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									                                        Microsoft Services

                                        Customer Solution Case Study

                                        Global Manufacturer Signs Up for Service,
                                        Mitigates Portal Deployment Risks

Customer: Timken
Web Site:
Customer Size: 25,000 employees
Country or Region: United States        “The knowledge that the Microsoft Services team
Industry: Industrial manufacturing
Partner: ProSource Solutions            brought to the table, plus their willingness to work
Customer Profile
                                        with us, was all very critical to the success of the
Canton, Ohio–based Timken is a          project.”
worldwide leader in the manufacturing
of antifriction bearings and related    Gordon East, IT Manager, Timken
products and services and alloy steel
and components. The company has
operations in 27 countries and 25,000
employees.                              Business Needs                               But, the Timken in-house IT staff
                                        Timken, a 109-year-old company, is a         needed help. Since Office SharePoint
Software and Services                   longtime leader in the production of         Server 2007 was new to the market and
 Software                              antifriction bearings and specialty steel.   to Timken, the IT team lacked
  − Microsoft® Office SharePoint®       The company began as a carriage              architecture knowledge and the
    Server 2007                         maker before the advent of the mass          development skills necessary to
 Services                              production of automobiles and now has        implement Office SharePoint Server
  − Enterprise Portal and               offices in 27 countries and 25,000           2007, especially given the scope and
    Collaboration Technology            employees. Timken competes in a              complexity of the company’s unique
    Planning                            global marketplace that requires             deployment challenges. Although the IT
 Technologies                          companies to adapt to ever-changing          staff was skilled at Web development, it
  − Microsoft .NET Framework            financial conditions.                        had little knowledge of the Microsoft
                                                                                     .NET Framework and how to implement
                                        Executives at Timken were anxious to         Office SharePoint Server 2007.
Microsoft Services
As the consulting, technical support,   rebuild the company’s entire portal to
and customer service arm of the         improve the efficiency of diverse, global    Solution
world’s leading software company,       content management. The strategic            For Timken, the tactical goal of the
Microsoft Services enables the          goals included relaunching its customer-     project was to make Office SharePoint
successful adoption, deployment, and    facing Web site and creating an              Server 2007 the solution for its Internet-
use of Microsoft solutions and          enterprisewide horizontal portal             facing Web site first. Following this
technologies for all customers.         featuring a collaborative, real-time         initiative, Timken would replace its
                                        environment for its global workforce.        intranet with Office SharePoint 2007
For more information about Microsoft    They selected Microsoft® Office              and provide a way for light ERP users to
Services, go to:                        SharePoint® Server 2007 as the               interact with the company’s SAP     company’s portal solution and SAP as         platform by developing Office Business
                                        its enterprise resource planning solution.   Applications (OBAs) for the new portal.
                                                                                     Timken chose the Enterprise Portal and
Collaboration Technology Planning                               Benefits                                                  Mitigated Risks
service for the safe implementation of                          Timken used the wealth of technical                       The ongoing access to the Microsoft
Office SharePoint Server 2007.                                  knowledge provided by expert                              Services team meant that Timken could
                                                                consultants from Microsoft Services                       benefit from Microsoft’s own industry
With the Enterprise Portal and                                  through the Enterprise Portal and                         knowledge from thousands of similar
Collaboration Technology Planning                               Collaboration Technology Planning                         customer engagements. The Microsoft
service, Timken IT staff received expert                        service. For Timken, the Enterprise                       Services team was always present to
technical support from Microsoft                                Portal and Collaboration Technology                       help the Timken IT team resolve any
Services. The IT staff was provided with                        Planning service was crucial to the                       questions during the implementation
the necessary details for the                                   successful implementation of Office                       process. In addition, the company’s IT
implementation, including the following:                        SharePoint Server 2007.                                   staff augmented its skills by engaging
 Architectural overview of the design                                                                                    with the experts from Microsoft Services
 Server infrastructure analysis and                            “The Microsoft Services team brought                      and the developers from ProSource
  recommendations                                               the right kind of talent and the right level              Solutions.
 User load and activity estimation                             of resources to implement Office
 Review of existing document                                   SharePoint 2007,” says Scott White,                       “The knowledge that the Microsoft
  management and workflow processes                             Director of Strategy at Timken.                           Services team brought to the table, plus
 Taxonomy design and information                                                                                         their willingness to work with us, was all
  architecture                                                  Ensured Deployment of a Scalable                          very critical to the success of the
 Workstation infrastructure analysis and                       Solution                                                  project,” says Gordon East, IT Manager
  recommendation                                                The Microsoft Services team understood                    at Timken.
 Security requirements analysis for                            the strategic goals set by Timken. It
  enterprise portal and collaboration                           aligned the Enterprise Portal and                         Maximized Value on IT Investment
 Capacity planning                                             Collaboration Technology Planning                         Timken’s internal IT team augmented its
                                                                service to provide a standardized                         development knowledge of Office
The offering provided Timken with an                            approach for the implementation of                        SharePoint Server 2007 through the
implementation architect and an                                 Office SharePoint Server 2007                             Enterprise Portal and Collaboration
engagement manager from Microsoft                               technology.                                               Technology Planning service. With the
Services. To assist in revamping the                                                                                      service, the Timken IT staff was able to
portal for Timken, Microsoft Gold                               “That alignment took into consideration                   benefit from the industry knowledge of
Certified Partner ProSource Solutions                           Timken’s technical and user                               Microsoft experts throughout every
augmented the IT talent pool. The                               requirements,” Dunn points out. The                       phase of the project.
ProSource staff developed the customer                          architect helped the Timken IT staff
Web site, created the portal, and                               build a solution that was scalable and                    “We were dependent on the Microsoft
developed the OBAs.                                             that fit within the company’s IT                          Services team for the knowledge
                                                                specifications. Now, Timken enjoys a                      transfer to help us with this Office
“Microsoft Services was involved in every                       manageable and scalable solution that                     SharePoint Server 2007 implementation
step of implementing Office SharePoint                          allows for new functionality to be added                  project,” says White.
Server 2007 at Timken. The company                              with a limited amount of rework and
was thrilled to have a visionary there from                     reinstallation.
Microsoft Services who would work
through the process with them from
beginning to end,” says Liz Dunn,
Account Manager at Microsoft, who was
on hand to make certain those services
were properly delivered to Timken.

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

Document published November 2008

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