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									 LOOK SOUTH

                             Sixteenth Edition, Spring 2010

Welcome to the latest edition of LOOK SOUTH, the Newsletter that aims to keep our
members and supporters “in the picture” of what‟s going on in our District.

We report a small drop in our total membership for 2010 to 1116 (from 1142 last year).
A break down is included in the report from our „Scout Council‟ inside this edition.

The District Management Team (DMT) have been kept very busy so far this year with the
latest round of RAG reviews with those Group Scout Leaders (GSL‟s) and Chair people who
felt that they wanted a discussion. Time for those was juggled with the evenings that the
selection of our District representatives to next years the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in
Sweden, took place (see also later report).

An update relating to the „Avon 2011 Jamboree‟ can also be found inside this edition of LS.

Regular readers will recall that 2010 is the year when we are promoting „adult recruitment‟
in our District. This was the agreed way forward and was a consequent of points made in
many of the „where are we now‟ (RAG) assessments completed by Groups in our District.
Work has already been started by some of the neighbouring Groups (hubs) and we hope to
receive reports of activities in later editions.

In the meantime, congratulations to Karen Paddock of 229th who won the 1st round of the
County Car stickers competition, which regular readers will recall is part of the „Just Ask‟
campaign. Other recruitment competitions are underway – e.g. best website + extreme
sleeping comp‟

The „Big Adventure‟ has been relaunched, that‟s the one to get parents etc along to camps
and events. Refer to your copies of „Scouting‟ magazine.

In the past we have featured a history / profile of some of our Groups in „Look South‟. The
editor would welcome more and to that end, a brief history of the 107th Whitchurch is
included in this edition. Please think about doing something similar for your Group.

We confirm that District Explorer Scout Commissioner (DESC) and (MDM) Media
Development Manager appointments remain outstanding. We also continue to seek a new
District Secretary. If you have any suggestions, then please pass them on to any member
of the DMT and /or District Executive.

We regret to report that the 275th (Brislington URC) Group has closed.

By now you should know about „IN TOUCH‟ the new Home Contact System. Please refer to
your GSL or Group contact for information.

Did you see a copy of previous editions of LOOK SOUTH? If not, please see your GSL as
they were all issued with copies for distribution or see our web site
www.bristolsouthscouts.org.uk. We aim to publish four times a year.

From the District Management Team; Bob Stanfield, Nick Winter and Bob Hussey.
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                      APOLOGY AND CORRECTION
In the last newsletter, Look South 15, Kat Allen was listed in an article (on the front
page) as an ACSL. This is incorrect, she is actually an ASL.

In October, 45 Beavers from 21st, 175th, 229th, 107th, & 255th joined together for a
Sleepover at the Lovell Centre, Woodhouse Park; although they were split into two
nights (… big sigh of relief …).

We ran the same basic programme over both nights; so after settling into their rooms
and a quick welcome, the Beavers went for a night hike around Woodhouse Park.
After supper, and some handicraft, games or a film, the Beavers went to their rooms
and were not heard from for at least five minutes. But eventually, there was quiet
from all the rooms.

The following morning started with a wash (well that‟s what the programme called
for), before a breakfast of cereal, toast and a bacon sarnie.

During the rest of the day activities included tracking, tent pitching, scavenger hunt,
craft, wide game, knotting, games and lots of playing in the muddy park next to the
Lovell Centre. Lunch consisted of the Beavers preparing their own pita bread pizzas
using a selection of healthy foods as toppings (quite messy but lots of fun).

After sorting the jumble of lost property, we said good bye to each other and headed
home for some much needed sleep; and I expect that the Beavers were quite tired

Thanks to all the leaders and parents who made the two sleepovers possible, and
especially to Debbie Burnett for helping me on both nights.

By the way, Eastwinds has been booked for the 9th to 10th October 2010 for
another District Sleepover.

Andy Dyer

ADC Beavers

                              PETER KEIGHTLEY
It is with great pleasure that we announce that Peter Keightley has been awarded the
“Silver Acorn” in this years St Georges Day Awards.

