dead
very harmful substances.      there are fewer spices        coral reef.
Chemicals are always          then before. Now we
causing problems and also     need to go further and
killing animals every day     further to catch sharks
or every hour. People         because a lot of sharks are
always think that the sea     gone around Hong Kong.

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