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									PerksCard Reviews Suggest That It
Is One Of The Leading Firms In And
            Across US
PerksCard is a leading organization that caters to
medium to large sized employers by designing a
localized discount scheme and voluntary benefit
programs. It is a recognized institution which has served
many organizations like hospitals, fortune 500, school
districts, universities and government agencies.
Its services are admired for excellence and flexibility and
moreover PerksCard reviews from its members are also
The firm has offices in six different locations across US
and was established in 1988. Since then it has been
serving its members with unsurpassed services and
opportunities. PerksCard reviews suggest that its
services are aimed at helping medium to large sized
companies with minimum 500 to 30,000 employees or
Apart from that it serves the members with employee
sponsored saving programs in which the employees
have the opportunity to save on things which they
require on daily basis- such as gym memberships,
movie tickets, mini vacations, dining opportunities and
It offers excellent co-branded affinity cards in the US
and the concept has been implemented in about 1000
major corporations, colleges, alumni associations and
affinity groups etc. PerksCard reviews suggest that
millions of PerksCard cardholders have been able to
benefit from its saving program and have praised the
company for its unparalleled and excellent services.
About PerksCard Network:
Founded in 1988, PerksCard Network is a savings and
discount program that employers, associations and other
organizations can offer to their employees and members.
PerksCard cardholders are offered a one-stop shopping
experience, allowing them to view and shop for products
and services available exclusively to them from local
merchants in their communities, as well as from many of
today’s most popular national brands.
Additional benefits include special promotions through
featured partners, an online mall that provides vast
number of businesses and categories for employees
and members to choose from, and a full menu of
voluntary benefits, insurance, rewards, points and
lifestyle discounts. PerksCard was acquired by Augeo in
2008. For more information about PerksCard Network,

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