AUDITING Lecture 1 by siratiq

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 By Atiq ur Rahman
      For MBA
        Resources for Course
Course Book
Principles of Auditing (2010)
by Khwaja Amjad Saeed

Suggested Reading
Auditing by Millichamp, AH,

International Standards of Auditing
Relevant websites on Internet
We Start Business With Good Faith
         and High Hopes
When Business Heads Towards Failure
 Even Some
Time Fighting
    Conflicts Arise

Can these two parties resolve?
What we need is
an independent
Opinion given after hearing
   views of both parties
Opinion given after
The word Audit is derived from Audire
“An Audit is the independent examination of
 Financial Statements or related information
 of an entity, whether profit oriented or not,
 and irrespective of its size, or legal form,
 when such an examination is conducted
 with a view to expressing an opinion

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