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					eTtech Money Launches "," for Investor Awareness & Capital

A New Investment Marketplace, Built by the People for the People

Miami, FL, December 08, 2010 --( eTech Money, a pioneer in investment technology, has
launched to raise $1 million.

Investors are losing money and confidence. The majority of Americans are retiring into insecurity or
dependency. Investments in a CD at the local bank earn a paltry 1% - 2% annual return. Bankruptcy has
become a common phenomenon. People have relied on institutions that have placed their own interests
far above their clients' interest. As a result, many investors have been left with less money and limited

Against such a stark backdrop, to protect investors' interest and future, eTech Money, an investment
technology pioneer is developing a revolutionary patent-pending, risk-controlled, fully transparent,
alternative investments marketplace. The distinctive marketplace unites small and large investors of any
size around the world, with globally available investment talent.

Amidst a great applause of global investors, eTech Money has launched the "" is an initiative to secure additional funds to complete their innovative software
solutions, currently a beta version, lease additional data servers and market their software to the
international trade and investor community. Among other avenues, the company is utilizing the Alex Tew
method that generated $1,000,000 of capital through the highly successful pixel ads sold on eTech Money is now geared up to sell "advertorial blocks" to help build
the first-ever audited and risk controlled Investment Marketplace.

“The company's technology will simplify and automate almost the entire investment process for the
investor. A software matching engine automatically corresponds the investors' criteria with money
managers' performance results, which are internally audited and ranked. This greatly expands the
investors' opportunity for higher returns while providing additional layers of risk control mandated for the
investor's protection," says Michael Mansfield, Chief Investment Officer who has been recognized as the
World Trading Group's Top Trader and the #1 ranked money manager by

"We created a path-breaking technology that will rank the performance of worldwide brokers, banks,
institutional money managers and professional traders, setting an investment marketplace benchmark for
transparency and automated fraud control; in short, it protects the small investor," says Joe Puentes,
President and Founder.

"We believe we are the next logical and sorely needed step in global investments. For the first time, we
enable any investor, no matter how small or large, the opportunity to invest in above-average investments
that are internally monitored and ranked for realizing returns that are significantly greater than traditional
investments. All this, without any of the long drawn out paper work, in full transparency and even for
first-time investors," says Angel Garcia, COO and Co-Founder.

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The company's “Trader Panel” provides free and premium proprietary trading and educational tools that
traders are expected to clamor for. Additionally, their software will enable a global trader network that
will, for example, help centralize the decentralized Foreign Exchange currency market and provide
market data that was never before available. The goal is to build an equalizing investment marketplace
platform that levels the playing field for small investors and money managers to gain alongside large
institutions and high net-worth individuals.

Be Part Of History
“eTech Money requests your assistance. Join in with us and spread the word in an effort to help mitigate
investment industry fraud, dishonest brokers, manipulative spreads, stop loss hunting (price
manipulation), mismanaged and often inefficient mutual funds and personal portfolios, and manipulative
investments. With your help, we will create an audited investment marketplace where money managers
and traders will haggle for a chance to provide you the greatest returns in a risk-controlled environment,"
says Bernard Gutman, Chairman.

The company is calling out to people to join as "Founder Members" of eTech Money and be part of its
cause to secure investors' interests. For a limited time at $25 a block, individuals can place their picture or
company logo, text message or advertorial, and a link to their website on the companies Founders' Wall.
eTech Money plans to aggressively market the Founders' Wall through a multitude of channels including
more than 100 social networks, thus increasing the traffic to the Founder Members' websites. Once the
Investment Marketplace is ready, all Members in appreciation for their contributions will also receive a
Founder's Status and a ribbon icon in their profile that remains for posterity. Additionally, their logos or
pictures will be placed in the gallery of the eTech Money headquarters.

The offer for the Founders Wall is for only a limited period. The company plans to auction the remaining
blocks on the Wall once the 1 Million dollars is raised.

About eTech Money

eTech Money, headquartered in Miami, FL, is led by a dedicated team of experienced professionals in
finance, currency, futures trading, and software development who envision the company as 'The
Investment Authority' for investors, brokers, traders and vendors worldwide. Trader Panel - the patent
pending software is conceptualized by the company to protect the investors' interests and fill the huge
void in the investment community.

The corporate website is and the Founders Wall can be reached at

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please contact


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Contact Information:
eTech Money, Inc.
Joe Puentes, Preisdent & Founder
The corporate website is and the Founders Wall can be reached at

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Description: A New Investment Marketplace, Built by the People for the People