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High-Performance, Low-Permeation Small-Engine Fuel Hoses

                                         Avon GREENbar series fuel hoses          and produced under world-class
                                         give you a cost-effective, field-        quality controls in the same Avon
                                         proven way to meet the automotive-       facilities that supply the automotive
                                         style emissions requirements now         industry with advanced low-emission
                                         being applied to small engines by        hoses.
                                         the EPA and CARB. Based on
                                                                                  You can specify GREENbar series
                                         technologies developed to meet
                                                                                  fuel hoses with complete assurance
                                         automotive requirements, GREENbar
                                                                                  that your products will meet existing
                                         hoses deliver both the safety and
                                                                                  or currently contemplated EPA or
                                         emissions performance you need to
                                                                                  CARB mandates, while delivering
                                         meet government mandates, and the
  GREENbar Hoses                                                                  the safety, quality, and performance
                                         economy and ease-of assembly
                                                                                  your customers demand. Take a
  I   Meet and exceed all EPA/           features you need to stay competitive.
                                                                                  good look at the performance
      CARB emission and durability
      performance standards              GREENbar series fuel hoses utilize       advantages of GREENbar series
                                         multi-layer technology to optimize       fuel hoses, and you will see why
  I   Are available either formed,       emissions performance. They are          GREENbar is the right choice
      bulk or cut to custom lengths
                                         backed by Avon’s sophisticated           for you.
  I   Are manufactured using either      engineering and testing capabilities
      reinforced or non-reinforced
  I   Are seamless and wrinkle free

  Avon Worldclass Capabilities:
  I   Validation Testing such as
      iso-thermal and diurnal SHED,
      mini- and Micro-Shed
      regimens, Pressure/Vibration/
      Temperature (PVT)
  I   Industry-leading hose
      innovation, quality and
  I   Low cost country assembly
  I   Service and support anytime,
GREENbar 700 Series                                                       SAE J1737 Permeation (40°C)
Approved for use under CARB                                                                                       I   NBR Inner Liner
Executive Order G-05-018.                                                                                         I   THV Barrier Layer
Incorporated barrier layer for ultra low                                             Maximum CARB
                                                                                      Allowance –                 I   NBR Intermediate Layer
evaporative emissions.

                                                                                      15 g/m2/24 h
                                                                                                                  I   Reinforcement
Meets requirements of SAE J30R7.
50 PSI maximum working pressure.                                                                                  I   CSM Cover
                                                                              1                          6
                                                                                     2   3    4     5

                                                                              GREENbar 700 Results

GREENbar 900 Series                                                                 GREENbar 900
Meets requirements of SAE J30R9.                                          SAE J30R9 Specified      Avon Result    I   FKM Inner Liner
Inner layer of FKM rubber for maximum                     24                                                      I   NBR Intermediate Layer
fuel resistance and low permeation.                       20                                                      I   Reinforcement
Designed for high pressure fuel lines.                    16
                                                                                                                  I   CPE Cover
High burst strength.                                      12
100 PSI maximum working pressure.                                 8


                                                                           Burst,     Permeation, Fuel Swell, %
                                                                          MPa Min    g/m2/24 h Max     Max

GREENbar 1200 Series                                                              GREENbar 1200
Designed to meet EPA emission require-                                    SAE J30R12 Specified     Avon Result    I   FKM Inner Liner
ments per 40CFR (Code of Federal                          30                                                      I   THV Barrier Layer
Regulation) paragraph 1051.110 (b).
                                                          25                                                          NBR Intermediate Layer
Allows end user to certify by design                                                                              I

Inner layer of FKM rubber for maximum                                                                             I   Reinforcement
fuel resistance.                                          15
                                                                                                                  I   CPE Cover
Incorporated barrier layer for ultra low                  10

evaporative emissions.                                            5
Meets requirements of SAE J30R12 AE T2.                           0
                                                                           Burst,     Permeation, Fuel Swell, %
145 PSI maximum working pressure.                                         MPa Min    g/m2/24 h Max     Max

                                    Contact Avon Automotive                  For more information:
                                    for complete technical         
                                    information on GREENbar                  Phone: (248) 848-9599 Fax: (248) 848-9699
                                                                             Phone: (248) 848-9599 - • Fax: (248) 848-9699
                                    Series hoses.                  

THV is a trademark of Dyneon, a 3M company.

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