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Secretary Report AGM 17th January 2005


									 SECRETARY’S REPORT MARCH 2007 – Ricky Polden.


 As from 5th February 2007 the Club’s Office has relocated to:

 The Cart Shed
 New Bottom Road
 Salisbury SP4 6AB

 The Telephone Number will stay the same: 01722 321164

 Please send all membership renewal applications and any other
 communication to the new address.

 Please remove and complete page 3 from your 2006/07 Year Book and send it
 with a cheque or postal order for the correct amount to the new address above.
 Please do not come to the Cart Shed expecting to renew your membership as we
 will not be able to process your renewal while you wait.

 The new 2007/08 season subscriptions set at the AGM in January are as follows:-

               Coarse Full & Associate            £71.00
               Coarse Senior Citizen.             £55.00
               Coarse Junior                      £27.00

               Premium Game Full & Associate £148.00
               Premium Game Senior Citizen   £127.00
               Premium Game Junior           £54.00

New members will pay an additional registration fee of
£20 for Adults and £5 for Juniors


 In this current season of 2006/07 we have seen game membership rise to 1,489 and
 the coarse membership to another new high of 510 and still rising.
 This makes a total of 1,999 Members for 2006!!
After Con Evans our Treasurer spent many a midnight hour developing it, a new
membership data base was set up for the 2006 renewals. This made the task of
producing receipts, address labels and financial statements much quicker and allowed
us to turn around membership and renewal applications a lot more efficiently.

 If you wish to go fishing early in April, please send in your renewal applications
promptly. Do not forget Game and Coarse Members alike, you will not be able to fish
on your current Year Book after 31st March.

We are very pleased to announce that the Club has purchased a very nice piece of
double bank fishery known as Parsonage Farm. It is the top end of the Town Water
Mixed fishery. It runs from the island upstream to within a few yards of the Stratford
foot bridge. We have had the water for over fifty years as a leased fishery. The last
riparian owner put the fishing rights up for sale which included a ten yard depth of
double bank either side. The Club placed a bid which was successful! As the water is
in the Salisbury boundaries it will be a very valuable acquisition for the Salisbury and
District Angling Club. It has great long term potential and as a club owned fishery, its
restoration to a potential top fishery can only be an investment.

On the fisheries Matthew our head keeper has done an excellent job managing to keep
everything going through the summer when he was the only keeper on strength.
During the summer Richard Street, one of our keepers left to pursue a new business
venture in the West Country.

Eventually in November we recruited a replacement. We had the good fortune to
acquire the services of Steve Trevitt known to many of you as an excellent match
angler. Steve is settling in well with Matt our Head keeper. Roger Hunt has also
joined us since Christmas as our part time keeper. We wish to welcome them both to
the Club and hope that they will have a long and happy association with us.

From feedback I have had from Members, the season appears to have been rewarding
with good specimen fish coming to the net in many of our fisheries.

There are still members who disregard other members „space‟ on fisheries. At Steeple
Langford some anglers mainly Carp anglers are pitching their bivvies over foot paths,
some also cast across other swims preventing other anglers from using them. This
selfish attitude must stop. The situation will be closely monitored during the coming
season by our Bailiffs. On the Premium Game waters Trout Stream Etiquette is being
ignored, especially on fisheries such as West Amesbury where members do not
observe the sensible distance rule and „cut in‟ above an angler progressing upstream.
Anglers must walk a respectable distance from the bank when going up to their beat.
Please read the bit in the yearbook by Gordon Mackie to re acquaint you with
upstream dry fly and nymph fishing.

The question has been asked whether a member can carry two rods on Premium
fisheries set up for Dry and Nymph respectively. Although you are not breaking any
rule as you can only fish with one rod at time when fly fishing! Refer to the rule book

Several 2lb plus Roach were caught in the Autumn on the Avon, and Nadder around
Salisbury a very large Mirror Carp was caught at Steeple Langford several times its
weight increasing each time, culminating in a Club record weight of 37lbs 1oz. !
Caught by Mr Thompson.
We have also a new Tench Record with a fine fish of 6 lb 11oz coming from Steeple
Langford. Caught by Mr J Smith.

At Petersfinger despite the weed problem many good bags of specimen Tench, Bream
and Carp have been taken.
The weed situation at Petersfinger is again going to be addressed. Rest assured we
will beat this problem!! We are in contact with a company which have recommended
a treatment which absorbs the nutrients in the water which is encouraging this vast
amount of weed to grow. It is a „biological „solution which is approved by the EA and
appears to be the only safe way forward.


