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The Secret to
Your Success

Kevin Dugan, Marketing Director
Empower MediaMarketing

Amanda Duncan, PR Intern
Empower MediaMarketing
Past Intern at RiverPark Center and
Theatre Workshop of Owensboro
Internships: The Secret to Your Success
• Why Intern?
• Student Tips to
  Get an Internship
• Employer’s Tips to
  Get an Internship
• A Day in the Life
• Pop Quiz
• Super! Fantastic BONUS Round
Why Intern?
Why Intern?

              "20% more likely
                to get a job"
                  **Santa Clara University,
                             Class of 2009
Why Intern?
• Get a $50K+ Gut Check

• Move From Theory to Application

• Think Less as School Credit, More as First Job
Why Intern?
• Get an Edge: Your
  Degree is Critical –
  but it’s not always

• Get Career
  Momentum: Work
  Experience, New Skills
Why Intern?
• Build Your Network:
  Establish contacts
  before you need them
• Get in the Know:
  More than 70% of
  open jobs are NOT
• Resume Buoy: Beat
  the resume screen
 Student Tips to
Get an Internship
   Your First Internship Does Not Have to
   be your Dream Internship

• Paid internships are hard to

• You want experience; you
can’t wait around for the
perfect internship

• You’ll learn new interests and
passions with internship
  Do Not Depend on Google to find an

• Make connections with
• Utilize your new
 connections. You don’t have
 to be best friends, they just
 have to know who you are
• Be aggressive but not
   Brand Yourself…Positively

• Facebook is now Facebook with a

• Get personal business cards

• Share your interests. Create a
portfolio that’s creative and shows
other things you’re passionate about
The Interview
• Typical Day: “WHAT will I be doing?”
• Culture: A formal bank vs. an informal startup
• Dress Code: Professional dress vs. business
  casual vs. jeans
• People and Places: “WHO will I be working with
  and where (on the org chart)?”
• Expectations: A another way to learn if you’ll be
  doing work – or grunt work
The Interview
• Timing is Everything: Ask the right questions
  at the right time (first vs. second interview)
• Art or Science: Every interview will be different;
  be prepared to adjust to different experiences on
  the fly
• Think it Through: Think about how you might
  answer questions before the interview to stay
  calm in interviews
Employer Tips to
Get an Internship
Employer POV
• You Bring: Professional manner, sense of
  urgency, work ethic, passion – as/more
  important than experience
• Don’t Forget: We need you as much as you
  need us
• Ask Questions: Show you know the company,
  keep asking questions during the internship
Employer POV
• Communicate:
  Before, during and
  after the internship
• Be Prepared: Make it
  easy to hire you (show
  details, specifics,
Employer POV
  Media Pitch                      Interview Pitch

  Pitch Letter                     Cover Letter

  News Release                     Resume

  Custom Approach Based on         Custom Approach Based on
  Research                         Research
  Be Yourself                      Be Yourself

  Opportunity for Networking vs.   Opportunity for Networking vs.
  One-Off                          One-Off
  Online Tools Make It Easy…to     Online Tools Make It Easy…to
  succeed or to fail               succeed or to fail
Employer POV
• Ambient Awareness: Smart vs. stalking
• Follow/Friend/Connect: When you have
  context, be sure to connect online with your
• Tap Into: LinkedIn/ Twitter Chats / Online
• Create Experience/Be Creative: You don’t
  have to blog, but there are a variety of
  opportunities to create a content stream online
Employer POV
• Facebook is Messy: LinkedIn is your
  professional home online
Employer POV
Employer POV
• More than an online resume
  – Networking, Groups, Events, News
• “I’ll Facebook You:” Business Equivalent
Intern 101
              What You Wouldn’t Expect
• You will not be given solely busy work (at least if you impress
your boss). You may be given important projects.

• Interning is NOT easy

• You are treated like any other staff member
         What I like about Interning

• They are flexible

•You get the opportunity to
build your portfolio

•You make connections in
the field
       What has Interning done for me?

• I have gained more knowledge
than I could have ever imagined
about media, writing, social media,
strategy and planning, etc.

• Has made me a more driven,
confident individual

• Helped me find what I want to do
when I graduate
Pop Quiz
         Elevator Speech – TO DO
• Scenario: You’re up for THE internship
• Elevator Speech: A smart summation of your
  point of difference from other interns; why the
  employer should care
• Twitter: For social media style points, make it
  140-characters or less
• Assignment: In five minutes, create your
  elevator speech; the best gets a super fantastic
Super! Fantastic BONUS Round
The Secret to
Your Success

Kevin Dugan, Marketing Director
Empower MediaMarketing

Amanda Duncan, PR Intern
Empower MediaMarketing
Past Intern at RiverPark Center and
Theatre Workshop of Owensboro

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