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Google Energy: Google Can Now Buy and Sell Electricity


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									Google Energy: Google Can Now Buy and
Sell Electricity
                                               Google’s ever-expanding empire has added another branch:
                                               subsidiary Google Energy has been granted an order by the
                                               Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to buy and sell
                                               energy at market rates.

                                               Does this mean Google is set to become your power
company? Not yet — instead, Google wants more control over the high energy costs of its many data
centers, and also aims to become carbon neutral. A Google spokesperson told CNET: “Right now, we
can’t buy affordable, utility-scale, renewable energy in our markets. We want to buy the highest quality,
most affordable renewable energy wherever we can and use the green credits.”

There’s the possibility, however, that Google might become an energy provider. The same spokesperson
said to CNET in January: “We don’t have any concrete plans. We want the ability to buy and sell
electricity in case it becomes part of our portfolio.”

[via Switched]

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