; Vehicle Transportation Quotes - How To Reduce Car Insurance Costs By Over 10
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Vehicle Transportation Quotes - How To Reduce Car Insurance Costs By Over 10


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									Vehicle Transportation Quotes - How To Reduce Car Insurance Costs By Over 10%

Fact: To drive legally in the UK, you're required to have car insurance to protect yourself
and other drivers. It is one of many unavoidable expenses of owning and driving a
vehicle on the road.

While car insurance is a fact of life, high premiums aren't. There are many approaches to
control the cost of your motor insurance premiums as well as reverse recent increases in
certain cases. Listed below are just a few tips which could save you well over 10% on
your car insurance this year.

1. Search on the internet for the best quotes.

Often, car dealers work with a particular insurer "for your convenience". Before
snatching the first motor insurance policy you see, do some research and shop around.
Make use of a price comparison site to compare multiple policies side by side. Car
insurance quotes can differ by hundreds of pounds for the very same cover.

2. Buy online at the insurer's site.

Many, if not most, insurance companies offer large discounts when you purchase your
cover online. Why? They save money on time and agent commissions that way. It is
standard to offer a 10% discount when you purchase your car insurance online. While not
everyone can purchase online, there can be substantial savings if you can and do.

3. Review when you renew.

Don't simply renew your policy when the time rolls around. Go over it to make sure that
it still meets your needs and circumstances - and then request a new quote. Insurers will
almost always offer a lower quote when you're shopping around for policy than when
they think they have you hooked.

4. Secure your car.

Since your premium is based on the risk of damage or loss of your car, every step you
take to make your car more secure and safe will reduce your premium. Park it off street
or in a garage, add a steering lock or an alarm and see your premiums go down.

5. Drive less.

The less you drive, the less your chance of being involved in an accident. If your mileage
is lower than the norm, tell your insurer and determine whether they offer a low mileage

6. Be honest on your application.
While this technically won't reduce your insurance premium, it can make a big difference
when you make a claim. It might be tempting to claim your auntie's suburban address as
your garaging site and knock a couple of pounds off your premium - but if you need to
make a claim, the insurance company could find out. If they prove you misrepresented
the facts on your application, your claim will be declined and may wind up liable for any
damages from the accident to boot.

7. Pay in full in the beginning of the policy.

Talk to your insurer to find out if you are charged more for paying in installments.
Essentially, when you pay in installments, you are taking a loan from the insurance
company for your premium, and paying them back - with interest.

8. Pay by direct debit.

If you do decide to pay in installments, find out if your insurer discounts your premium
when you pay by direct debit. Since direct debit significantly decreases the likelihood of
late and missed payments, most insurers are pleased to knock several quid off the
premium when you pay that way.

9. Add an extra driver to your policy.

In some cases, adding an additional driver to your policy will lower your premium,
especially if that driver is older, female and has a good driving record.

10. Take a defensive driving course.

Many insurance companies will discount your premium if you complete a course in safe
or defensive driving. Generally, anything that reduces your accident or loss risk may
lower your car insurance premiums.

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