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Appear tablet Motorola's Android by caythonghp


									                    Appear tablet Motorola's Android

Motorola's Android operating system has just appeared on the hands Andy Rubin, vice
president of engineering at Google's conference D: Dive Into Mobile happening in
America.Motorola supports the front of the camera and video conversations, dual-core
processors by NVIDIA and using Android 3.0 (codenamed Honeycomb) Gingerbread
not, the latest version of Android.Andy Rubin also show new features of the Android 3.0
and draw attention to the Google Maps application version 3 pm. According to Rubin,
Android 3.0 will likely be released in 2011 but he did not reveal any further details.

Motorola is growing speculation versions of the 7 inch and 10 inch Android.

                           Image of Motorola Android tablet:
iPad 2 will ship in late February next year

Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China has announced it will begin shipping the second
generation iPad for Apple in the next 100 days.

According to sources from the component manufacturers in Taiwan, product shipment
transported from iPad first two factories to Apple Foxconn has approximately 400,000 to
600,000 units. However, Foxconn has denied making any comment about the product as
well as their customers.

The second source told the iPad will be shipped as early as late February, 2011. Apple
originally scheduled to finish production in January but the firmwave of this device is
still in the testing phase, so Apple has decided to delay progress. Because the new factory
of Foxconn in The East is still in pilot production process should be iPad two mass
production by the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen. Component manufacturers, Apple's
partners were informed about the shipping schedule the first batch.

In the third quarter, Apple said it had sold 4.19 million units iPad tablet. Accordingly,
since the device is "on shelf", Apple has sold a total of 7.5 million. Also, Apple just
started selling iPad in Korea, Latin America in the fourth quarter, combined with strong
demand from the holiday season last year, fourth quarter sales of iPad is expected to
exceed 7 million.

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