Google launches Chrome first laptop running OS OS by caythonghp


									Google launches Chrome first laptop running OS OS
Search giant Google has launched form the first laptop to use the computer operating
system developed by the company named Cr-48.
Google will deliver this laptop through the test program Pilot Chrome OS software,
which means that users can not buy this product on the market. The candidates selected to
join the Google pilot program to gather feedback on the new computer operating system
they must be 18 years or older and live in America. However, consumers generally do not
have to wait long, the Chrome OS used notebooks from Acer and Samsung will be
launched in mid 2011.
Cr-48 Laptop owns a 12.1-inch screen, the standard size keyboard, touch-scroll area,
flash storage, webcam, Wi-Fi, support 3G mobile Internet connection for the Verizon
network . Machine with 8 hour battery life, 8 days standby time. In particular, users just
have to take less than 10 seconds to boot. Because the product is used to test Cr-48
should have no logos, no labels and no breakthrough in the design. Chrome OS operating
system is still in the testing phase and is not intended to compete with third-party
hardware products.
The first images of Google laptop Cr-48:

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