Outline by ashrafp


									   The following is an outline to a presentation on the legal concept of “battery.” The
   outline is not in the right order. Please put the outline in order, numbering 1-15

   ____a. Hypothetical situation: You go to the student legal services office. The lawyer
   tells you you could sue the spouse for damages under a legal theory called battery.

   ____b. Write “battery” on the blackboard

   ____c. Example of “intentional touching”

   ____d. Paraphrase of “recover damages”

   ____e. Hypothetical situation: Did the spouse intend to touch you? Was the touching
   harmful or offensive? Did you suffer injury?

   ____f. Example of “intentional touching” that is battery

   ____g. Conclusion

   ____h. Hypothetical situation: You are walking across campus. One of your
   classmate’s spouses punches you in the nose and breaks it. The medical bill is over
   $1,000. You want the spouse to pay for the damages you suffered.

   ____i. Summary of what battery is

   ____j. Way to recover damages

   ____k. Definition of “injury”

   ____l. Definition of “battery”

   ____m. Definition of “damages”

   ____n. Call for questions

   ____o. Examples of physical injury and injury to someone’s dignity

Now, please answer the following questions about the outline:

   1. What is the purpose of the “hypothetical situation”?

   2. What are other methods of getting the audience’s attention?
3. What is another way to clarify a concept that was not used in this presentation?

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