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									              LL Programme – ERASMUS BILATERAL AGREEMENT
 Period of validity (Please tick the appropriate box)
 Academic year               2008/2009                  2009/2010                    2010/2011                   2011/2012
 between                          UNIVERSIDAD DE A CORUÑA / UNIVERSITY of A CORUÑA
 (name and ERASMUS ID code        E LA-CORU01
 of the institution)
                                  Ms. Bertha Guijarro - Directora                                Departmental Coordinators:
 contact      person     (name,   Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales
 address, phone, fax, E-mail)      O lagar – Campus de Elviña
                                  15071 A Coruña - España
                                  Tel. +34 981 167000, Fax: +34 981 167013
 (name and ERASMUS ID code
 of the institution)
                                                                                                    Departmental Coordinator:
 contact      person     (name,
 address, phone, fax, E-mail)
                                  full legal name of the institutions in their national languages

The above parties confirm that structure and content of study programmes (curricula) have been checked
against feasibility to give the student full academic recognition. Both parties agree to co-operate in the
Erasmus activities shown below. Both parties agree to abide by the principles and conditions set out in the
Decision establishing Programme, Guidelines for Applicants, the ERASMUS application forms and other
relevant documents valid for the period 2007-2013. Both parties agree to re-sign this bilateral agreement in
another form, if necessary taking into account conditions imposed by the above mentioned documents.

SM: student mobility
 Erasmus subject area                                 Level                           Country                          Total number
 Subject area    Name(s) or numbers        1st        2nd           3rd            From            To       Number of students     Student months
 code                                                           (Doctorate)       (home)         (host)                                (sum)
                 .                                                               ES


 TM: teaching staff mobility
  Subject                Topic(s) taught                    Name(s) of the staff              Home         Host       Duration    Teaching hours per
 area code                                               member(s) or total number           country      country    (in weeks)         week


 Signatures of legal representatives of both institutions:

 Universidad de A Coruña
 Name and status of a legal representative                               Name and status of a legal representative
 Prof. José Maria Barja Pérez

 Signature:                                                              Signature:

 Date:                                                                   Date:

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