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Dear Sir or Madam:

                  Proposal to the NBD Cairo Workshop
The Nile Basin Society, understanding the special needs of achieving a head start for the NGO
involvement in the NBI and willing to play a positive role within the prevailing conditions have the
following proposal for consideration by the participants of the Cairo Meeting and the organizations
supporting the NBI and the NBI governments, proposes:
              Simply put, it is a “friendly take-over” of the Nile Basin Society as an already
              established and appropriate administrative, legal, communication and financial
              framework of NGOs/civil society involved in the NBI.

The adoption of the Nile Basin Society as the administrative structure and name (name registered
in Canada in both English & French) used to establish satellite regional/local offices in Nile Basin
countries. This entails:
1. the adoption of its by-laws ( prepared in
    accordance with Canadian laws governing NGOs)
2. the adoption of its policies and aims (not carved in stone) .
3. the acquisition of all NBS domain names, server spaces and communications technologies.
4. Supporting the communication projects started by the NBS, including the Third World Water
    Forum proposed session “Role of NGOs and Media in the NBI” (with changes to
    organizers/partners/proposed sessions as fit).

1.   Reconciliation of perceived/real differences in policies/processes between NBS and the NBD
     and becoming a more powerful/enabling structure due to that ‘union’ which we always shared
     in vision and in supporting the vision of the NBI.
2.   Taking over the Nile Basin Society would provide a head start to the NGO/Civil Society
     involvement in the NBI due to its activities that dates back to 1999. The NBS was registered in
     May 14, 2001 meaning that it can sooner get a consultative status with the UN. Recently, the
     NBS has acquired consultative status with the ITU.
3.   Adoption of the policies/by -laws of the Nile Basin Society would ensure not only inclusiveness
     of the NBD process to inc lude also businesses and the Diaspora (who are an important
     resource) and International NGOs. The bylaws are based on those of a democratic society for
     NGOs and by “taking over” the NBS, with its head-office in Canada, any changes in the
     bylaws must first be approved by a General Meeting of the members then by Industry
     Canada according to the laws. This is an added guarantee that the “rules” cannot be easily
     changed or cannot be contradictory to Canadian laws. This also gives a “way out” from
     registering the administrative structure based on any one or more Nile Basin countries that

 Aims, objectives, policies, and even bylaws can be changed in a General Meeting or by the Board
according to the governing bylaws and subject to approval of Industry Canada if involving bylaws.
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     may be restrictive to NGOs/civil society activities. We hope that it will also add some
     guarantees to “fair play”. Results of General Meetings and changes to the board according to
     the NBS bylaws must be submitted to Industry Canada, so it is a guarantee that such
     meetings should take place (currently conducted virtually through the Internet which is
     cost/effective, but not superior to physical meetings)
4.   If adopted, then funding through CIDA and/or other Canadian International Development
     institutions, would be more “streamlined” if not increased. The fact that the budget/financial
     statement must be approved by the General Meeting of the members and then submitted to
     Revenue Canada (and can be audited by them) on annual basis is an explicit guarantee of
     transparency and adherence to recognized fiscal international standards. It also enhances
     accountability of the Board of Directors to the members and then to the fiscal standards.
5.   By applying for charitable status with Revenue Canada, we can harness the ‘goodwill of the
     Canadian public and businesses to support projects of the NBD.
6.   The NBD will also harness not only the existing technical structures/efforts - that took years to
     establish, test and tweak - but also the extensive pool of technical volunteers (mostly UN and
     Canadian volunteers)

Memorandum of understanding:

1.   The current board of the NBS and CEO will announce their resignation effective the date for an
     extra-ordinary G  eneral Meeting of the membership. A call for nomination and election of new
     Board of Directors and CEO and the appointment of a “Returning Officer” would be made with
     enough time for interested parties to nominate themselves or others.
2.   The current CEO will not nominate himself to the new board nor as CEO.
3.   The current board members can re-nominate themselves.
4.   The current members of the NBS can nominate themselves even if from outside the Nile Basin.
5.   The NBD participants will apply for membership through our online registration database          and will invite members of their
     organizations/countries to apply, so as the membership/votes would be representative of the
     widest Nile Basin membership as much as possible.
6.   A physical meeting would be held between current board, NBD and organizations involved to
     finalize such an agreement.
7.   Nabil El-Khodari would be adequately compensated for the expenses/efforts incurred in
     establishing the virtual/physical presence of NBS and for relinquishing ownership of domain names
     according to a fair market value that takes in consideration the established ranking and registration
     in top search engines and their current membership/visitors.
8.   The new board will decide the content of the website(s) and the use of the servers. The current
     domain names and have the advantage of being closely related to the

  One of NBS volunteers (a system administrator) has been selected as one of the 10 best global volunteers
for the year 2002.
  Through Charity Village.
  The term used for the person who would be in charge of supervising the elections and ensuring that it is
fairly, transparently and securely conducted. S/he must not be a nominee and must be an acceptable person
famous for righteousness and knowledge of by-laws and Canadian laws affecting elections. S/he also
responsible for receiving nominations and complaints about process. We propose someone from CIDA,
may be Dr. Aly Shady if he accepts.
  Rules for nomination can be setup by the current board according to the Cairo Meeting
6 For obvious reasons. It is hoped however that the NBD will hire him as technical officer/Canadian office
administrator or consultant that take his instructions/directions from the newly elected board. However, this
is totally up to the new board and does not represent a pre-condition.
  Another alternative is to accept only the resignation of the CEO and add members to the current board.
This means that the elections would be for a new CEO and new members.
  It is not surprising that participants of the Cairo Meeting include 3 board members of the NBS, one is the
Secretary General, in addition to possibly other NBS members. So the proposal can be further discussed.
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     NBI domain name The domain name serves to identify the Canadian identity
     of the organization and is easier to remember and should be used for e-mail addresses.
9.   All agreements/contracts are only subject to Canadian laws.

Final remarks:
We hope that all appreciate the magnitude of sole searching and well intentions (if not sacrifice)
included in this proposal. It comes from a sincere desire to contribute positively to the NBD and to avoid
conflicting paths that may be detrimental to the NBI process. By accepting this offer, in addition to its
obvious merits, it will also become clear that the NBD is pursuing an inclusive democratic, effective and
transparent structure, which was the only aim of the NBS regarding the NBD process. We would
appreciate no second-guessing of hidden agendas, as there is none.


Nabil El-Khodari
webmaster@nilebasin. com
Nile Basin Society

 As a gesture of well intention, Nabil will modify his presentation to the Managing Shared Waters
conference, Hamilton, Ontario - to be held concurrent with the Cairo meeting - to focus around the current
proposal and be highly positive in tone.

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