The award is in recognition of “Specially Distinguished Service”

Peter has been involved in Scouting for over 30 years as Treasurer for the 21 st Scout
Group and then District Treasurer for both Bristol South East and then Bristol South
Scout Districts. We are sure you all join us in congratulating Peter on his award

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                          AVON JAMBOREE 2011

It is confirmed that Peter Carnegie (DDC Cotswold Edge) has accepted the challenge
to head up as Camp Chief the next County Jamboree over the Spring Bank holiday
weekend in 2011 and that Kat Allen (ASL @ 127th Bristol) has agreed to provide our
District Liaison. More information later, but in the meantime please let Kat have your
views on what you want to see or be included in the event. Please e mail

                          RAFTING AND CAMPING
Please note that the Scouts Camping and Rafting event will now be held on 25 th
/27th June 2010.

It is confirmed that the Bristol South District Scouts Annual General Meeting will be
held on Monday 24 May 2010 at 229th HQ Raynes Road Ashton Bristol BS3 2 DL @
7.15 for 7.30 start. Each Group should attempt to be represented.

                       ST. GEORGES DAY PARADE

It is also confirmed that the Bristol South District Scouts St. Georges Day Parade will
take place at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Wells Road Hengrove.
Please arrange to assemble at 2.15pm for a March Off at 2.30pm. There will be a
short march around local roads, followed by a „Scouts Own‟. Full details are with
GSL‟s and acting GSL‟s.

                     BRISTOL SOUTH FELLOWSHIP

The annual Founder‟s day meal took place on Sunday 21st February 2010 with a
splendid lunch at Stockwood Vale Golf Club when old and some new friends joined
together to celebrate BP‟s and his wife Olave, birthdays (22 nd Feb‟). Details are
emerging of the Fellowships annual coach trip, this year (Sunday 16 th May) including
a trip on the Kennet and Avon Canal. Details from John Roberts (Chair) on 0117 973


David Ashworth (davidashworth@blueyonder.co.uk) is taking on the job of archery
adviser for the County. In County we have no record of people with GNAS (Archery)
qualifications. It would be a big help if you could let David have contact details for any
GNAS leaders that you have in your Districts so that we can start to build up the
Archery opportunities for Scouts in the County. Your assistance will be greatly
appreciated says Alan Dempster, ACC (Activities)

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                                256TH CUB PACK
On 3rd February 14 members of the 256th Cub pack gained their Home safety, Road
safety and Personal safety badges. Also Bob Hussey presented three Cub Scouts
with their Chief Scout‟s Silver Award (pictured below).

        Bob Hussey presenting the cubs with their Chief Scouts Silver Award

                         The three cubs celebrate with a cake

                                 NOMAD OFFER
Nomad Travel Store and Medical Centre on Park Street in Bristol are offering Scouts
within in the district 15% discount on travel and outdoor equipment and 10% on
vaccinations in their clinic.

If you would like to know more about this offer then please visit this link
http://bristolsouthscouts.org.uk/outdooremail15.pdf. It is a copy of the voucher, which
you need to take with you to the store to claim this fantastic offer. The store is located
on 38 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5JG and can be contacted on 0117 9226567.

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                  SWEDEN 2011
         This is the World Scout Jamboree, Simply Scouting!

                  "THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME"

The 22nd World Scout Jamboree will take place in Rinkaby, Sweden, between the
27th July and the 7th August 2011. It will be an experience of a lifetime for all those
lucky enough to be part of it. A green grassy field outside the town of Kristianstad in
Southern Sweden will be turned into a bustling town of more than 30,000 people.

The Jamboree is open to all those eligible, regardless of financial status, physical
ability, gender, personal background or award achievement. Participants will have
been born between 25 July 1993 and 27 July 1997.

36 places have been allocated to Avon with 4 for Bristol South District. A County
wide „adventure‟ day was organised at Woodhouse Park (WHP) as part of the
selection process.

Nine young people from Bristol South who had declared an interest in representing
our District took part. They were all then interviewed by the DMT and rated on their
individual suitability. Because of the very high standard of all nine, the final decision
was very difficult. The points awarded, were added to those gained at WHP and the
decision taken to offer our four places to Abigail Moran, Jamie Cockle (both from
SuperNova) and Harry Lewis, Daniel Attree (both from 127th St Annes)

Being a participant at a World Scout Jamboree is an incredible once in a lifetime
opportunity! Over the course of ten days they meet people from all over the globe,
take part in amazing adventures and experiences and be challenged to think about
global issues in a new light.

