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									                                     HOCKEY REGISTRATION INFORMATION FOR 2009 – 2010

    1. Registrants must provide a complete registration package. This including: a completed Registration Form, Volunteer
       Form, FOIP Form, Fee Payment, Volunteer Deposit (cheque dated Feb 15, 2010) AND copies of: Alberta Health Care,
       Birth Certificate and Community League Membership.
    2. ALL registrants must have a valid 2009-2010 Community League Membership. The EGHA will not be selling
       memberships; Community League Memberships can be purchased online at or through your
       community league office.
    3. New Registrants to EGHA must provide proof of residency in Edmonton (Signed Parent Declaration AND photocopy
       of utility bill or drivers license AND proof of school registration).

Important Notice
EGHA does not have a drop off location or fax machine.
All registration must be done by mail, online or in person during the dates and times listed below.

Online Registration *only available to returning players*
(Payment by cheque or money order)
** A copy of the registration form, fee cheque, volunteer deposit cheque and all required documents must be mailed to the EGHA before your
registration is complete**

In- Person Registration
(Payment by cash, cheque or money order)
**Please ensure you bring the mandatory copies of Alberta Health Care, Birth Certificate and Community League Membership**

June 5, 2009 6:00pm-9:00pm
June 6, 2009 10:00am-1:00pm
Centennial School (17420 - 57 Ave.)

June 17, 2009 7:00pm-9:00pm
June 18, 2009 7:00pm-9:00pm
Leefield Community Hall (7910 – 36th Ave.)

Other Important Information
         1. All families must submit one volunteer deposit cheque for $100.00 (per family). *Each family must
            commit 4 volunteer hours. Details will be available at soon.*
         2. All players must also commit at the team level to fundraising and to the payment of team fees above
            and beyond the EGHA registration fees.
         3. There is no player movement in EGHA.
         4. Players skate with girls in their age category. At the discretion of the Category Director, exceptions
            may be made at the Initiation 1 and 2 level.
         5. Under Hockey Alberta rules, girls who play in the mixed system are not allowed to affiliate with EGHA
                                                      Fees for 2009-2010
                                                   Fee When           Fee When                         $50 Administrative Fee
  Category          Year of Birth         Age   Registering on or  Registering After                  for Registration Received
                                               Before June 19, 09    June 19, 09                           after Sept 1, 09
Initiation 1  2005-2006           3, 4        $80.00              $100.00                             +$50.00 = $150.00
Initiation 2  2003-2004           5, 6        $160.00             $200.00                             +$50.00 = $250.00
Novice        2001-2002           7, 8        $300.00             $350.00                             +$50.00 = $400.00
Atom          1999-2000           9, 10       $440.00             $490.00                             +$50.00 = $540.00
Pee Wee       1997-1998           11, 12      $500.00             $550.00                             +$50.00 = $600.00
Bantam        1995-1996           13, 14      $550.00             $600.00                             +$50.00 = $650.00
Midget        1992, 1993, 1994 15, 16, 17 $650.00                 $750.00                             +$50.00 = $800.00
Midget AAA Tryout Fee                         $150.00 Non-Refundable
Volunteer Deposit: $100.00 (cheque dated Feb 15, 2010)

                                               Fees for Players NEW to EGHA
                       * Only applies to Initiation 2, Novice and Atom, all other divisions pay fees listed above*
                                                         Fee When                 Fee When             $50 Administrative Fee
  Category          Year of Birth         Age         Registering on or        Registering After      for Registration Received
                                                     Before June 19, 09          June 19, 09               after Sept 1, 09
Initiation 2     2003-2004             5, 6          $80.00                   $100.00                 +$50.00 = $150.00
Novice           2001-2002             7, 8          $200.00                  $250.00                 +$50.00 = $300.00
Atom             1999-2000             9, 10         $325.00                  $375.00                 +$50.00 = $425.00

   Fees must be paid in full at the time of registration.
               Please contact the registrar at (780) 868-2801 if you require special payment arrangements.
                          Note: A $25.00 administrative fee will be charged on all NSF cheques

                              Cheques made payable to Edmonton Girls Hockey Association

                                        Please mail Complete Registration Package to:
                                                       EGHA Registrar
                                                        PO Box 41116
                                                      Yellowbird RPO
                                                       Edmonton, AB.
                                                          T6N 6M7

