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									Venare Project Briefing 
        16 April 2010 
Venare shall build on the success factors of Treveia.

¡ The Nuvali promise for Treveia
    ú Imbued with the Ayala Land heritage as its newest township development,
      Nuvali will follow in the footsteps of Makati, Bonifacio Global City, Alabang
      and Cebu
    ú Great investment potential being the 1st project of Alveo in Nuvali
    ú Proximity to Xavier school and retail area
Venare shall build on the success factors of Treveia.
¡ Treveia masterplan: offers amenities designed to nurture the family & community
    ú Sub-neighborhood clusters
    ú Pedestrian-friendly design, walkable community
    ú New lot types – main road lots, green road and linear park lots, courtyard lots
    ú Cutting edge architecture embodied by the grand clubhouse and the main
    ú 2.5-hectare central park
    ú Innovative amenity concepts of the Rain Garden, the Woodland Park, the Hillock
      Park and the Wind Chime Park
    ú Sizeable pocket parks in sub-neighborhoos

      Green Road                        Main Guard House
Progress Photos phase1
 Feature Fence

 Main Guard House 
                Rendered Images 
                Rendered Image

Actual Shots 
                Rendered Image

Actual Shots 
Progress Photos phase1
 Green Road 

 Porte Cochere
Lounge Area

Rendered Image 

Actual Image
Lounge Area

Actual Images
Function Room

Rendered Image 

Actual Image
Children’s Pavilion (Interior)

Concept pegs

                           Actual Image
Children’s Pavilion (Interior)

Rendered Image 

Actual Image
Main Clubhouse
 Actual Day Shot
Main Clubhouse
 Actual Day Shot
Main Clubhouse
 Actual Night Shot
Main Clubhouse
 Actual Night Shot
Nuvali Map
             Lakeside Evozone
             One Evotech


          Evoliving Center

                           Xavier School

                                Active Sports Area
    Retail Area                 50 ha area
    10 ha area to be            dedicated to water,
    developed by Ayala          air, land and
    Malls                       adventure sports

                                Retail Area
                                1.4 ha future retail
Educational Institution         area
By Legionaries of Christ

• Venare is located 2 km. from
  Treveia, or 6 km. from Tagaytay-
  Sta. Rosa road.

• Approximately 3 mins. away
  from Treveia.

VP: Target Market

¡ Metro Manila urban achievers
    ú Married with children
    ú Couples
    ú Single and planning to get married
¡ Foreign-based Filipinos
¡ Investors
    ú Legacy buyers
    ú Intending to re-sell the property
VP: Target Market
Psychographics and Needs

¡ Has an urban lifestyle
   ú Urban achiever, driven, career-oriented
   ú Appreciates city conveniences
   ú Prioritizes the family’s modern needs and aspirations
   ú Has an upscale taste

¡ Recreational and family-oriented
   ú Enjoys different outlets for leisure
   ú Yearns for space and nature
   ú Shares leisure time with family and friends

¡ Has concern for the environment
   ú Understands the need for sustainable living
   ú Prefers a care-free approach

¡ Looking for investment potential
Target Market                                        Venare Value Proposition Framework
                                      Demographics          Needs                              Psychographics
                                      • Urban Achievers     • Modern urban conveniences        • Upscale, urban, modern
                                      • Nesters             • Diverse leisure options          • Multi-faceted, seeks family leisure
                                      • OFs                 • Environmental sustainability     • Concerned with the environment
                                      • Investors           • Investment potential             • Forward-looking, enterprising

                                                   Nuvali’s Active Suburban Lifestyle Community

                                        Urban Conveniences            Active Suburban Recreation                Sustainable Living
  Buying Living Exp Design Location

                                        Nuvali        Vesta        Nuvali’s campus       Near S.Luzon            Nuvali’s brand of
                                                    mixed-use       environment          destinations              sustainability
                                      Modern village amenities,           experiential
                                                                    Multi-experiential amenity zones           Resource-efficient
                                       facilities and features       catering to different activities        features for the home,
                                        Village and premises          Multi-storey    47% parks &          clubhouse, village (water,
                                       management by APMC         clubhouse complex tree-lined roads        waste, power and gas)

                                                                       Active lifestyle with diverse                Hassle-free
                                      Urban lifestyle with easy        family suburban recreation                eco-friendly living
                                          access to modern
                                      conveniences and services      Abundant breathing space in a             Authentic sustainability
                                                                         natural environment                       within Nuvali
                                      Mktg: active suburban Sales: active, diverse     After-sales: prompt,        Turnover: upscale,
                                         living in Nuvali    interests, personal       distinctive, personal      distinctive, personal
VP: Benefit Statement

¡ Nuvali’s Active Suburban Lifestyle Community - Venare offers families of urban achievers
  diverse opportunities for active suburban recreation within the urban and eco
  setting of Nuvali.
    ú Urban conveniences
    ú Active suburban recreation
    ú Sustainable living
RTB           Nuvali’s Active Suburban Lifestyle Community

    Active Suburban Recreation               experiential
                                       Multi-experiential amenity zones catering to
                                       different activities