Participants will make life-long friends, learn from other cultures and beliefs, share
their own knowledge and experience what it's like to live in beautiful Swedish nature.

                  22nd World Scout Jamboree: Simply Scouting!

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                                    Did you see?
                 SCOUTS ON TARGET
                  Bristol Evening Post Thursday, February 11, 2010,

There can't be many schools in the country which can boast their own beach
volleyball court, caving system and mountain bike track.

But from a small grant of £1,500, a local scout troop have helped transform one of
Bristol‟s Primary Schools and have grand plans for the summer as demand for their
facilities soars.

Blenheim Scout Group approached Cheddar Grove School in Bedminster Down to
use their grounds as a base in return for allowing the school to use any facilities they

And with a modest initial grant from Sport Relief in 2006 they set about building an
archery range. Then they found funding for an all-weather five-a-side pitch, then a
mountain bike track.

Now the industrious group are branching out further, building a beach volleyball court
this summer and exploring the possibility of installing a man-made caving system.

Group scout leader Allan Burnett told the Evening Post: "I think we are now starting
to see the fruits of an awful lot of hard labour. The money from Sport Relief was a
kick start. We had a vision and that £1,500 was a catalyst for where we are now."

Around 70 children a week make use of the floodlit archery range once the scouts
take responsibility for it after 5.30pm each day – and the police have recognised its
benefits for the wider community.

Police community support officer Michelle Kennedy will be running bi-weekly
sessions at the centre from next month to help get kids off the streets and deliver
social services.

"The facility is really being hammered," said Mr. Burnett. "But that's good. It means
the money is well spent. It is about giving people opportunities."

Head teacher Paul Jeffery told the Evening Post: "It is a unique partnership in terms
of bringing sport and health to the community. The children are very, very fortunate,
and other schools and groups are now benefiting as well."

And if you run a local group working in a disadvantaged area of the city you can
apply today for a Community Cash Grant of up to £1,000.

For more information on the grants go to www.thisisbristol.co.uk/sportrelief.

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                      ST. KATHERINE’S SCHOOL, PILL
                         SATURDAY 15TH MAY, 2010
Up to 1st March -- Early bookings accepted – Expressions of Interest
1st March -- ENTRY FORM published to Early booking list
8th March -- ENTRY FORM published generally and on County website
31st March -- Early book list expires, Entries only from this date

Entry list will close when maximum numbers are reached (800)

23rd April -- Applications close, if maximum numbers are not reached before this
1st May -- All payments received
15th May -- THE BIG DAY!!

COST - £7.50 per Cub Scout.
Adults are free, but bear in mind that they are Leaders or supporting adults (CRB‟d),
and that you must adhere to the minimum adult/child ratio required
Cheques payable to „Avon County Cub Scouts‟ please
All forms and payments to Rex, as detailed below, please

This is a themed event; we are looking for ALL attendees to be in appropriate dress
for the Medieval period. This includes all Leaders and supporting adults, and indeed,
any visiting dignatories!
However, the guidelines will be simple, and there will be an ideas sheet sent out to
participating Packs. Please note that this day does not cover Knights.

Each Pack is asked to make its own shield (to a set size, guidelines given) that the
Pack can walk behind when entering the Fayre Arena in the afternoon.
All attendees will be asked to wear an identification wrist band. These will be issued
on arrival at Reception on the day.
Photography: it will be assumed that all Packs have gained permission for general
photography to take place. This could include local press or media. Any exceptions to
be notified to the organizers ahead of the event.
Further information sheets will be circulated to participating Packs.
Any queries, questions or concerns to any of the organizing team

Yours in Scouting,
Rex Meaden
Assistant County Commissioner – Cub Scouts
Rex Meaden
9, Sea Mills Lane,
Stoke Bishop, Bristol BS9 1DN
E-mail: rex.meaden@avonscouts.org.uk Or rcdmeaden@gmail.com

Tel 0117 9684894

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                   MAGGS LANE, WHITCHURCH, BRISTOL BS14.

                      A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE GROUP
The 107th is an amalgamation of the 144th Bristol (1st Whitchurch) operating since 1946 in the
hall adjacent to St. Nicholas Church, Church Road, Whitchurch and the 23rd Bristol (2nd
Whitchurch) Scout Groups.

