Employee satisfaction/attitude survey/questionnaire by dhawanapoorv1


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									                                                                                                                 OB Project: PGDM

                                                  Survey Questionnaire – OB1

We the students are conducting a survey for our project on Organizational Behaviour. We would like you to answers some
questions about the general climate of the company and your personal preferences.

Please be as candid as possible. Your responses will remain strictly anonymous. You are not required to reveal your identity
anywhere in this questionnaire.

To ensure the best statistical results, please complete the survey in its entirety. It will take about 10 – 15 minutes. Do not think
too much for each question. Write the first answer that comes to your mind.


Section 1: Demographic Information

Age (Years)                                                            ________________________
Marital Status:                                                        ________________________
Gender: Male / Female                                                  ________________________
Experience in Present Organization (Years)                             ________________________
Total experience (Years):                                              ________________________
Highest Qualification with specialization                              ________________________
Present Designation:                                                   ________________________
Managerial/Executive Level (Lower / Middle / Top):                     ________________________
Nature of work:               Technical / Managerial ____________Any other (specify) _________

                                                                                                         OB Project: PGDM

Section 1:

Choose one of the 5 alternatives given against each statement, as applicable to you.
Indicate your response by writing one of the corresponding numbers in the blank space
last column.

                  Write: 5 for Always, 4 for often, 3 for Sometime, 2 for rarely, & 1 for Never

             1    I get rewarded in accordance with my performance
             2    I have adequate information available which enables me to do my job well.
             3    I am satisfied with the new appraisal cycle
             4    My manager encourages me to take Flexible timing policy
             5    Is there at a cap on number of overtime hours.
             6    To get ahead employees are expected to work more than the required working hours.
             7    Th
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