The club are investigating the possibility of providing disabled access on beat 12 at
Durnford and Hands Pit at Petersfinger.

Our Premium Game Fishing Venues have produced good average catches which are
well comparable with last season considering the lack of levels and flows on our
rivers. The catch returns chart was published in the December Newsletter.

The catches that were recorded in return books where the return books survived!
Generally reflect the same fish/ rod ratio as last season. There are no alarming shifts
from the expected ratios. This is incredible since the water levels and flows on our
Chalk streams have suffered a third year of decline.

An eight pound plus Brown Trout was caught at the Lower Woodford Fishery,

Starting from 1st March, Members can purchase a guest ticket for this fishery. One
ticket per member with a maximum of 2 guests per day, at cost of £20 per ticket.
Members must be in attendance with their guest.
Tickets may be purchased in advance from: Mr D.A.Wyeth, 18 Shag Meadow,
Lyndhurst, Hampshire. SO43 7BN Tel: 0238028162

Minimal weed cuts took place during 2006 to preserve what levels we had. In some
areas the shallow water left what ranunculus remained vulnerable to the marauding
swans. The West Amesbury and Wylye waters have bourn the brunt of the problem.
The weed cut programme for 2007 was published in our December 2006 Newsletter.
You may have seen in the national press and television that there is a move afoot to
devise a strategy to control Swan numbers on our rivers a system of egg management
will probably be devised to control numbers.

At the time of penning this epistle the rains have stopped after three months of good
soaking. The chalk aquifers have come up to levels which are re-assuring for the start
of the season. Rivers are still brimming over the banks and the early heavy storms did
enough to get the flows moving scouring away the legacy of algae and slit created in
the drought conditions of mid and late summer. This must not breed complacency, if
no more respectable rain is forthcoming this year and the weather follows the pattern
predicted of wet winters and dry summers, by summer we may be seeing low flows
and levels for the fourth year in a row.
Wessex water is being closely monitored and lobbied by the Wiltshire Fisheries
Association regarding their abstraction strategy on the Avon
Let us hope that 2007 will see a turn a round in the fortunes of our rivers and most of
the factors effecting their quality and quantity will be start to be eradicated.


Some confusion over the rules regarding Salmon and Sea Trout on the Avon has led
me to try to put his right!

The season for Salmon is: - 1st February to 31st August.

Approved Salmon fishing methods during the season the as follows:
a).   Fly only from 1st February to 14th May.
b).   Spinner and Fly from 15th May to 15th June.
c).   Bait (Shrimp & Prawn) Spinning and Fly from 16th June to 31st August. (end
of    season)

Please report all Salmon and Sea Trout catches to the Secretary.

No worm fishing for Salmon at any time.

The season for migratory Sea Trout is 15th April to 31st October.

Fishing for pike on the fly is becoming increasingly popular. I have had several
members question if they are allowed to fish our course fisheries using this method.
There is no rule to prevent you from using this method on our coarse fisheries either
on river or lake. The only proviso is that the angler must observe a certain etiquettes
regarding other anglers. Very similar to those who spin for Pike they must not
interfere with other anglers by casting over their swims and they must observe and
remain a respectable distance from any other angler. The fly fisherman must be
always aware of his back cast in the presence of other anglers walking behind.
Abide by these basic common sense rules and enjoy this relatively new area of

I have had two emails which I would like to share with you.

A member sent in an email about the categorisation of our fisheries and the catch and
release policy. He had particular interest in the unstocked stretch at West Amesbury,
Queensbury Bridge downstream to South Mill. He observed that a catch and release
policy should be adopted on unstocked waters until such time we have overwhelming
evidence that natural stocks in any wild stretch of water are such a level that fish
numbers need to be reduced.
The new Year Book will head the Premium Fishery Maps under two categories.
Premium Stocked Fishery and Premium Wild Fishery.
Wild fisheries being, the Nadder at Barford, the Nadder at Tucking Mill, The Nadder
at Wardour, The Ebble at Broadchalke and the Bourne at Hurdcott.
The Club does not have a strict catch and release policy at this time. If fish must be
taken, only one brace of Trout may be taken from Club Waters per day. We have
evidence from our catch returns that over 80% of our members practice catch and