                        Questions may be forwarded to or (780) 868-2801

Tryouts will begin the last week of August 2009. Players will be contacted regarding their first evaluation skate.
                        FORM MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL
               INCLUDE COPIES OF: Alberta Health Care, Birth Certificate, Community League Membership, Volunteer Form and FOIP Form
                                            **Incomplete Registration Packages will not be accepted**

                                                        Edmonton Girls Hockey Association
                                                    PO Box 41116 Yellowbird RPO Edmonton, AB. T6N 6M7
                                                    Registrar: LeAnna Murtha                         Phone: (780) 868-2801

              PLAYER REGISTRATION FORM 2009-2010                                                         Division: _______________________

                                                                                                        (Initiation1/2, Novice, Atom, Peewee, Bantam, Midget)

  Player’s Name: _______________________________________
                                                                                                        Community League: _______________
  Player’s Address: _____________________________________
                                                                                                        CL Membership #: ___________________
  City: ______________________                     Postal Code: _____________
                                                                                                        Birth Cert # ______________________
  Home Phone:_________________________________________
                                                                                                        Alberta Health Care#_______________
  Date of Birth: _____ / _____ / _____ (YY/MM/DD)                                                                       *include copies of CL, BC and AHC*

 Player Information                                                                                        D
 Position:              Shoots: R                              L          Height:           aWeight:                                    Gender: M  F 
 Last Year’s Association:                                                          Last Year’seTeam:

Father’s Name __________________________                                               Mother’s Name _________________________
Address: _______________________________________                                       Address: _______________________________________
City:_____________             Email:_________________________                         City:_____________ Email: ________________________
Postal Code: ____________ Cell Phone:______________                                                  r
                                                                                       Postal Code: ____________ Cell Phone: _____________
Home Phone: ___________ Work Phone: ____________                                       Home Phone: ____________ Work Phone: ___________
 Emergency Contact Information (person other than parents)
 Name:                                         Phone:     _
                                                                              Conditions                    _
By signing this document I agree to abide by the rules and regulations, and decisions and all duly approved _
                                                                                                            amendments thereto of Hockey Canada, it's Board of Directors, its
Branches and /or divisions which may be restrictive in some areas such as movement from team to team, conduct etc. Further, the information requested above is required by
Hockey Canada to facilitate hockey programs on behalf of the registrant and Hockey Canada. Hockey Canada will treat this personal information with the utmost respect and in
accordance with the Hockey Canada Privacy Policy at all times. All registrations are subject to review by the Registrar and no registration will be approved
until all fees are paid and required documentation is received. Registration is undertaken with the understanding that additional team fees and/or
fundraising may be required depending on the level of play.                                _
Guardian’s Name (print): _____________________                                          Player’s Name (print): __________________________
                                                                                        (only if over 18/yrs old)
Guardian’s Signature: _______________________                                           Player’s Signature: __________________________
Date: ________________________________________                                          Date: ____________________________________

                                                                    For Office Use Only
Registration Requirements for ALL Players                              Y
Birth Certificate         Alberta Health Care                          /
Community League Membership                   Volunteer Deposit Cheque M
Volunteer Form            FOIP FORM                                    M
New Players: Parent Decl.__ D/L___________ Utility Bill__________      /
       Fee Description                 Amount            Date        Method
                                                                                                                    – Cash, Cheque or Money Order
Conditioning Camp:
Try Out Fee (if applicable):
                          Total                                                                            t
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EGHA requires a valid and active parent e-mail address from each family. Please note that your Official Tax
Receipt will be e-mailed to this address. Also, all communication from the league, coaches, managers, etc will be
through e-mail.
E-Mail Address: _________________________________________

