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					                                                   Service Request Form
    Personal Information

    Name: ________________________________________________________________________
    Address: ______________________________________________________________________
    City: _________________________________ State/Zip: _______________________________
    Contact Phone: _________________________ Home Phone: ____________________________
    Work Phone: ___________________________ Other Phone: ____________________________
    Email: _________________________________ Fax Number: __________________________

                                          Work can not be preformed with out keys!
    Vessel Information
    Vessel Name: __________________________________________________________________
    Slip Location: From: ___________To: ______________ Length Overall: __________________
    Make/Model: ____________________________ Reg\Doc#: ____________________________
    Launch/Haul Date: _______________________ Key Location: __________________________

                                               Please check the appropriate box.

                    Annual Package: Includes both Spring Commissioning & Winterization Packages.
                                                   Details listed below.

         Full Service Spring Commissioning ONLY                                Full Service Winterization ONLY

               Re-commission Engines                                                Winterize Water Systems (includes waste systems)
               Re-commission Water Systems(includes waste system)                   Winterize Engines
               Re-commission Generator                                              Winterize Generator
               Re-install Battery(s)(if applicable)                                 Battery removal(if applicable)
               Re-install Outdrive(s)(if applicable)                                Outdrive Service & Storage(if applicable)
               Removal & Disposal of Shrink Wrapping                                Shrink Wrap Vessel
               Bottom paint                                                         Spring safety check for vessels stored at MBB

     If you do not wish to use the packages above, please use our A-La-Carte Menu, checking off all appropriate boxes.
       If you do not see the work you need completed on this sheet, please write in your request in the space provided.

Bottom Paint w/ anti-fouling agent*
               Standard-affordable general purpose anti fouling painting.
               Ablative-wears away over time eliminating paint buildup/cracking.
               Premium-added levels of protection: providing the best anti-fouling properties.
               Color: _______________________
               Bottom Blasting(soda):includes blast 9strip)bottom, epoxy base coat & one coat of ablative bottom paint
Cleaning Services: Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly packages available.
       Clean & Wax Hull
       Compound & Wax Hull
       Wash & Wax Topside (excludes cockpit)
       Simple Boat Wash (wash down of hull, topsides, canvas and cockpit, NO WAX)
       Interior Cleaning
       Polish exterior Stainless
       Shampoo Carpets
       Complete Detail
Commissioning: Individual Systems
       Re-Commission Engine(s)
       Re-Commission Water System(s)
       Re-Commission Generator
       Re-Commission Electric Head
       Install new zincs
       Re-install outdrive(s)
       Re-install battery(s)
       Raw water pump impellers (Inboards, Bravos, Volvos)
       Clean mechanical spaces (bilge & engine space)
       Service Sea Cocks
Winterization: Individual Systems
       Winterize Outboard
       Winterize Gas Engines
       Winterize Diesel Engines
       Remove & Store Outdrive
       Winterize and Service Outdrive
       Winterize Genset (gas/diesel)
       Winterize All Fresh Water Systems
         Winterize Heads ONLY
         Winterize Transom Shower ONLY
         Winterize Dishwasher ONLY
         Winterize Wet Bar ONLY
         Winterize Ice Maker ONLY
         Winterize A/C Unit ONLY
       Remove & Store batteries (24, 27, 29 31 CELLS ONLY) Includes trickle charge.
        Batteries left over 12 months will be disposed of due to limited shelf life.
     Shrink Wrapping
        Vessels stored in water must haul & re-launch to shrink wrap. Marina Bay does NOT remove canvas or isinglass. Vessel Owner
        must remove canvas, isinglass and personal items prior to shrink-wrapping. If canvas, isinglass and/or personal property are
        NOT removed prior to the scheduled shrink-wrapping date, Marina Bay will contact the owner and reschedule for next available
         Small Door
         Large Door
Other Services
       Marine Inspection: General inspection of all major systems. MBB will supply owner with inspection list and estimate for
        recommended repairs.
       Type 1 Tune Up: Includes Replacement of Plugs, caps, rotors, engine run-up.
       Type 2 Tune Up: Includes replacement of plugs, caps, rotors, wires, engine tuner, engine run-up and sea trial.
       Computer Diagnostics
       Engine Tuner: a carbon deposit shock treatment for your engine
       Sea Trial ONLY
       Engine Cooling System (clean & flush)
       Welding and Fabrication: Skegs, cavitation plates, any steel or aluminum fabrication.
       Fiberglass & Gelcoat repair
       Bead Blasting Service
       Waste Oil Disposal
       Custom Carpentry: teak & refinishing
       Marine Electronics Installation

   Please Specify other Service you would like preformed: