REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

The Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority (OSPRA) in conjunction with the
Federal Highway Administration-South Dakota Division is soliciting proposals from
qualified consultants to assist in the preparation of the Oglala Sioux Tribe Scenic Byway


OSPRA, a non-profit organization chartered by the Oglala Sioux Tribe, has the
responsibility of promoting, conserving, preserving, protecting and managing the Tribe’s
natural and cultural resources on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Since 1976, OST has had a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the U.S.
Government National Park Services, which enables OSPA to carry out the
aforementioned responsibilities. This MOA has been periodically renewed and remains
in effect.

In 1996, OST submitted a scenic byway designation request to the state of South
Dakota for the “Crazy Horse Trail.” This 68-mile trail consisted of BIA Highways 2, 27
and 41, bordering the west, east and southern boundaries of the Badlands National
Park South Unit. Because of the poorly maintained gravel road BIA 2 and the Red Shirt
Table dump “eyesore,” this proposal was rejected.

In 2000, OSPRA submitted a request to the state of South Dakota for the Crazy Horse
Scenic Byway, which encompassed the aforementioned Crazy Horse Trail, linked the
North and South Units of the Badlands National Park and connected with the Peter
Norbeck National Scenic Byway in Custer State Park. This 133-mile route started at
Exit 131 at Cactus Flats on Interstate 90, continued through both units of the Park and
connected to Custer State Park at the intersection of U.S. 16A and S.D. 36. Probably
because of political changes on the Reservation, the state of South Dakota did not
make a decision on this route.

The National Scenic Byway Program legislation was subsequently amended to enable
tribes to designate their own national scenic byways, in conjunction with the Federal
Highway Administration. On August 20, 2008, FHA awarded a grant to OSPRA to
“enable the Oglala Sioux Tribe to build the organizational capacity and attain the
technical expertise required to plan, design and develop a grass-roots, collaborative
Tribal Scenic Byways Program.”


The purpose of this consultancy is to assist OSPRA in developing the OST Scenic
Byways Program. Specifically, the selected consultant will assist OSPRA in
implementing the project milestones of:
   1) Forming a Tribal Scenic Byway Steering Committee,
   2) Developing and implementing public outreach forums, with at least one forum in
      each of the Tribe’s local government Districts,
   3) Researching examples of Federal and State byway designations,
   4) Identifying and coordinating existing partners and recommending new partners to
      explore joint development activities, and
   5) Coordinating socio-economic assessment with byway stakeholders.


Task 100      Data Review and Collection

The consultant will review data of existing Federal and State scenic byway programs,
especially those on the Native American Scenic Byway, which includes the Cheyenne
River, Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Standing Rock and Yankton Sioux Tribes. All data
collected from these entities will be summarized and provided to the OSPRA staff and
Tribal Scenic Byway Steering Committee at their monthly meetings.

Socio-economic data will be collected for each of the District consultations (see Task
200 below) and shared with the respective byway stakeholders.

Task 200      Public Information & Participation

The consultant will assist OSPRA and the Steering Committee in organizing public
information meetings in each of the OST local government districts. The consultant will
also assist in consultation with existing and new partners.

Task 300      Traffic Forecasts

Using state and tribal traffic counts, the consultant will provide traffic forecasts at key
junctures throughout proposed scenic byway trails.

Task 400      Analysis of Traffic Operations

       Subtask 400.1        Existing Conditions

       The consultant will analyze for existing traffic conditions (Task 300). All analyses
       shall be conducted using the methodology of the Transportation Research
       Board’s Highway Capacity Manual 2000.

       Subtask 400.2        Future Conditions

       The consultant will analyze for future traffic conditions. All analyses shall be
       conducted using the methodology of the Transportation Research Board’s
       Highway Capacity Manual 2000.

Task 500      Development of Scenic Byway Criteria

The consultant will share with the Steering Committee FHA Intrinsic Qualities Criteria
for Nationally Designated Scenic Byways, as well as State and various Tribal Byways
Criteria. Based on this review, the consultant will recommend scenic byway criteria for
the OST Scenic Byway Program.