March 1957 saw the commencement of the 23rd in their temporary headquarters at the
Hengrove Athletic Club (then in Ridgeway Lane, Whitchurch) whilst they built their new H.Q.
in Maggs Lane on land leased from The Bathavon Rural District Council. The lease
commenced on 24 June 1958. The land was eventually purchased by the 107th Group in
February 1982.

Work must have been nearly complete in October 1960 when the (then) Chief Scout, Sir
Charles MacLean opened the hut in Maggs Lane during a tour of Bristol.

The group files show that in January 1961 the main building was considered complete at a
cost of £1,575 and that a further £450 was needed to complete the work.

September 1966 saw the amalgamation of the 1st and 2nd Whitchurch Scout Groups (144th
and 23rd respectively) and this „new‟ group became the 107th Bristol (Whitchurch) meeting in
the Maggs Lane HQ.

The present neckerchief colours for 107th, green with a white border are a combination of
the colours from the original groups. The green from the 144th and the white from the 23rd,
whose other colour, was black. The title of the newsletters, „The Magpie‟ recognises the
original 23rd magazine name taken from their neckerchief colours, black and white.

The 1st Whitchurch Cubs became the „A‟ pack (Wednesday Cubs) and the 2nd Whitchurch
Cubs, the „B‟ pack (Tuesday, later Monday Cubs). This „B‟ pack eventually closed, due to
lack of leaders in Oct‟ 1987. 107th Cubs continue on Wednesdays.

The Scouts from the 144th and the 23rd combined to form a new troop meeting on a Friday.
This Friday troop closed, again due to a lack of leaders in Oct‟ 1988. Thursday (later
Tuesday) Scout Troop was formed in September 1977 and continues, now meeting on

June 1992 saw the start of a Beaver Colony (which continues, meeting every Tuesday) and
during April 1993 „Yeoman‟ Venture Scouts, a mixed unit joined the 107th Group. They were
formed in 1986, originally as a District Unit and eventually merged with a District Explorer
Unit „Super Nova‟

At the end of 1993 additional adjacent land was purchased and became the „second field‟. A
fence was erected, a hedge planted and a small parking area created.

A planned refurbishment of the H.Q. building started in the summer of 1998 and continues.
October 2000 saw the enrolment of girls into the Troop, Pack and Colony for the first time.

In 2006 (forty year anniversary of 107th) a „back badge‟ worn at the base of the neckerchief
was introduced for all members. The design included a Magpie from the original 23rd
neckerchief colours of black and white

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The latest District Executive meeting was held at the Balfour Road HQ on 8th March 2010
and for general information the following is presented.

DMT report to District Exec‟ 8/ March /2010 –
From County meeting – Jan 2010
   1. BH + Allan Burnett (Blenheim) attended DC surgery 13/1/10 „GSL support review‟
   *see „GSL‟s role in District‟ note later (DMT 13 below)

   2. Training update = 112 wood badges awarded during 2009, 8 so far 2010.
   Reminder, modules 1, 3 & 6 done in Districts. (although some info‟ may be out of date!)
   Local training delivered by request, i.e. Axe wants running Group AGM‟s (for GSL‟s)
   Module Matrix leaflets available free from HQ.

   3. „In Touch‟ update. What process will BS recommend?
   (See also DMT 12 Purple cards below)

   4. Group HQ audit recommended (example wooden building owned by Group)

   5. List Group fundraising projects for County as funding / grant advice may be available.

   6. Suggestion – publish GSL‟s annual diary (check list of insurance due, AGM etc)

   7. Reminder – Fellowship funds to District! SAS manager – service level agreement!
   Encourage younger members (I‟m 25 but don‟t want to be a leader, but can offer
   occasional support), then „activity clubs‟ can be supported by SAS.

