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					               Life Coaching Agreement
                         Dr. John Applebach, Life Coach

Clients Name___________________________ Date_______________
Address______________________________ City_________________
State_______ Zip Code_________ Phone No.___________________
Work Phone___________ Cell Phone ____________________
E-Mail _______________________
Age___________ Married ______ Single ______Divorced________
Number of Children_________

Do you have a website? _______________________________
Are you self-employed _______________________________
Referred by_______________________________

Either you the client or John Applebach Counseling/Life Coaching Services may
modify this agreement at any time it becomes apparent that modification is needed.
As your Life Coach, John Applebach Counseling/Life Coaching Services agrees to
advise and influence ideas and actions however, you the client are always the one
who makes the final decision in the coaching process.

Both parties agree to re-evaluate this agreement every___________ weeks/ months
Payment is expected at time of appointment. Coaching fees are based on the
services provided. We will meet and have follow-up sessions until you feel that
you have accomplished your personal and /or professional goals.
The fee schedule is $____________ per hour with no long term contract.
24-hour notice is required for cancellation of a coaching session.
 “No-Shows” will be billed at the scheduled hourly rate, no exceptions.
Helping you achieve greater success is always our primary objective.

It is also agreed that both parties will be in full cooperation with each other in
regards to the agreed upon objectives. Neither party will withhold important
information, which would benefit the Coaching process, nor will either party act in
a manner which would hinder or interfere with the facilitation of the coaching
goals in a timely manner.

Confidentiality and protection of intellectual property is mutually agreed to be
protected by this agreement. Both parties agree that all data, information and work
completed during the course of life coaching will remain confidential. No
information or materials will be shared with outside sources or other people
regarding the work of either party, except with express written permission of both

        (Client Signature)

          Your signature means you accept these terms of this agreement

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