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									Latest Trends Email Marketing Strategy

You are an internet based web design and development firm. You also deal in areas such as
search engine optimization and customized software solutions, but these aspects of your
businesses are not well known. Since you do not have a brick-and-mortar office, you need to
rely heavily on customer references to bring in new business.

This strategy identifies how you can gain more clients by creating awareness for your larger
portfolio of services with the help of innovative and inexpensive web marketing tools.

Who is your customer?

Your current customer profile includes smaller companies or entrepreneurs seeking to create
basic websites in order to establish their presence on the internet. However, targeting slightly
more established firms would not only allow you to redesign their websites but also find takers
for your entire gamut of services & Nbsp. Needless to say this new set of customers
would also have greater marketing budgets at their disposal & Nbsp.

What is the best thing you can do for that customer?

Internet technology is fast evolving and therefore confusing for many clients. Most businesses
have a mere internet presence without actually using their websites as active marketing
tools. You could help them explore new technology in the field of internet marketing by
redesigning their websites keeping mind factors like SEO and other forms of paid or free

How are you going to do it?

Use your marketing literature to explain web marketing ideas to clients in lay man’s terms.
Create a package that offers your clients the flexibility to choose those website and internet
marketing components that will give them the most bangs for their buck. Also offer to work in
partnership with them to test which methods are bringing in the results and to use these
methods increasingly.

Create a database of all your old customers and invite them to subscribe to your periodical
newsletter on the latest trends in internet marketing and website design.

Increase your database by targeting SMEs and larger corporate who have not updated their
websites in over a year and by expanding your market globally. Use your website and
newsletter to invite no obligations queries and to offer free quotes and initial
estimations basis client’s needs & Nbsp.

Don’t forget to say thank you.

Every registrant to the database gets a thank you email that also has a few basic survey
    What role does their existing website (if applicable) play in their business generation
     needs (For instance, brand awareness, lead generation, customer interaction, etc)?

    How often they update their website content and what other modes of internet
     marketing do they use (for example, social media marketing search engine marketing,

    What is the monthly traffic to their website and other analytics data?

    Where did they hear about you?

    When to communicate with your members?

Your newsletter is your device for establishing yourself as an expert in emerging trends in
website design and internet marketing. Use it to provide your database with interesting content
on new technologies and tips on using existing ones. Include key messages on your flexible
all round package solutions.

How do you measure success?

Conduct a wide scale survey of all past customers to judge their level of satisfaction with your
service. Incentivize survey completion with a discount voucher on your agency fees for
their next job with you.

Build Build Build. Keep track of how many new customers your direct mailing efforts earn.
Repeat successful emails more often with new markets and target audiences. In the end, you
would know if you’re efforts are successful when your business bottom line starts increasing!

To learn more about the effective ways to promote your business online thru Search Engine
Optimization, Please feel free to visit us @ Echo Digital

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