Application Form for the CMS 2008 Endowment Grants Competition

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					 Application Form for the CMS 2008 Endowment Grants Competition

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           Application Form for the CMS 2008 Endowment Grants Competition                            Deadline September 30

Title of Proposal                    Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest-Game

Contact                        Name          Rossitza S. Marinova
The one person and place to
communicate with the           E-mail

                               Telephone (780) 378-8430

                               Fax           (780) 474-1933

Institution or department to administer grant funds
Name              Concordia University College of Alberta

Address           7128 Ada Blvd                                    Contact         Marco LoVerso

                  Edmonton, Alberta T5B 4E4                        E-mail

                                                                   Telephone       (780) 479-9314

                                                                   Fax             (780) 474-1933 (1 of 5) [03/10/2008 2:05:11 PM]
 Application Form for the CMS 2008 Endowment Grants Competition

Summary                 Less than 100 words
                                                         Total amount requested in this competition $

         Math Kangaroo is a contest for students in grades 3-12 currently available in Canada in eight
         cities. The main purpose of this competition is to introduce participants to math challenges in
         an enjoyable way, thus inspiring their further interest and advancement in mathematics. In
         2009 we plan to continue expanding the geography of the contest as well as organizing various
         long-term educational and promotional activities (training sessions, math clubs, contest
         materials, math camps assistance, workshops for teachers) popularizing math among students,
         parents, and educators.

Applicants                   Put any specific information on the relevant experience or expertise of an applicant in "Other".

Name(s)        Rossitza S. Marinova                     Valeria Pandelieva                 Olga Zaitseva-Ivrii


Position       Assistant Professor                                                     Director of the Tournament of Tow
                                                        Senior/Intermediate Math Teacher

Employer                                        OCDSB
               Concordia University College of Alberta & Mathletica                        Math.Dept. University of Toronto

Address        7128 Ada Boulevard                       641 Kirkwood Avenue                8 Leone Drive

               Edmonton, AB T5B 4E4                     Ottawa, ON K1Z5X5                  Toronto, ON M2N 4V4

Member #       013650                                   011722                             no
grants                                        Internal Research Grant
               NCE Research Grant , Concordiano (2 of 5) [03/10/2008 2:05:11 PM]
Application Form for the CMS 2008 Endowment Grants Competition

What you propose to do                                                                             at most 40 lines

       Brief history: The Canadian Math Kangaroo Contest is a part of a broader international project
       that involves approximately 4.5 million students and hundreds of mathematicians from 41
       countries. It is currently available in Canada in the following cities–Ottawa, Toronto, Brampton,
       Edmonton, Calgary, St. John's, Montreal, and Winnipeg. The number of entries in Canada
       increased from 318 in 2006 to 771 in 2007 and 778 in 2008. In 2008 training sessions were
       offered free of charge to approximately 300 contestants in almost all cities administering the
       contest. An online registration system for administering the registration process and the
       communication between organizers and participants became recently available. Accompanying
       contest activities included training sessions, parents’ contests, and award ceremonies. Winners
       from Canada travelled to the International Math Kangaroo Summer Camp in Romania in 2007
       and 2008.
       Proposed activities:
       Expansion: We are in a process of approaching several universities to explore the potential of
       opening centers in other regions (Vancouver, Victoria, Quebec City, Halifax, etc.) since we
       often receive inquires from parents, students, and teachers living in the areas where the
       contest has not been offered before.
       Training: Math Kangaroo-related clubs, classes, preparation sessions have the chance to
       become the focus for inspiring and promoting interest and excellence in math among students.
       We plan to increase the number of preparation sessions in 2009, which will become Math
       Kangaroo clubs. Where appropriate, students from math and elementary education programs
       will be involved in preparing materials and conducting training. Valerie Froese, our
       representative in Winnipeg, intents to offer online math training classes for students across
       Canada. We will need to develop and/or purchase materials for these training sessions.
       We also intend to promote mathematics through providing information sessions and workshops
       for educators in order to encourage them to use the contest and the materials for motivating
       and challenging their students.
       Financial needs students: We realize that in the future it is necessary to financially support (at
       least partly) a supervisor who would travel with students to attend international math camps.
       We are also willing to assist Canadian contest winners in financial needs to Europe.
       Math Kangaroo organizers workshops: We wish to organize workshops for colleagues who are
       contest coordinators or who are interested in joining us. CMS meetings would be the most
       appropriate time and place for such workshops.
       Request: Therefore, we are asking for an endowment grant to cover some of the costs
       associated with proposed activities as well as the further extension of the contest across
       Canada. The CMS logo will continue to be on the Website, contest materials, prizes, and
       reports. Support from the CMS is an important factor for attracting other funding. (3 of 5) [03/10/2008 2:05:11 PM]
Application Form for the CMS 2008 Endowment Grants Competition

Budget                                                                                     Use Tab key to navigate
                              Description                                       Revenue

 Registration fee (based on $5 per participant)                               5000

 Others (institutions’ contribution, sponsorship)                             2500

                                     CMS Endowment Grant requested 4000

                                                         Total Revenue $      11500
 Awards (books, medals, plaques, camps)                                       3200

 Website maintenance (including French translation)                           500

 Training (instruction fees, materials, rental, gifts)                        4500

 Administering and coordinating within Canada                                 2500

 Administering and coordinating internationally                               1800

                                                        Total Expenses $      11500 (4 of 5) [03/10/2008 2:05:11 PM]
Application Form for the CMS 2008 Endowment Grants Competition

            Funding, partners, revenue potential, information on applicants such as publications or awards, at most 20
Other       lines.

       Partners: Canadian Mathematical Society, IEEE Northern Canada Section, University of
       Ottawa, University of Toronto, Concordia University College, Memorial University of
       Newfoundland, Mount Royal College, University of Winnipeg, Carleton-Ottawa Math
       Association, Spirit of Math Schools, GoMath, and Bulgarian Cultural Center "Zornica".
       Applicants: The applicants have been actively involved in elementary and secondary
       mathematics education, including teaching at mathematical high school; leading math clubs,
       seminars, and math camps; organizing various math contests. Valeria Pandelieva is a math
       teacher certified in Ontario and overseas, with broad experience in the field of competitive
       math. She has been teaching, tutoring, and coaching students with higher interest and abilities
       in mathematics; is involved in correspondence programs; and is the co-author of several books
       and papers on topics related to mathematics competitions. Olga Ivrii holds a master’s degree in
       mathematics. She has 25 years of experience working with mathematically talented students in
       Russia and Canada. Olga Ivrii was a team leader in several Summer Conferences of
       International Tournament of the Towns. Since 2001 she has been the President of
       Tournaments of the Towns in Toronto. Rossitza S. Marinova is an assistant professor of
       mathematics and computing science at Concordia University College of Alberta. She has been
       an active researcher and educator in mathematics and computing science.

                              January 1, 2009                                             December 31, 2009
Project start date                                                Finish date (5 of 5) [03/10/2008 2:05:11 PM]