Please note that playing at an A level requires a significantly higher time and financial commitment – practices,
tournaments, camps, etc. If your daughter evaluates at this level, are you willing to make this commitment.
                                   □ YES (check only ONE)
                                   □ NO
EGHA is a VOLUNTEER run organization. Without the commitment of our members, we would be unable to
operate. Please note that we are the only organization in Edmonton which does not require members to work
Bingos. However, we do ask that each family give back to the organization in one manner or another.
Please select a minimum of ONE of the volunteer positions below that you may be able to assist with.
   □   Coach – Head coach of a team within EGHA. Training and mentorship will be provided by the league.
   □   Assistant Coach – Work hand in hand with the head coach. Training and mentorship will be provided by the league.
   □   Bench Mom – Be present on the bench during games.
   □   Team Time Keeper – Work the time clock and penalty box during your team’s games.
   □   Jersey Parent – Bring jerseys to all games. Wash jerseys over the course of the year.
   □   Team Manager – Organize team affairs (including, but not limited to: tournaments, apparel, games sheets, team outings,
       fundraising, etc).
   □   Team Treasurer – Manage the team bank account and provide a statement of reconciliation at the end of the year.

   □   Category Directors – Initiation, Novice, Atom, Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget.         Organizing all matters pertaining to your
       category. (Please indicate category of interest: ________________________) *not the same level that your daughter plays*
   □ Committee Members – Committee’s include (but are not limited to): communication, coach development, player
       development, fundraising, promotions, etc.
   □ Committee Chairs – Organize and manage one of the leagues many committees.
   □ Executive Board Members – President, Vice President(s), Treasurer, Secretary (Please indicate position of interest:
       ___________________ ) *note these are elected positions*
   □   Sponsorship Recruiter – Explore and pursue corporate sponsorship opportunities.
   □   Oilers 50/50 Coordinator – Organize and oversee the Oilers 50/50.
   □   Casino Coordinator – Organize and oversee the Casino.
   □   Evaluation Committee Members – Assist with various jobs during the evaluation process.

   □ Casino – volunteer for one or more shift(s). *EGHA casino for the 2009-2010 season was held in May 09*
   □ Oilers 50/50 – volunteer for one or more shift(s).
   □ Minor Hockey Week – working one of several jobs at your teams designated arena.
   □ Provincials – working one of several jobs during the provincial weekend.
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Player Name: _________________________________________                          EGHA Team #: ____________

A: By signing this document, I/we consent to the disclosure of personal information (i.e.: name, photographs,
hockey stats, awards/prizes received) about the above listed player by posting it to the web site of Edmonton Girls
Hockey Association at I/we are aware that by giving this consent, I/we are permitting personal
information about my/our child to be posted to the Edmonton Girls Hockey Association website, which can be
viewed by anyone who accesses the Edmonton Girls Hockey Association web site and that if consent is withheld,
this posting would not occur. Note: EGHA DOES NOT post player’s personal information such as phone numbers,
email, address, etc to our site.

B: Also, I/we consent that any information given to the Registrar can be distributed to the director of the division
which my/our child plays and the coach of the team to which she has been assigned. Further that the coach may
disclose my/our child’s phone number and e-mail to the other parents on the team in the form of a team contact

I/we further understand that this consent is valid for one year and may be withdrawn by me/us at any time upon
written notice. In the event that consent is withdrawn, I/we understand that the information about our child will
be removed from the website and team lists.

Please check the box(es) which applies
       □ I/we consent to the website release (see A above)
       □I/we consent to the personal information release (see B above)

I/we have given this consent voluntarily.

Signed at_____________________________ on ________________________
           Place of Signature                       Date

        __________________________________ ________________________
           Signature                                    Witness

   * For players under 18 years of age: signature of parent (or legal guardian)

   * Note: Only persons having lawful custody of the player may sign this consent form as parent or legal guardian. If both
   parents have lawful custody, one or both may sign.

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     *Also include a copy of a driver’s license or utility bill showing your current Edmonton address.*

                                PARENT DECLARATION FORM

 DATE: _______________________

 Dear Sir/Madam:

 I/We________________________________           parent(s) of player ________________________________

 player’s date of birth _____/_____/_____ hereby declare that I/We have established our permanent
                Day   Mo   Yr

 residence at the following address:



 Legal Land Description_____________________ Postal Code______________ Phone ______________

 We have resided that the above address since ______/______.
                                  Mo       Yr

 Our former address was:


 _____________________________ Postal Code______________ Phone ______________

 Yours truly,

 Signature of Parent(s)

*NOTE: Falsification of any information may result in discipline as per Hockey
  Canada regulations. Your permanent residence must be within the City of
             Edmonton boundaries to play hockey in Edmonton.              New Player
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