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									Press Release

Capture moments, moods, and
memories with The Discover Collection
of fine fragrances by Banana Republic

Dubai, March 15th 2009

You have an insatiable curiosity. You experience life in ways that others do not – exploring
life and finding inspiration from the city through art, travel, design and culture. You
encapsulate the spirit of Banana Republic. The Discover Collection embodies this spirit, too,
with an array of personal care offerings anchored by seven distinct fragrances.

explore the scents…

Created to stir the senses and the soul, each Discover Collection fragrance seeks to evoke
singular, personal moments in time through the memory of scent. One transports you to a
summer evening once spent in a lush garden. Another returns you to a bustling exotic
marketplace you once visited. However the scents speak to you, they are destined to
become your signatures, fragrant imprints that linger on a pillow, grace your shirt collar,
remind other people of you.

The collection consists of four women’s and three men’s fragrances, each with a distinct
personality that together live in harmony much like how seasonal fashion collections do.
While Banana Republic’s apparel and accessories collections speak to different
personalities, so does the Discover Collection with its variety of scents that allow every
sensual being to find an expression and extension of his or her essence through scent.

The collection covers a wide range of families on the olfactory map, with fragrances
celebrating floral, fruity and oriental notes for women and green and woody accords for men-
-all masterfully blended and waiting to be discovered. The fragrances are each named after a
luxurious material that immediately beckons to mind a unique texture and feel of meaningful

                                        Black Walnut

explore the packaging…

In keeping with the aesthetic that has become the signature of the Banana Republic brand,
the packaging of the Discover Collection blends exquisite natural materials, high-end
craftsmanship and unexpected details in order to invite exploration and captivate the
imagination. Just as the Banana Republic wardrobe is crafted with rich, natural materials –
linen, cashmere, raw cotton – so too is the Discover Collection, which blends authentic,
organic materials such as wood and glass. These surprising stamps of accessible luxury
speak to the authenticity and spirit of the brand, which begins here with the outer boxes –
dramatic casings made entirely of natural wood, stained in ethereal shades of brown, black
or gray.

The women’s fragrance boxes are a warm brown and cylindrically shaped, while the three
men’s fragrances are housed in square boxes. Wood was chosen for its depth and multi-
layered beauty as well as to remind one of a treasure box, a secret hiding place for cherished

Embedded into the horizontal opening around each box is a colored band in the signature
hue of each fragrance. These simple lines unexpectedly cut through the wood, offering the
explorer a hint of what’s to come once the box is open. Each box is etched with the name of
the scent it holds.

explore the bottles…

Each box clicks apart to reveal a unique bottle nestled inside, with each fragrance contained
in its own signature glass form. The women’s bottles are curvaceous and feminine, modern
interpretations of antique perfume bottles. Each can be cradled in the palm of the hand or sit
delicately upon a vanity. The men’s fragrances are strong, identically shaped square
structures, reminiscent of old-fashioned ink wells. The contrast of the shine and sensuality of
these inner glass casings and the matte look and feel of the outer wood enclosures create a
harmony of tension and texture that is distinctly Banana Republic. It is a celebration of
duality, of the balance between the masculine and feminine, the modern and the classic, the
beauty created when opposites collide.
A moment. A mood. A memory. The ideal scent embraces all of these. Experience the
essence that best expresses you from our signature collection of fine fragrances.We invite
you to explore:


Think: A delicate blend of wild musk and natural florals.
Fragrance Family: Floral-Floral
Key Notes: Lotus Flower, Wild Rose, Musks
Bottle: A teardrop
AED 300 (100 ml)
AED 230 (50 ml)

Think: A vibrant blend of aromatic florals and kashmir wood.
Fragrance Family: Floral-Fruity
Key Notes: Tropical Grenade(is this the correct spelling?), Musky Cotton Flower, Kashmir
Bottle: An acorn
AED 320 (100 ml)
AED 245 (50 ml)

Think: A radiant blend of luscious florals and warm sandalwood.
Fragrance Family: Floral-Floral
Key Notes: Water hyacinth, Imperial Peony, Sandalwood
Bottle: A pebble
AED 320 (100 ml)
AED 245 (50 ml)

Think: A sensual blend of rare florals and rich amber.
Fragrance Family: Floral-Oriental
Key Notes: Bergamot Champagne, White Tea Leaves, White Amber
Bottle: A sensual pebble
AED 320 (100 ml)
AED 245 (50 ml)


Think: A timeless blend of aromatic cedarwood and warm signature notes.
Fragrance Family: Aromatic Woody
Key Notes: Cognac, Tobacco Leaves, Cedarwood
Bottle: An old-fashioned inkwell
AED 300 (100 ml)
AED 230 (50 ml)

Think: A blend of ebony spices and vintage leather.
Fragrance Family: Woody Warm
Key Notes: Leafy Green Fig, Raw Nutmeg, Vintage Leather
Bottle: An old-fashioned ink well
AED 300 (100 ml)
AED 230 (50 ml)

Think: A crisp blend of refreshing citrus and invigorating ginger.
Fragrance Family: Aromatic Green
Key Notes: Glacier Citrus Water, Silver Sage, Hydroponic Ginger Root
Bottle: An old-fashioned inkwell
AED 300 (100 ml)
AED 230 (50 ml)

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