¡ The masterplan is divided into several sub-neighborhoods, each being distinct thematic
  amenity zones focusing on different activities and experiences for the whole family:
       q Aqua-zone
       q E-zone
       q Me-zone
       q Go-zone
       q Green-zone
        Nuvali’s Active Suburban Lifestyle Community

   Active Suburban Recreation             Aqua-Zone
                                      The Aqua

   ú Free form pools
       - Lounge pool
       - Leisure and lapping pool
       - Kiddie pool
       - Toddler splash pool
   ú Aquaclimb, water jets and fountains
   ú Deck and patio
   ú Green roof changing rooms
E-Zone        Nuvali’s Active Suburban Lifestyle Community

  Active Suburban Recreation           Zone
                                 The E-Zone

  ú   Library
  ú   Game room
  ú   Outdoor Theatre
  ú   Children’s activity area
  ú   Teens’ activity area
  ú   Wi-fi connectivity
Go-Zone Nuvali’s Active Suburban Lifestyle Community
   Active Suburban Recreation              Go-Zone
                                       The Go

   ú Covered play courts (basketball, badminton, volley ball, table tennis)
   ú Outdoor play field (foot ball, frisbee, ball kicking, dodge ball)
   ú Jogging path
Me-Zone Nuvali’s Active Suburban Lifestyle Community
   Active Suburban Recreation              Me-Zone
                                       The Me

   ú   Meditation grove and viewing pavilion
   ú   Gym & outdoor exercise area
   ú   Rock garden
   ú   Lotus & reflection pond
        Nuvali’s Active Suburban Lifestyle Community

      Active Suburban Recreation           Green-Zone
                                       The Green

 ú   Picnic & camping grove
 ú   Mountain bike & hiking trails
 ú   Botanical park
 ú   Detention pond with boardwalk & footbridge
 ú   Tree house
 ú   Terraced garden
 ú   Organic farm
 ú   Greenhouse and plant nursery
RTB           Nuvali’s Active Suburban Lifestyle Community

    Active Suburban Recreation                level
                                        Split-level clubhouse complex

¡ At the center of the village is a central park complex for big celebrations and special
    ú Split-level clubhouse
    ú Scenic Lobby
    ú Function rooms
    ú Spill-out gardens
    ú High-ceiling Community lounge and juice bar
    ú Admin and security office
    ú Playgrounds
    ú Orchards
    ú Open lawns
RTB            Nuvali’s Active Suburban Lifestyle Community

   Sustainable Living                  efficient
                             Resource-efficient features for the home, clubhouse, village
                             (water, power, gas and waste)

¡ The village features eco-friendly elements that are efficient on the consumption of
  valuable resources:
    ú Water – double-piping system, sewage treatment plant, bio
                       piping                                     bio-swales, water detention
      pond, recycled water irrigation system, permeable paving, low  low-flow fixtures and high-
      flow valves in the clubhouse, landscaping with endemic species
    ú Power – natural ventilation, natural lighting, LED lights, solar
                                                                 solar-powered lights
    ú Gas – tree-shaded walks and pedestrian lanes, bike lanes, bike racks, distributed park
      system, walkable community
    ú Waste – efficient waste-management system, recycling programs
The Masterplan

                 SPECIFICATIONS            Area      %
                 Land Area                  74.4    100%
                   Saleable Area           39.3      53%
                   Non-saleable            35.1      47%
                      Roads                26.9      36%
                      Parks & Open space     7.2     10%
                      Easement & Utility      1       2%

                 No. of Lots                        1,392
                 Ave. Lot Size (sqm)                 283
                 Ave. Price per sqm                11,800
                 Ave. Package Price                P 3.4m
The Masterplan
                 Green Zone
                 1.3 hectares

 Central Park
 Aqua Zone
 3.0 hectares

Me Zone
                    Go Zone
1.4 hectares
                    1.0 hectare
Central Park Clubhouse
3.0 hectare
Me Zone
1.4 hectare
Go Zone
1.0 hectare
Green Zone
1.3 hectare
Main Entry: 32m Road Right
Main Entry: 32m Road Right
Spine Road: 18m Road Right
Loop Road: 16m Road Right
Local Road: 14m Road Right
Greenway: 8m wide
Range of Lot Sizes/Cuts
Neighborhood Cluster   Cluster No.   No. of
                            1           145
                            2            91
                            3           136
                            4           114
                            5           250
                            6           106
                            7            81
                            8           129
                            9           162
                           10            77
                           11           101
                         TOTAL         1,392
Phasing Plan   Phase No.   No. of
                   1          615
                   2          777
                 TOTAL       1,392
Venare vs. Treveia
                                                Venare    Treveia
                     Land Area                     74.4      60.2
                       Saleable Area               39.3      32.0
                       Non-                        35.1      28.2
                           Roads                   26.9      21.9
                           Parks & Open space       7.2       6.1
                           Easement & Utility        1        0.2

                     No. of Lots                  1,392     1,046
                     Ave. Lot Size (sqm)           283        304
                     Ave. Price per sqm         11,800     12,700
                     Ave. Package Price          P 3.4m    P 3.8m
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