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A guide to recruiting a graduate
Thank you for contacting the Careers & Employability Service of The
University of Northampton. There is a variety of ways that we can work
together to support both your recruitment needs and the career
aspirations of both our undergraduates and postgraduate students and

Advertising a Vacancy, Placement or Internship
Your opportunity can be promoted in a number of ways in order to reach
its target audience including:

       In the University’s Graduate Vacancy Database accessed via the
        Careers webpage This service is
        FREE for you to use and enables you to reach a large audience.
       Forwarded to relevant academic contacts in the various Schools
        within the University for dissemination;
       By emailing details to specific students, individually or groups – this
        service carries a charge;
       By your attendance at our annual Graduate Careers Fair which
        takes place in November - this service carries a charge;
       By arranging opportunities for your organisation to make group
        presentations that are either School-based or open to all please
        telephone to discuss this further;
       By displaying/storing your promotional materials within both of the
        Careers Information Centres at Avenue and Park campuses and
        other appropriate locations;
       Through the Job Shop this service is aimed at promoting part-time
        employment opportunities to current students and is displayed in
        both hard and soft formats. To advertise via this route, please
        email For all other opportunities,
        please email

NB we are unable to follow up vacancies and, at certain times of the year,
our contact with potential applicants could be limited.

If you would like to discuss any of your recruitment needs further,
please do not hesitate to contact us. You can email us on or telephone 01604 892727.

Mentoring & Other Opportunities
You may be in a position to support current students take their first step
on a particular career pathway; this can be a hugely rewarding experience
for you and can be done in a variety of ways:

December 2009
      The Careers & Employability Service manages a Black & Ethnic
       Minorities mentoring scheme through which BME students are
       matched to mentors from organisations outside of the university.
       Mentors receive training and support throughout the programme.

      You could be matched with a particular student or a small group of
       students in order to provide the opportunity for you to act as an
       ambassador for your chosen profession. You would then be in a
       position to give a first hand account of what life is like in your
       career field and students would be able to hear about their career
       choice “from the horse’s mouth”.

       For students, talking to you about your personal experiences, your
       ups and downs and your qualifications can make a huge difference
       to their understanding of what it would be like for them to work in
       your career area.

       You could do this through face-to-face meetings, providing work
       shadowing opportunities for the student or via email or telephone

Additional Methods of Promoting Graduate Vacancies

 Advertising in Prospects Graduate, a regularly published internet
  magazine carrying national vacancies for graduates. Contact
  Graduate Prospects, Prospects House, Booth Street East, Manchester
  M13 9EP. Tel: 0161 277 5200. Vacancies advertised in this publication
  automatically go onto the Prospects web site
  There is also a CV matching service available on this site.

 Using other graduate recruitment web sites. Examples of these are: and These are just
  examples. Contact the Careers & Employability Service for other
  suggestions. Details on how to advertise on these sites can be
  obtained by logging on to the sites on an individual basis.

 Using Jobcentre Plus. All vacancies are now accessed electronically
  either in Job Centres or via

 Using the local press especially as now most local papers' vacancies
  can be accessed nationally via

 The national press carries advertisements relating to specific
  occupational areas on set days. For example, the Guardian newspaper
  carries Media vacancies on Mondays, Educational vacancies on
  Tuesdays, Social Work/Welfare vacancies on Wednesdays, IT vacancies
  on Thursday and management and graduate vacancies on Saturdays.

 Local commercial radio is another potential recruitment source that can
  reach a wide audience. This can attract graduates recent and others
December 2009
       who may not actually be looking for a job change but may become
       interested when they hear the advertisement.

    Local recruitment agencies are now taking more and more graduates
     on to their books with some specialising in graduate recruitment. One
     of these specialist agencies is currently based in Northampton.

    If the vacancy is in a specific occupational area, it may be worth
     considering advertising in trade papers relating to that area. The
     Careers & Employability Service or public libraries may be able to help
     with identifying these.

   Some of the above services can be expensive and you will need to
   consider how cost effective they are.

   NB To advertise a graduate vacancy on the University of
   Northampton’s Online Vacancy Database, there is no charge.

Careers & Employability Service
Telephone: 01604 892727

   December 2009

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