   8. WSJ (Sweden 2011) Alan Bartlett confirmed £2,300 each to go (bursaries available
      from HQ+Avon) County covering £325 1st instalment paid. Help req‟d on March 13th
      activity day @ WHP. (See also 1 below DMT notes).
      Vacancy in County Contingent Leadership Team

   9. Development – Car stickers competition 1st round won by Karen Paddock of 229th
      Other recruitment comps underway – e.g. Best website + extreme sleeping comp‟
      „Just Ask‟ campaign underway. The „Big Adventure‟ has been relaunched (to get
      parents etc along to camps and events) Recruitment Info‟ for recruiting students

   10. Sun 28th Nov 2010 DC‟s ADC‟s GSL‟s day @Aztec Hotel

   11. Standing down, Mark Gollop (DC Brunel) + Pete Tamblin (Network) = vacancies

   12. Chris Meadows new ACC Ex‟ Scouts. Stu Ballard new County Scouter for Queen‟s
       Scout Award

   13. Adventure Challenge (race) event for the Scout, Explorer and Network Sections.
       Planned for 10th Oct. „On your Todd‟ shield (formally Explorer Challenge) proposed
       for 20th/21st Nov.

   14. See Feb/Mar 2010 „Scouting‟ for mention of Cabot District (p.50) + RDS (p 61) + „Go
       Create‟ article (p 68) and look out for future issues featuring Avon i.e. Blenheim,
       Children‟s Hospital Scouts etc.

Look South 16                                                                  Page 9

   1. See 8 above - WSJ 2011 BS applicants so far – for activity day @ WHP March
      Note local selections expected w/c 15th Mar with nominations w/c 22nd Mar.

   2. Dist‟. Exec‟. confirmed donation budget of £500 p.p. from funds for WSJ 2011

   3 Scout & Guide Counties new Rowing and Pulling Club offering taster/fun
     evenings or Saturday morning sessions afloat in Bristol Harbour (see flyer on
     page 11 of this newsletter)

   4. Recruitment Campaign underway – refer to other papers circulated by e mail.
      Assistance invited from ADC‟s and Exec‟ including plans for any Dist‟ events
      that can be linked.

   5. RAG assessments completed (bar 133rd and 15th) Discussions with GSL‟s +
      chairs commenced

   6. Rob Lapham resigned and 275th closed

   7. Keith Clarke (269th) thinking about starting a Scout Troop

   8. New POR available

   9. Census figures available. YP = 878 (168f + 710m) & Leaders =145 (72f +
      73m) + Exp‟ = 57 (38m + 19f) of which YL = 24 (18m + 8f) + others = 36
      Total = 1116 (see also below)

   10. County Activity Resource book 2010 available.

   11. Very enjoyable „Fellowship‟ Founder‟s Day lunch 21/2/10

   12. „Purple Cards‟ (emergency procedure) distributed.

   13. * „GSL‟s role in District‟ or „GSL‟s , Guardians or Managers?          Comments

   14. County Road-Show planned

   15. Note New date - BS Rafting and Camping Comp‟ now 25/27 July 2010

   16. Blenheim planning Beavers 5 a side football comp‟. More info‟ later.

Look South 16                                                          Page 10
A new activity for 2010! Our Scout & Guide Counties now have a new Rowing and
Pulling Club offering taster/fun evenings or Saturday morning sessions afloat in
Bristol Harbour.

Scouts, Explorers, Guides and Rangers can now learn how to row, work as a crew
and acquire water based skills – all of which can count towards activity badges and
awards. Full instruction is given by fully qualified Instructors holding the necessary
Activity Permit or authorisation. Adult parties – Network, Trefoil or Active Service
units – are most welcome to participate.

Changing, toilet, shower and kitchen facilities are available at the Club base at the
Benjamin Perry Water Activities Centre, Phoenix Wharf, off Lower Guinea
Street, Bristol BS1 6TJ. Catering facilities are available.

Crews of 5 to 15 (max) Scouts and/or Guides can be accommodated in up to 3
boats. The minimum crew is 4 persons; 5 per boat is ideal. Groups/Units should be
accompanied by a leader who has individual permission forms and a next-of-kin
contact list and takes charge of the party ashore. An ability to swim 50m and stay
afloat for 5min is required for most participants (but Instructors may allow one non
swimmer per boat). The required buoyancy aids are supplied. Minimum age is 10
years. The charge is £20 per boat used. Sessions (evenings or Saturday mornings)
can be booked now and give at least an hour afloat, depending on age and fitness:

                           Mon    19th April  7 - 9pm
                           Fri    30th April  7 - 9pm
                           Sat    15th May    9.30 -12.30
                           Mon    24th May    7 - 9pm
                           Sat    12th June 9.30 -12.30
                           Sat    26th June 9.30 -12.30
                           Mon    12th July   7 - 9pm
                           Sat    31st July   9.30 -12.30
                           Sat    18th Sept   9.30 -12.30

This is an opportunity for both young people and leaders to explore the historic old
docks of central Bristol, enjoy working in a team and gain new skills!

