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E-Commerce Marketing (online)
Advice to Future Students assignment
Tim Johnston

Vada Y. Singleton
Dec. 6, 2006

        What I learned in the e-commerce class is that the average newspaper reader is
older, educated and earns a high income. I think that this maybe the case because more
older people are not buying computers and reading the newspaper is still the best source
of information for them. The highlights of the course were the different activities that we
had to do. I particularly like doing the homepage and being able to see my classmate’s
faces since we are an online class. The eBay assignment made an impression on me
because I was able to learn how eBay works. I really thought that Americans were
leading the world when it comes to media usage of the wireless technology. This new
information has changed the way I feel about how advanced other countries are when it
comes to using wireless technologies.

I wish I had known that taking your time and reading the chapters will help you do well
on the quizzes and test. I found out that the more you take the quizzes, it will help you to
understand and do better on the tests. I recommend that you take the practice quizzes at
least five to six times. The more you take the quizzes the better you are able to retain the
information. I wish I could have gotten ahead on my quizzes so that if something was to
happen and I could not take the test at the appropriate time then I would not have to do
any make-up tests.

I feel that the way the class is set up should not be changed. I like the class and would
take a class from Professor Johnston any day. I like the fact that he uses the different
activities to teach us about what’s going on in the real world. I have learned about so
many different things through the assignments.

Marketing 430: E-Commerce Marketing (online)
Fall 2006
Advice assignment

Anthony A Carter
E-commerce and Marketing
December 7, 2006

I have enjoyed this course the book was very informative, I read every chapter, and I feel
as though the book takes you through the process of starting an E-Commerce site. It
takes you from the planning phases to the market segmentation all the way to the roll out
phase of the web site. There were great examples on what to expect from throughout the
process. I also feel that the discussion reemphasized the book.

Unfortunately I wish that a dial up connection did not have many problems but I have
experienced several this semester. Working and going to school proved difficult
especially when the dial up connections would not cooperate.

Casey Bauer Dixon
E-Commerce Marketing
December 2, 2006

What I learned in this course:
I learned a lot about e-commerce marketing. There were many aspects that I had never
even thought about.
For instance, I never knew backward links existed. I also never knew that you could send
flowers internationally, and actually the price is not that bad. I also learned how to use
Yahoo finance, I have never been very interested in the stock market, but this assignment
made it seem more interesting and even fun to check and see how your imaginary stocks
had done.

Some advice I would give to new students is to stay on top of your work & try to do it
ahead if time if you can. Read the chapters thoroughly, it will help you big time when it
comes to taking the quizzes. Also, if you are having problems email the teacher, he is
very helpful & will work with you. I had problems signing up for the course & then they
entered me in the wrong course, so I got behind at the beginning. He was understanding
of this & I appreciate that. I also liked the discussion boards, it was interesting to read
everyone’s answers and opinions on different subject matter.

Kelli Wright
E-Commerce Marketing

        “What I learned” in this course was how much e-commerce marketing really
does help my life out and makes my life a lot easier. The highlights of this course for me
were taking the practice quizzes and doing the discussion boards. Taking the practice
quizzes really helped me out because you could take them multiple times and you got a
very good idea as to what the real quiz was going to be like. When you first enter a class
you know nothing about, your stress level is kind of high or it was for me. Having these
practice quizzes helped alleviate some of that stress and it also added one extra point to
your real quiz if you made a one on it. You could make a 21 out of 20 or that one point
could make up for one question that you missed on the real quiz. The discussion boards
were fun to do because the assignments were different from week to week and it made
the book material more interesting. You could actually put into play the information that
was learned from that particular week’s reading. The information that made an
impression on me was chapter 13 Internet Regulation. I did not know that there were so
many layers regarding internet regulation. It was very interesting how each layer had a
particular role in the internet. Chapter 13 really had an impact on my way of thinking
because I thought the federal government made all the regulations for the internet. I
guess I thought that because they regulate everything else. But that is just not so. The
state you live in has a lot to do with internet regulation such as gambling on the internet.
There is a lot more work that goes into making proper regulations for the internet. I was
not aware of this at the beginning of the semester.

December 7, 2006
Tracey Larsen

Advice Assignment

“What I Learned”: As a whole, I learned about the strategy process, technology
infrastructure, capital infrastructure, media infrastructure, and public policy
infrastructure. The strategy process encompasses decisions in six areas: market
opportunity analysis, business model, customer interface, market communications and
branding, implementation, and evaluation. The technology infrastructure has to do with
software, hardware, applications, and website architecture. Capital infrastructure focuses
on how to obtain money to launch the new e-commerce business, finding the right
managers, and building a business plan. Media infrastructure spotlights the convergence
of multiple technologies like digitized content from radio, TV, magazines, books, and
other print media. Public policy relates to the regulatory decisions made based on
strategy, technology, capital, and media. Public policy made the most impression on me
and changed my way of thinking about lost revenues for states and local governments,
and a higher tax burden on local taxpayers because of the inability to tax online sales due
to complex tax laws and too many taxing authorities.

“I Wish I Had Known”: The advice I would give to someone before they begin this class
is to have some working knowledge of internet technology as well as some basic
computer knowledge. It would also be helpful to know about business models, strategy
formulation, market communication and branding, and market analysis in the networked
community. Most of these areas I already had some knowledge. However, I wish I
would have had more knowledge of public policy regarding e-commerce before I started
this class. I am glad that I had the opportunity during this course to do some public
policy research which changed the way I viewed purchases over the internet.

Travis Walker
Advice Statement

What I learned in this class was how much work that goes on behind the scenes that make
e-commerce happen. I never knew the extent that companies had to go through to make a
successful website. For most businesses this is like starting a whole new business. You
have to start from the ground up framing your website, find your target market, and
reaching your target market. One section that I found especially interesting was the
chapter on the website development process. I always thought it was fairly simple to have
a website. After reading this chapter though, I now know the painstaking process that
developers have to go through to create a user friendly while very functional website.
I wish I had known more technical jargon that goes along with the web and computers in
general. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable in this area but I see now that I was not.
The second thing that I wish I would have known was the advantages of being able to
work ahead. This class is set up in the way that you can work as far ahead as you want to.
This is beneficial because it allows you to stay a few steps ahead in case something
comes up to where you can’t complete an assignment one week. I urge everyone to do

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