Task 600      Development of Alternative Route Alignments

Once the consultant has identified a range of alternatives, the Steering Committee will
determine what routes should be granted Tribal Scenic Byway designation.

Task 700      Reports and Meetings

The consultant will provide the OSPRA Steering Committee and FHA, SD Division with
reproducible originals of interim reports, draft final report and at least one high priority
scenic byway proposal seeking national scenic byway designation.


Consultant selection will follow the estimated schedule:
   May 20, 2009 – Written proposals due at Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority
   May 22-28, 2009 – Interviews to be held at the OSPRA offices in Kyle, SD.
   May 29, 2009 – Select consultant and initiate contract negotiations.


Detailed scheduling of the project will be negotiated during the contract negotiations by
the selected consultant and OSPRA.

The date for initiation of the contract as well as the overall contract performance period
will be negotiated with the selected consultant based on the tentative time schedule
listed below.

                  Notice to Proceed (Tasks 100 – 600) – June 1, 2009

            Submit Draft Report to Agencies for Review – January 15, 2010

                            Final Report – February 15, 2010

Final payment and retainage will not be made to the consultant until the Final Report is
accepted by OSPRA.

All dates are estimates. Proposals should include any recommendations on a preferred
timeline by the responder.



Questions about the proposal may arise as proposers are preparing their responses.
Inquiries are to be made in writing prior to May 10, 2009. Please direct questions to:

       Birgil Kills Straight, Executive Director
       Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority
       PO Box 570
       Kyle SD 57751
       (605) 455-2584


Proposals must be signed by a duly authorized official of the proposer. Consortia, joint
ventures, or teams submitting proposals, although permitted and encouraged, will not
be considered responsive unless it is established that all contractual responsibility rests
solely with one contractor or one legal entity which shall not be a subsidiary or affiliate
with limited resources. Each proposal should indicate the entity responsible for
execution on behalf of the proposal team.


The following shall be the basic services and products provided by the consultant.

       A.    The consultant agrees to attend and participate in a minimum of nine
             public meetings/hearings during the contract period.

       B.     The consultant agrees to attend and make presentations at the following
              meetings: OST Scenic Byways Steering Committee monthly meetings and
              designated partnership meetings.

       C.     The consultant agrees to prepare a brief synopsis of public comment as
              part of the final document(s). Official minutes of public meetings and
              committee meetings are the responsibility of the consultant and shall be
              included as part of the final document(s).

       D.     The consultant agrees to prepare draft documents, make revisions as
              required, and prepare final document(s) that will include graphics, charts,
              tables, and an executive summary. The consultant will respond in a timely
              manner to any comments that result from the Tribal/Federal/Public review,
              and will provide reproducible originals to OSPRA and FHA-SD Division.


The Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority must receive your proposal no later
than 4:00 p.m. MST, May 20, 2009. The background information, experience and

descriptive examples of the proposed consultant’s work must be submitted with
information to accompany the proposal at the required time of submittal. Submissions
will be directed to:

Birgil Kills Straight, Executive Director
Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority
PO Box 570
Kyle SD 57752


In the event that it becomes necessary to revise any part of this RFP or if additional
information is necessary to enable the proposer to make adequate interpretation of the
provisions of this Request for Proposal, a supplement to the RFP will be provided to
each proposed consultant.


The Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority retains the right to reject all proposals
and to re-solicit if deemed to be in their best interests.

Selection is also dependent upon the negotiation of a mutually acceptable contract with
the successful proposer.


No reimbursement will be made by the Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority or
any other party to this agreement for any costs incurred prior to a formal notice to
proceed under a contract.


Each proposal shall state it is valid for a period of not less than ninety (90) days from
the date of receipt.


No member, officer, employee of the Oglala Sioux Tribe or member of its governing
body or of a local public body having jurisdiction within the Tribe's service area, during
his or her tenure or one year thereafter, shall have any interest, direct or indirect, in any
resultant contract or the proceeds thereof.