Leaders wishing to acquire Rowing and Pulling qualifications should contact the Club
who will provide training for assessment by our County Assessors for an
Adventurous Activity Permit (Pulling - Leading).

  Enquiries, more information and bookings are available from:
   Mrs Sandi Hardwick, Club Bookings Secretary, Wingreen,
Badminton Road, Chipping Sodbury, BS37 6LL. Tel: 01454 857520.
             Email: sandi@wingreen.freeserve.co.uk

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                               Centenary Wood
                               Newton St. Loe
                                  BA2 9JD


When:           Sunday 27 June 2010
Where:          Centenary Wood, Pennsylvania Farm, Newton St. Loe **
Time:           Anytime between 10am and 4pm

You, your team, and any other interested leaders/executive members,
are invited to join the County Commissioner for a cup of coffee/tea and a
slice of cake at Centenary Wood so that you can see the potential for
future use of the site for activities by your Section/Group/District/Unit.

Although close to Bath, the site is in a rural setting. As far as camping
goes it is a greenfield site – there is a water supply but nothing else at
present. There are three camping areas amongst the trees making it
ideal for Patrol camping, but the total site will take larger numbers – a
Troop or Unit for instance.

The site also lends itself to daytime and evening non-residential events–
start or end point for hikes, base for nature activities, barbeques, Teddy
Bear Picnics, Easter Egg Hunts, outdoor badge activities – you name it,
you can probably do it here!

** For those of you with sat. nav., the post code for the farm
(approximately 1km [0.5 miles] away is BA2 9JD.

For those using an OS map the grid reference is ST700629.

For Directions on how to get there please see the next page
of this newsletter.

Look South 16                                                Page 12
                                  Centenary Wood
                                  Newton St. Loe
                                     BA2 9JD

               THE JUNCTION A4/A39
It is recommended, as the lanes are very narrow and with few passing places,
that you use a “one way” system, arriving via Newton St Loe and departing via

Take the road (marked Coombe Down etc) to the LEFT of The Globe Public
House and follow it up the hill. After a short distance IGNORE the right hand
turn to Newton St Loe.

At the top of the hill the road will bear slightly to the left and there is a junction
to the RIGHT (sign posted “Clays End” on the left hand side of the road) and
with an advertisement board for Bed and Breakfast at Pennsylvania Farm on
your right at the side of the turning. TURN RIGHT into this lane.

After a shortish distance you will reach a “T” junction with a further
advertisement board for Bed and Breakfast at the farm. TURN LEFT.

After a while you will see another advertisement for Bed and Breakfast at the
farm – which is reassuring as by now you will think that you are lost.

When you get to the farm (which is on your right) keep going up the lane!!!!

The entrance to the site is further up the same lane and on the LEFT – just
before a right angled bend in the road. (The road bears to the left: there is a
bridleway to the right which will allow you to turn around if you have overshot:
it is very potholed so don‟t drive further than the length of your vehicle before

WARNING – the gate opens OUTWARDS.

NOTE: the lanes get narrower as you move away from the main road and
passing places are rare. Watch out for the wildlife – mainly squirrels and
pheasant but sometimes rabbits and ducks as well.

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                           CENSUS UPDATE
Year      Beavers   Cubs    Scouts    Exp.         Adult        Yearly total
                                      Scouts       Total

2008      223       342     276       72           174          1087

2009      249       352     297       54           190          1142

2010      248       383     247       57           181          1116

                           EDITOR‟S PIECE

I would like to hear more from Scout Groups. Perhaps you have just
recently been on a trip or would like to write an article about a district
event you have attended? I am also keen to hear from Young Leaders

All items for the “Summer Edition” of Look South to the editor by
Friday 18th June 2010

The Editor is Philip Burnett
Email:       phillybuk2002@aol.com
Tel: 01179857198
Post: 10 Dean Lane, Southville, Bristol, BS3 1DF

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