The second is in a loose but similar vein regarding catch and release. I will quote his
email in its complete form:-

“Dear Sir.      During last seasons fishing I encountered a rather sad situation where
fishers releasing their fish after capture threw them back. The incident prompted my
taking more note on how fish were returned started when an elderly fisher had
fumbled for some time to unhook his capture then threw it back from a standing
position the fish promptly turned on its back and sailed off down stream, until it
finally hit the bottom upside down. Fortunately I was able to wade in and rescue the
fish but took some time to revive it. The fisher was of an age that allowed him to
fumble but had that fisher used barbless hooks he would have been able to release his
fish quicker and not being able to bend easily to put the fish back, place it in the net,
one soon learns how to turn the net and release the captured fish. Could we please
have a little more respect for our quarry?”

Please send in more letters I will include them in the Newsletter if they have a good
subject to air!


Valuable contributions from two gentlemen in particular should not go unmentioned.
Chris Thomas and Malcolm Anderson. They have contributed a great deal of time and
effort to the Club in 2006. Chris organised the Bailiff‟s Meeting here at the Cycling
Club in March with Chrissie his wife to help. This was the first time for many years
that a Bailiffs meeting had been organised. It was a very useful exercise which will be
repeated again this March. During the rest of the year Chris maintained the Bailiff
administration and helped Matt especially through the weeks after Richard left. It was
a particularly busy time with fishery maintenance demanding the greatest seasonal
Malcolm has been active in arranging two successful working parties at Nadder
Meadows and Bullbridge on the Nadder at Wilton., these were coordinated through
the web site forum. He has been very active in helping any member with questions on
our very successful web forum. Bill Latham has always been there to sort out any
Internet snags and administer the day to day running of the Forum along with the
moderators. Please remember that the Forum is there for general discussion and help,
other issues or problems should always be directed to the Secretary or Administrator.
Dave Winter with a team of Bailiffs did a large amount of work at Steeple Langford
in May before the start of the season reconstructing banks, cutting back bushes and
trees with the help of a qualified tree surgeon. Mike Britten has done a sterling job at
Petersfinger, running the fishery in a text book manner. Thanks also go to many more
members who have given their time and efforts for the benefit of the Club.
If there is any member who wishes to apply for a bailiff position or help in working
parties, see Chris or Malcolm. They can be contacted through the Secretary.

With our three Keepers, Secretary and Company Administrator all under one roof at
the new headquarters at the Cart Shed a more coherent team will exist. The cover in
the office will be 4 days a week making us more available to the membership.

I wish all members the best for 2007/08 season and tight lines!!

Match Secretaries Report Paul Barnard.

Following on from last years AGM 2006 here are the final results of last seasons
competitions June 16 - 2005 to March 31 - 2006. The winners were awarded their
trophies at the 2006 Christmas Match.

Inter Club     1. Paul Barnard               Club Trophy            1. Malc Pepperell
Trophy         2. Malc Pepperell                                    2. Paul Barnard

Senior Pairs          Mark Harvey and Andy Allen

Fred Pearson Cup      Lee Goodfellow         Stuart Casey Cup       Steve Trevett

Under 18 Cup          Dan Judd               Ken Mar                Brian       Shutler
                                             Highest Weight
Christmas Match       1. Rich Baker
2004                  2. Mark Cannings

This season June 2006 started at Waldens Farm, 17 anglers fished with James Knight
easily winning with 37lb of carp.

It was then onto Langford for the Fred Pearson and Under 18 Cups. The large lake
was used for the 16 anglers that fished a very hard event. Senior winner Ian Heydon
was on the reeds on the North bank and easily took the top weight on the day.
Unfortunately there were no juniors entered for the under 18‟s cup.

There had been two competitions booked for June and early July at Witherington
Farm but they had to be cancelled due to problems at the fishery. The Club then
moved onto a hastily rearranged Inter Club Match against Andover because
Andover‟s Foxcott lake was also experiencing fish problems. The venue Greenridge
Farm near Romsey was a good alternative as Salisbury‟s Paul Barnard easily won his
lake with 98lb.
Next stop the Kennet & Avon Canal at Lady‟s Bridge and an Inter Club against
Pewsey DAA. Although there were only 8 Club anglers and not many more Pewsey
anglers the going was tough with only Salisbury‟s Bill (the traveler) Davies receiving
a brown envelope.