The contract amount submitted by the consultant should take into consideration the fact
that all sponsoring entities associated with the proposed project are exempt from all
state taxation, including state sales tax.


The OSPRA Board will review responses to this Request for Proposal that meet the
requirements enumerated and are received prior to the designated closing date.

Upon review of qualified proposed consultant, the Board will designate the most
qualified individual or firms as finalists based on professional qualifications, costs and
financial data. The selected finalists will appear for an oral presentation and evaluation
by the Board, which then will select a consultant. The selected consultant will be
notified and contract negotiations will commence. Upon the completion of negotiations,
the Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority and the Federal Highway Administration-
SD Division must approve the contract before any work can begin. Federal funding will
be utilized in this study and thus the consultant will be subject to all of the federal
contracting requirements that are incurred as a result.


The proposed consultant should identify the program process utilized on other
significant projects of similar scope and magnitude as well as the process envisioned
for this project. The specific procedures and methods proposed for coordinating the
requirements of the Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority and Federal Highway
Administration-SD Division will be detailed in the proposal.


Those firms submitting proposals will be evaluated according to the qualification of the
individual or firm in terms of experience, the ability to perform and manage the work,
the ability to work within a schedule, and within a fixed budget. The individual or firm is
asked to submit a description of prior work that is related to the scope of work
previously described. Particular emphasis will be placed on the qualifications of the
individual or firm's key staff.

The contract for the scope of work will be based on a fee schedule with a not-to-exceed
amount. Project fee and cost estimates are not considered binding evaluation criteria.
Each individual or firm submitting a proposal must provide a cost estimate for
completion of the OST Scenic Byway Program.


The following criteria will be weighted equally in evaluating the qualifications of each

      Capacity/Capability (30%)

      (a)    Key personnel and individual relevant experience and capability, and
             outside consultants.

      (b)    Diversity of skills – demonstrated knowledge of scenic byway program
             development. Experience in “Indian Country” and, especially with the
             Oglala Sioux Tribe or its programs, should be emphasized.

      Technical Ability and Understanding of Requirements (40%)

      (a)    Technical approach proposed for meeting tasks.

      (b)    Understanding and experience in meeting tasks.

      (c)    Understanding of Program requirements and experience with similar

      (d)    Project schedule.

      (e)    Personnel assigned to tasks.

      (f)    Quality of examples of previous work.

      Project Organization and Management (20%)

      (a)    Previous experience with OSPRA or OST and its programs.

      (b)    Management Procedure - work reports.

      (c)    Quality Control.

      Past Record of Performance (10%)

      Completion time, quality and efficiency examples of previous work with OSPRA
      or OST and its programs.


The services envisioned within this Request for Proposal includes the ability to conduct
socio-economic, cultural and traffic analysis necessary for the completion of the project.


The successful consultant shall comply with the requirements of Title 49 CFR Part 21
and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The successful consultant shall submit upon
request quarterly Title VI (civil rights) State of Contractor reports to the Oglala Sioux
Tribe Parks & Recreation Authority. The successful consultant will provide services in
compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


Federal funds received by the Oglala Sioux Parks & Recreation Authority will be used
as a component of the overall funding of this project. Accordingly, the selected
consultant will be required to comply with all applicable Federal regulations and
contracting provisions required by the Federal funding authority, including 49 CFR Part
31 - Allowable Costs, Civil Rights, Minority Business Enterprise, and other applicable
assurance provisions. Additionally, the contract must be in compliance with state and
local requirements applicable to such contracts.


Any and all resulting agreements resulting from this request for proposals shall require
the successful Consultant to provide and maintain professional liability insurance as
well as worker’s compensation, public liability and property damage insurance in
compliance with all applicable State and Federal regulations and contracting provisions
required by the Federal funding authority, including 49 CFR Part 31 or subsequent
revisions of said federal regulations.


All plans, calculations, maps, digital files, reports, correspondence, minutes of
meetings, and related data generated for the study will be included in the final
documents submitted to the Oglala Sioux Tribe Parks & Recreation Authority.


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