Proposal Development Submission Process by Joshreed


									                                            Proposal Development & Submission Work Flow Process

Project Initiator                                       Graduate Studies & Grants Administration                 Sponsor

Creates idea, writes abstract
Creates idea, writes abstract                           Assists with this process by providing:
                                                        Assists with this process by providing:
Identifies opportunities/sponsors
Identifies opportunities/sponsor                        Funding source information/opportunities
                                                           Funding source information/opportunities
Consults with Chair/Director/Dean
Consults Chair/Director/Dean                               Guidance/clearance for funding sources
                                                        Guidance & clearance for funding sources
                                                           Interpretation of guidelines/requirements
                                                        Interpretation of application requirements/guidelines

Contacts sponsor to determine feasibility
Contacts sponsor regarding feasibility
                                                                                    if requested
                                                        Assists with this process,if requested
                                                         Assists with this process,

Prepares & submits initial concept paper
Prepares/submits concept paper                                                                                  Provides comments
                                                                                                                  Provides comment
paperpaper,reirrequired                                                                                           coccocommco
     Prepares draft proposal
Prepares draft proposal                                 Provides initial review/comments on draft proposal
                                                          Provides review/comments on draft proposal

Finalizes proposal submits to to GSGA
Finalizes proposal & & submitsGSGA                        Provides final internal review & review
                                                        Provides final proposal internalcomment& comment

Initiates proposal approval form                        Prepares transmittal letter/form
Initiates proposal approval form                          Prepares transmittal letter/form
Obtains required signatures/approvals
Obtains required signatures/approvals                     Obtains Authorizing Official signature
                                                        Obtains Authorizing Official signature                    Acknowledges
Makes any changes to proposal
Makes any changes to proposal                             Transmits proposal to sponsor
                                                        Transmits proposal to Sponsor                             Receipt
Submits final proposal to GSGA
Submits final proposal to GSGA

Revises proposal
Revises proposal, if requested                           Negotiates revision w/ Sponsor (includes PI)
                                                        Negotiates revision with Sponsor (includes PI)          Requests clarification,
                                                                                                                 clarification, revision
                                                                                                                modification, mod,
                                                                                                                  or revision

Requests Sponsor de-briefing                              Notifies PI & Key Individuals of Sponsor decision      Accepts or Rejects
                                                                                                                Notifies GSGA
                                                                                                                  Notifies GSGA

                                                          Reports Award, Secures University Approvals

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