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									HTM 01-05: Decontamination
A summary of requirements
Policy and forward

•     Patients deserve to be treated in a safe clean environment with consistent
      standards of care every time they receive treatment

•     Building on existing good practice will help to deliver standards of
      decontamination expected by patients

•     Essential quality requirements to be in place within 12 months

•     Best practice recommendations – no timescale but practices need to plan to
      progress towards it where they can

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Essential requirements

•     A local infection control policy, including instrument decontamination
•     A nominated lead for infection control and decontamination
•     Procedures for managing single use and reusable instruments (segregation,
      disposal and monitoring)
•     Separation of decontamination procedures – designated room or area
•     Sinks (1 for handwashing, 2 for decontamination)

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Essential requirements contd

•     Decontamination equipment – fit for purpose and validated
•     Cleaning using an ultrasonic bath or manual cleaning
•     Inspection to ensure visibly clean (magnifying glass and task lighting)
•     Instrument storage – dedicated area as far as possible from dental chair
•     Training (documented) of staff involved with decontamination
•     Current immunisation of staff (hepatitis B)
•     Infection control audits (annually)
•     An assessment of changes needed to progress towards ‘best practice’

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Best practice

            Higher standards of infection control through continuous
                     improvements in premises and equipment

          No timescales – recognising it will take some practices longer
               than others and some may never be able to comply fully

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Best practice requirements

•     Washer disinfector to remove the need for manual washing
      •   Manual cleaning only when recommended by manufacturer
•     Decontamination rooms to improve separation from other activities (clinical)
•     Instrument storage away from the surgery
•     Improved systems for using instruments within timescales:
      •   Non-vacuum autoclaves used immediately or wrapped and used within 21 days
      •   Vacuum-autoclaves used within 30 days if wrapped before sterilisation
          (nb essential requirements)

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   Decontamination areas - example

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