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					MII Technical Course in                                                        The Malaysian
                                                                             Insurance Institute
                                                                                                      Prof essional Service

Motor Insurance
                                                                                                   Provider of the Year 2007


Claims                                                                                                   Course
                                                                                                       for Double
                                                                                                     Tax Deduction

        Key Learning Outcomes                                              Who Should Attend
                                                                     Exe cutive s and supe rvisors
 At the end of the c our se, par ticipants will be ab le t o :       Those who have comple ted the MII Basic
      analyse t he var ious types of motor claims                    Course in Motor Insurance
         within t he application of v ar ious statut es,             Non-insurance pe rsonne l whose job work
         insur ance r egulations and mar ket agr eements               require a practical knowledge of the
      identify the type of r einsur ance pr otection on              subje ct
         the company's motor business and the
         pr ocedur es of r ecover y
      r ead investigation r epor t with a critical mind
      lear n the c laims tr ends and obser ve the
         curr ent mar ket pr actice shar ed during the
         cour se                                                   A Certificate of A ttendance will be awarded
                                                                   upon completion of the course subject to full

                                               Course Content

 Session 1                                                       Session 3 (continued)
     Analysis of Scope of cove r, ex clusions                     C laims procedure and documentation
       conditions in respe ct of                                      - Knock-for-Knock Agreement
       (a) Act only policy                                            - Third Party prope rty damage claims
       (b) Third party policy                                         - Provisions of Road Transport Act 1987
       (c) Third party, fire & theft policy                           - C ivil Court procedure s
       (d) Comprehe nsive policy                                      - Motor Insure r's Bureau

 Session 2                                                   Session 4
     Gene ral Regulations of Malaysian                         Estimation of damage
       Motor Tariff                                              Unde rstand type of damage compone nts
     JPI14, Bank Negara Malaysia                               Ele ctronic C laims Processing

 Session 3                                                   Session 5
     C laims procedure and documentation                       C laims rese rving including IBNR
       - Fire claims                                             C laims statistics
       - Theft claims                                            Case Studies
       - Accide ntal damage claims

                          Date                                                           Venue

                                                                            The Malaysian Insur ance Institut e
                   28—30 J uly, 2009
                                                                            MII City Centr e,S17-S28, 2nd Floor
              Time : 9.00 am to 5.00 pm                                Maju Junction Mall, 1001, Jalan Sult an Ismai l
                                                                                       Kuala Lumpur
                                     Programme Administrative Details

                                                                                   Normal Registration
                Fees per
                                                                Single                                         Group Registrat ion
                                                             Registration                                         (min 3 pax)

           MII/GTG Member                                      RM1050                                               RM1000

             Non Member                                        RM1300                                               RM1250

             International                                     USD550                                               USD500
              Participant s

                                                        Registration Policy
     Completed r egist ration f orm tog ether wit h payment to reac h MII a t least 3 0 days befor e t he prog ramme da te.
     Reservation can be made by phone or fax but confirmation f or places is subj ect to r eceipt of the full payment of cour se fee or upon
       clearance of t he c heque.
     MII reserv es the right to reschedule or ca ncel t he course due to unforeseen circumsta nces and w ill inform the cont act person of any
     Participants or t heir contact per son will be notif ied thr oug h the email or phone on the st atus of the tra ining programme.
     Cancellations r eceiv ed within 14 days before t he programme date will not be eligible f or a full ref und unless writt en notification is
       submitt ed to MII. Substit ution of participa nt (s) is accepted.

                                                          Payment Options
      Personal cheques are not accepted.

    All Payments must be made pay able t o “The Malaysian Insurance Institute”.
    Cash/ Cheque/Bank Draft/ Money Or der/ Post al Order - No. ……………………             for RM…………………… ……………..
    Credit Card: VISA or Mast erCar d only. Card No. _____ _____ ______ _____      Expiry Da te _ _____ _____ _____S ignat ure ____ _____ ______ __
    Direct Bank-in t o MII account for local partic ipa nt:- RHB Bank Bhd. Unit No. 50- G-2, Wisma UOA, 50 Jalan Dung un, Damansara Height s,
      50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malay sia. A /C No. 2-64160-00004670.
    Telegraphic Transf er for ov ersea s partic ipa nt in USD to:- RHB Bank Bhd. Unit N o. 50- G-2, Wisma U OA, 50 Jala n Dung un, Damansar a
      Height s, 50 490 Kuala Lumpur, Malay sia. A /C No. 6-14165-0000-0321

                                                           Registration Form
                                        Technical Course in Motor Insurance Claims
                                                    28—30 July 2009

      IC No. (New)/ Passpor t No.                             Name (as per IC)                           Designation                  Emai l




 Contact Per son:                                                                                    Tel No:                    Fax No:

 Company Name:                                                                                       Member Status : Please tick
                                                                                                       MII Member          GTG Member
 Company Stamp & Addr ess

               Note: Please attach the registration form when making payment                              (Course Ref :TGIP2MIC9703)

       The Malaysian Insurance Institute(35445-H)                               For more information please contact anyone of us at:
                No 5, Jalan Sri S emanta n Sat u,                                                603-20878882
            50490 Damansara Height s, Kuala Lum pur
                                                                               Shawal at ext. 257 or shawal@mii.or
       Tel : 03-20878882 Fax : 03-20921501
                                                                               Hamizon at ext 235 or hamizon@mii.or
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