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					                             The Belleville

                                                                       The Sweetest News in                    Spring 2010
  Department Supervisor: Dr. Palmieri
  Faculty Editor: Mr. Klotzkin

                                        Social Studies and World Languages Department Newsletter

                              Belleville Students Participate in
Student Reflections           an Educational Tour of Spain                         Belleville Students Taste
                                          By: Mr. Valvano                               Italian Culture
                                                                                          By: Ciara Labay
                               On April 9th, Mr. Valvano, a BHS teacher,
                             accompanied Catherine Cieri, Jan Andia, and
                                                                                   On Tuesday, May 4th, Mr. Di
                             Marco Sarabia on an 8-day trip to Spain. Their     Renzo took students from his Italian
                             travel was organized and arranged through EF       classes to an authentic Italian
                             tours and incorporated visits to Madrid,           restaurant called Piazza Margherita
                             Toledo, Seville, Granada, and the Costa del        in Lyndhurst, NJ.
                             Sol region.                                           Mr. Di Renzo wanted his students
                                The trip provided a healthy balance of          to experience Italian culture and
                             historical, cultural, and language learning        cuisine.
                             intertwined with fun activities and social            Upon arriving, the staff welcomed
 What is your fondest        interaction with other NJ/NY high school           all the guests with their warm
 memory of learning in       groups. Highlights from the trip include a         greetings. As students said their
 Social Studies or           bull-fight in Madrid, the Imperial Palace (also    “hellos,” they couldn’t help but
 World Languages this        in Madrid), the Al Hambra palace in Granada,       notice the beautiful design of the
 year?                       and the tombs of Ferdinand and Isabella in         restaurant.
                             Granada and Christopher Columbus in Seville.          “The architecture and design of
 “I absolutely loved            Some of the students were even able to          the restaurant was mesmerizing. It
 discussing current          watch the Real Madrid soccer team play             made me feel like I was in Italy. The
 events while sitting in     Barcelona at the stadium in Madrid.                mosaic tiles, columns and the
 a circle on Fridays.”          The group was able to partake in authentic      fountain       complemented         the
 Amanda Soto                 Spanish cuisine each day and also engage in        restaurant nicely,” said 9th grader
                             guided tours of each city. The tour guides in      Sarah Kam.
 Grade 11
                                                                                   Salad was first served, and the
                             each city were very knowledgeable and
                                                                                pasta, which was gnocchi, followed.
 “My best memory is          personable, so that students got a full
                                                                                Students were able to watch the chef
 when we played              understanding and perspective.
                                                                                prepare and cook the gnocchi;
 ‘Catch the Dragon’s            Spain has so much to offer in terms of          therefore, they would now be able to
 Tail’, a traditional        culture and history, and much of the detail that   prepare it for family at home. Once
 Chinese game.”              traces back to Ferdinand and Isabella’s reign      all the bowls contained no more
 Rachel Alvarez              relates directly to the establishment of           pasta, dessert platters were brought
 Grade 9                     America in the New World.                          out. Within a few minutes, those
                                 It is always a success when fun and            platters, too, were completely wiped
 “When my French             learning can be combined and experience            out.
 teacher had us draw         becomes the teacher. Despite the explosion of         “This was a unique dining
 paper dolls.”               the volcano in Iceland delaying travel for         experience. I enjoyed the homemade
 Kimberly Pinano             much of Europe and canceling the return flight     Italian food, especially the desserts,”
 Grade 9                     home (via London) on the 17th, the Belleville      said 9th grader Ali Hajihaidari.
                             group was able to slip through the cracks in          All in all, the students greatly
 “When we tasted food        Madrid and just barely board a last-minute         appreciated this trip because of the
 from different              plane back to NYC. It was an excellent             delicious food and kind staff.
 countries.”                 experience overall and everyone returned              “The restaurant staff was really
  Arijana Jasarevic          home      with     positive     reflections  and   nice. They answered all of our
 Grade 9                     impressions.                                       questions and served us great food,”
                                                                                said 9th grader Rebecca DeFrance.
Student Reflections
                              Family International Night Festival
What is your fondest           Educates the Community About
memory of learning in
                                      Global Awareness
Social Studies or World
Languages this year?
                                On Thursday, April 22, 2010, from 6:30 P.M.
                            to 8:00 P.M., a Family International Night
 “When my classmate
                            Festival was held in the Belleville High School
 played Spanish music
 on his guitar in class”       The Family International Night Festival
 Shalyn Shariff
 Grade 9
                            included a beautiful public display of students’
                            work featuring posters of different countries          Social Studies Jokes
                            throughout the world. Also, it featured cultural
 “I enjoyed learning                                                              When a knight in armor was
                            food, music, dancing, a bagpipe performance, a
 about the immense          chorus performance, and a raffle of original hand     killed in battle, what sign did
 challenges the             made Chinese art.                                     they put on his grave?
 Kennedy family                Over 250 people attended. The audience             Rust in Peace.
 encountered.”              included the Belleville community, parents,
 Melvin Fiallos             teachers, students, the Belleville Board of           Where was the Magna
 Grade 11                   Education, the Belleville Superintendent Mr.          Carta signed?
                            Picardo, and the Belleville High School               At the bottom.
 “I enjoyed playing         administrators. The festival admission cost was
 Social Studies             free.                                                 Why were the dark ages
 Jeopardy in class. The        9th graders Sabrina Mincin and Giuseppe            called dark?
 double Jeopardy            Zarfino hosted the event. Before each cultural        Because there were so
 questions were so          performance, they briefly educated the audience       many knights.
 hard. Playing Jeopardy     about the history of the performance, song, or
 made learning fun!”        dance.                                                Why did the Tyrannosaurus
                               Mr. Klotzkin and department supervisors Dr.        Rex wear a Band Aid?
 Dan Amadeo
                            Palmieri and Mrs. Hagerty worked diligently to        He had a dino sore.
 Grade 11
                            help coordinate this entertaining, informative, and
                            thought provoking event.
 “I really enjoyed                                                                Why did Julius Caesar buy
                              Senior Monica Idrovo commented, “The
 working in small                                                                 crayons?
                            festival was really great. I had so much fun. It
 groups with my                                                                   To Mark Anthony.
                            was a great opportunity to learn about other
 classmates. They were      cultures.”
 a real pleasure to work       Junior John Marone said, “The performances         When were King Arthur’s
 with. I will really miss   were spectacular. I really loved hearing Chase        army too tired to fight?
 them.”                     Hamilton play the bagpipe. I have never seen          When they had lots of
 Reinaldo Perez             someone play the bagpipe before. That was             sleepless knights.
 Grade 12                   amazing!! Also, the guitarist was outstanding.”
                                Senior Garth Innis remarked, “The dancers did     What is the smartest state?
 “I enjoyed merging         a great job. It was very entertaining and visually    Alabama. It has four A’s and
 with another class to      stimulating.”                                         one B.
 watch a very talented
 female artist create                                                             What rock group has four
 sand art depicting                                                               men that don’t sing?
 World War 2.”                                                                    Mount Rushmore.
 Jessie Bato
 Grade 11                                                                         What city cheats on exams?
 “I enjoyed when my
 teacher told us first                                                            Where do pianists go on
 hand stories of what it                                                          vacation?
 was like to work in the                                                          Florida Keys.
 White House for the
 First Lady Hillary                                                               What did Delaware?
 Clinton.“                                                                        Her New Jersey.
 Christine Feliciano
 Grade 12

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