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									Google Wave Is Now an Apache Project
It’s official: Google Wave is now Apache Wave.

                                         A couple weeks ago, Google       made a proposal to the Apache
                                         Software Foundation to take the reins on Wave. Wave, which
                                         only launched to the public in 2009, saw lackluster adoption;
                                         Google officially halted development in August and open-
                                         sourced the code in September.

                                         In Google’s proposal to Apache, the former company stated its
                                         goals were to migrate Wave’s codebase from Google to ASF’s
                                         infrastructure, to get Wave back to a state of active development
                                         and to bring new committers into the project. The proposal also
                                         noted that Wave still had some big-name users, including the
U.S. Navy.

Apache has now accepted that proposal, and Google is preparing for a few changes.

Googler Alex North wrote on the company blog, “We’re spinning up the project infrastructure so that the
community can continue to grow in the Apache way.”

North also mentioned that several new, non-Google committers are coming to the Wave project; other
contributors are welcome to the project, as well.

We look forward to seeing how Wave evolves as an Apache project; becoming an open-source,
community-driven project is probably the best thing that could have happened to Wave as a large-scale,
ambitious web app — much better than the deadpool.
han the deadpool.

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