Another early Inter Club took a lowly possibly the least attending number of Club
anglers (2) to the R.Avon at Melksham both caught fish but they failed to gain any
prizes on the day. July finally ended at Witherington Farm‟s Snake lake with yet
another Inter Club against Kennet Osprays. Mark Cannings was Salisbury‟s best
performer with a 68lb 3rd on the day

Into August and the Club (13 anglers) had its annual visit to Test valley‟s Kings &
Willow lakes. This is usually a high weight event with Kings lake being one of the
original carp bagging waters. Salisbury‟s best result was a 81lb 10oz 2 nd for Andy
Mitchell and a 81lb 3rd for Bill (the traveler) Davies.

The first Club event of the season at Petersfinger was cancelled due to the atrocious
weed conditions.

Onto Waldens Farm and the Deacons match lake saw Lee Goodfellow edging the win
with 48lb.
Into September and the annual battle (Year 13) between Test Valley at Witherington
Farms Snake lake and whilst friendly no quarter is given. Only Salisbury‟s Mick
Keynes held his own with a section win the rest were battered on the day with TVA
taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

The Stuart Casey Cup followed at Petersfinger, this was again a difficult event due to
the ever present weed problems. However, this did not stop Tom (old timer) Baker
from winning his 6th S.Casey event, surely a new Club record.

Into October and Witherington Farms Sellwood and Cottage lakes beckoned for the
senior pairs and Molc Pepperell and Paul Barnard finally won this event after
bemoaning their luck many years.

October also saw the first visit to our local rivers with the annual Teams of Four Open
match, well done to the local Baker Boys (Tom Baker, Rich Baker, Shaun Gumbleton
and Steve Brown) for keeping the prize money local with a good win

Onto a Club match at Greenridge Farm match canals 2 & 3. (14 anglers) were in
attendance and it proved to be a difficult match for those on canal 2. Although canal 3
fished much better with Mark Cannings winning this one with 81lb.

Into November and the Club‟s annual friendly match held on the main Avon at
Downton which sadly will soon be lost to local and Club anglers alike at the end of
this season. Again this proved to be a difficult match with that man Mark Cannings
again taking the spoils with 16lb of Chub

A Club match on the Constable Fishery wet the (19) angler‟s appetites with a string of
hefty weights (10 into double figures). Great fishing by anybody‟s standards - Ian
Heydon 1st 36lb and Steve Trevett 2nd 26lb
Onto the annual November Open and the heavens opened and the decision was made
to place the whole event on the Avon as the Nadder resembled the colour of coffee.
Not a good one for most but for those who did WOW. Shaun Gumbleton won on the
day with 11lb 12oz comprising mainly of roach – 2lb 10oz, 2lb 8oz and 2lb 1oz. Ray
Ridgers fishing a considerable distance upstream had the fish of a life time – roach
3lb 2oz the second best roach as far as I am aware caught on town waters.

Onto December and back to Witherington‟s Barnmoor lake where the fishing has
changed beyond all recognition, Gone are the 90lb, 100lb, 150lb, 200lb weights. This
did not deter Dave (The Boss) Moody who had regular bites during the event plus a
couple of bonus tench for 28lb.

The last Inter Club for 2006 was held on the Constable fishery with visitors Pewsey
DAA in attendance, the river was pushing fairly hard but again proved its worth
unless you were one of the unfortunate few who draw the dreaded Brunel Rd stretch
(DOH!!!). The result was a close one – Graham (can‟t go wrong) Pulling 1st 31lb,
Mark (never draw bad) Cannings 2nd 30lb and Brian (I don‟t moan) Shutler 29lb.

Finally for this report the last Club match of 2006 and the Christmas Match at South
Mill and West Amesbury wetted the appetites of the Club Members. The result was
that the river once again appeared in good trim and irrespective of high water levels it
looked fishy. Unfortunately it did not match previous year‟s expectations. Total
weight 394lb caught by 34 anglers – average weight 11lb per man around 105lb down
from last years event with more anglers fishing and more water covered . The winner
was Ian Heydon with 33lb. Never the less A Big Thank You to the Committee from
all the attending match anglers for allowing us to use this prestigious venue for this
annual event. ps – Game anglers please take note - Club Boss bailiff Ma t(grayling
bob) Gentle again fished the event and won his section with 16lb – well done

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