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Savin Dental Care has been recognized as a top dental office in its region by providing complete dental care that has even been seen to provide West Haven migraine relief.

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									West Haven Dentist, Dr. George Discher, Recognized As A Top Dentistry

West Haven, CT 08-December-2010 -- Savin Dental Care is pleased to
announce that Dr. George Discher in the West Haven office has been
recognized as a top dentistry office in the area. He offers complete
dental solutions that have been shown to not only help people fight
cavities and stay healthier, but in some cases, patients have even found
West Haven migraine relief.

Without proper dental care, the teeth can wear down over time.
Eventually, cracks can develop in the enamel that allow different
substances to reach the dentin and trigger pain in the nerve. This pain
is often radiated throughout the entire head. In extreme cases, the pain
is so severe that it causes nausea, dizziness, and other symptoms of a
migraine attack.

Dr. Discher provides dental care that helps to fight cavities and protect
the tooth enamel. When teeth start to show signs of wear that lead to
cracks in the enamel, veneers can be applied that seal the teeth and
prevent exposure of the nerves. Patients do not have to fear the
procedures used either, as Savin Dental Care provides sedation dentistry
when requested.

For more information about how Dr. George Discher has earned recognition
as a top dental office and how he can provide West Haven migraine relief,
residents of the West Haven area are encouraged to visit the website of
Savin Dental Care at http://www.savindentalcare.com/. Members of the
press and/or other interested parties may also obtain additional
information by contacting the following:

Savin Dental Care

Dr. George Discher DMD

654 Savin Ave.

West Haven, CT 06516

Phone: 203-933-7135

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